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Facebook Business Help Center. Se connecter à Facebook. Loan repayment calculator - Start Up Loans Company. Phone & Broadband Deals. Fibre from BT 91% UK coverage.

Phone & Broadband Deals

Average speeds based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm). Your actual speed will depend on your location, phone line, home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day. Check your speed at Our Fibre broadband is subject to availability, geographic location, computer specifications and a line check. Full Fibre from BT 8% UK coverage. Openreach Survey: In some cases Openreach have to carry out a survey before they can connect a home to Full Fibre. 4G Hub 4G speeds vary by location, coverage and demand. BT Halo BT Halo offers Our Price Promise, a Keep Connected Promise, Fastest 4G speed and double data (or more subject to offer) on your BT Mobile plan. 5G and No Limits Plan available with selected mobile plans. Stay Fast Guarantee We guarantee the speed to your hub. BT Broadband and TV Installation service terms What we provide 1.

A. install and connect your BT Hub and connect a device to the BT Broadband service; 2. 3. Phone & Broadband Deals. Loan repayment calculator - Start Up Loans Company. Offices for rent in Midsummer Boulevard. How to Use Instagram Ads (and How Much Do They Cost) Instagram is one of the best social networks to advertise on.

How to Use Instagram Ads (and How Much Do They Cost)

It has grown to be just as big of an advertising platform as its parent company, Facebook. As of April 2017, Instagram hit over 700 million monthly active users. That’s more than double the monthly users who are active on Twitter. 1000 x C3 Book Wrap (Bukwrap) Mailer Postal Boxes 311x240x50mm[5055502333465] A beginner's guide to Instagram advertising for small businesses. Thinking about introducing Instagram Ads to your marketing strategy?

A beginner's guide to Instagram advertising for small businesses

You should be! Without Instagram, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience. According to Omnicore Agency, as of December 2017, Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users. 500 million of those are using their accounts on a daily basis. That’s a lot of potential reach for your business without ads – but with ads is how you’re going to stand out from the millions of others using this app by targeting the people you need to see your content at the right time. Instagram Engagement Rate Gained Ground In September. Photo maps on user profiles are being removed.

Instagram Engagement Rate Gained Ground In September

Here’s what Instagram had to say: “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities”. Instagram Stories have been updated too with several useful features. You can now save your Stories content, you can mute Stories from specific users, and there’s now an ability to choose colours for the text in your Stories. Marketing and advertising: the law. All marketing and advertising must be: an accurate description of the product or service legal decent truthful honest socially responsible (not encouraging illegal, unsafe or anti-social behaviour) There are regulations that restrict what advertisers can and cannot do.

Marketing and advertising: the law

As well as the regulations, there are 2 advertising codes of practice that you need to follow to help you advertise legally. You must describe your product or service accurately. Requirements for specific products. Consumer Regulations and Laws - Which? Consumer Rights. Copyright and publishing law. This is a page devoted to all matters copyright and other legal concerns.

Copyright and publishing law

To see blog posts / mistakes related to copyright click here. Know Your Contracts This is an edited extract of an article I wrote several years ago for Freelance Market News. It covers copyright, licensing terms and syndication, and was written to advise writers confused by the contracts sent to them by magazines and newspapers following a commission or the acceptance of an article. Copyright causes desperate confusion among writers, so let’s start with a definition and clear up some misconceptions. Freelance Photographer Salaries in the United Kingdom. Global Magazine Publishing - Industry Data, Trends, Stats. Print magazine newstrade value UK 2011-2018. We must make sustainability achievable for all shoppers, not just rich ones.

Fashion's Dirty Little Secret And How It's Coming Clean. Who in their right mind would send almost $40 million worth of perfectly good merchandise up in smoke?

Fashion's Dirty Little Secret And How It's Coming Clean

Earlier this year, it was revealed that British luxury fashion house Burberry had been incinerating unsold stock as a way of preserving product scarcity and brand exclusivity. Burberry announced last week that it would put an end to the practice, after realizing that setting fire to product also burned its reputation. “Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible,” commented Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti. Brands and retailers willfully destroying what they call “deadstock” is nothing new. HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media. What’s good for our bodies is good for the planet — and what’s bad for the earth is bad for our health.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

The idea that caring for the earth must include attending to our own wellness is worth exploring. These are ways to take better care of yourself and the environment. Mind Your Mind. Eea.europa. Stress-work-pressures-busy-social-calenders-financial-worries-survey-a8167446. Employment in the UK. Employment Figure 1: Employment rate for women was 72.1%, the highest on record UK employment rates (aged 16 to 64 years), seasonally adjusted, January to March 1971 to April to June 2019 Apr-Jun 2019Apr-Jun 2009Apr-Jun 1999Apr-Jun 1989Apr-Jun 1979 Source: Office for National Statistics – Labour Force Survey Download this chart Image.csv.xls Employment measures the number of people aged 16 years and over in paid work.

Employment in the UK

Estimated employment rates for men and women aged between 16 and 64 years have been generally increasing since early 2012. For everyone was estimated at 76.1%, the joint highest on record since comparable records began in 1971for men was 80.1%; unchanged from a year earlier but down 0.2 percentage points on the quarter, the third consecutive quarterly decreasefor women was 72.1%, the highest since comparable records began in 1971. Employment in the UK. Five reasons why everyone is so busy – Tony Crabbe. Business psychologist Tony Crabbe looks at the impact of technological progress on our lives and provides five reasons why we are so busy.

Five reasons why everyone is so busy – Tony Crabbe

It’s all too much. We have too much to do, too much information and too much pressure. Today you will consume the equivalent of 174 newspapers worth of content (five times as much as you would have done in 1986). In this world of too much, we are simultaneously overstimulated and bored, enriched and empty, connected yet isolated and alone” In the time it will take you to read this page, 300 million emails will be sent. Caroline Flack death: hair salons boycott 'toxic' gossip magazines. Hair salons around the country are boycotting celebrity gossip magazines in order to “stop fuelling toxic publications” in the wake of Caroline Flack’s suicide. Dozens of salons from London to Edinburgh and Chorley to Colchester are joining a growing movement to stop providing showbiz mags to customers and are replacing them with more positive material instead.

Nicky Thompson, owner of Nix Hair and Beauty in south London, is one of the businesses to get on board. She said: “I think the whole Caroline Flack thing has been a shock for all of us really. Then when I came in and had a look at the magazines we were stocking here, you look at the gossip ones and the messages on the front are just so negative. “I feel very passionately about the mental health and wellbeing of my staff and clients and we don’t want that kind of message in here, so we decided to get on board with this and support it.

“I think Caroline’s death has shocked everyone,” she said. The Psychology of Color: A Designer's Guide to Color Association & Meaning - ZevenDesign. “The subject of color seems to have almost endless ramifications and to touch upon life in almost every quarter, for color is rich in lore, rich in meaning and purpose.” – Faber Birren There is a large array of emotional responses that are associated with colors. Some of these are obvious, some obscure. Certain associations are specific to a country or region, while others are universally recognized—being rooted in human anatomy or observable natural phenomena. Some colors can have different meanings, even opposing meanings, based entirely on context and application. NPR Choice page. Mental health statistics: stress. Results of the Mental Health Foundation's 2018 study The study was an online poll undertaken by YouGov, and had a sample size of 4,619 respondents.

This is the largest known study of stress levels in the UK. In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Age differences 30% of older people reported never feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope in the past year, compared to 7% of young adults. Inspire Me Blog Extra. Black girl magic in the fashion industry. TOKENISM. Wellness trends to watch in 2020. Andrea Wroble is a Health & Wellness Analyst at Mintel.

Andrea focuses on writing reports and providing consumer-driven insights for health and wellness categories. 5 Trends for 2020 - TrendWatching. This trend is just one, actionable angle on a far deeper and ongoing shift that you know well. Back in the days of top-down, legacy, one-to-many media, we had top-down, legacy, one-to-many brands. Now we live in a world of democratized, participatory, immersive media. And that means the rise of democratized, participatory, immersive brands. Most consumers don't want to connect with a fast food, cosmetics, or media brand. 5 Trends for 2020 - TrendWatching. HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media. Ebonee Davis, one of the stars of Calvin Klein's fall 2016 campaign, has decided to speak up about the racism she and other black models deal with in the fashion world. Model Ebonee Davis Talks Racism and Representation in Fashion - Coveteur. The activist and model talks racism and representation, sporting some of the very best looks of the season.

“I never really felt like I could totally look up to or relate to the model type that was being presented [when I was younger]. I didn’t feel like I looked like anyone that was popular or made it to any high level of success in the industry,” says Ebonee Davis, who, incidentally, has made it to a high level of success. That said, to call her a “model” would be like calling Rihanna a “singer.”

Ebonee is an all-around inspiring person, and to be totally honest, it makes me feel about ten thousand times better about the state of the world that young women have someone like her to look up to. Dr Stacy L Smith Inequality in 900 Popular Films. Podcast: Wheelchair Model and Inclusive Fashion Advocate - Disabled friendly accommodations, apartments, bed & breakfast and hotels worldwide - Handiscover.

Samanta Bullock had dreams of walking down the catwalk at London Fashion Week from a very young age. However, tragically, after accidentally shooting herself with her father’s shotgun at age 14, Samanta was told she would never walk again. Mindfulness - Flow Magazine. Cookies (en andere vergelijkbare technieken zoals javascript) zorgen er bijvoorbeeld voor dat je ingelogd kan blijven op een website of dat je locatie- en taalinstellingen worden onthouden (functioneel). Daarnaast houden ze bij het online winkelen je digitale winkelwagentje bij.

Illustrators - Flow Magazine. Cookies (en andere vergelijkbare technieken zoals javascript) zorgen er bijvoorbeeld voor dat je ingelogd kan blijven op een website of dat je locatie- en taalinstellingen worden onthouden (functioneel). Daarnaast houden ze bij het online winkelen je digitale winkelwagentje bij. About Flow - Flow Magazine. Cookies (en andere vergelijkbare technieken zoals javascript) zorgen er bijvoorbeeld voor dat je ingelogd kan blijven op een website of dat je locatie- en taalinstellingen worden onthouden (functioneel). Samsung's digital health plan: From smartwatches to robots in your home. 9 Magazines That Will Teach You How To Live A Happy Life. 9 Magazines That Will Teach You How To Live A Happy Life I don’t know about you, but when I am on vacation I always buy magazines! The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise. You already know that exercise is good for your body.

But did you know it’s also effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and more? Can Too Much Tech Cause ADHD Symptoms in Your Child? Today, technology is changing our world; you could argue it’s even changing our children. Social media linked to increased risk of mental health problems. Digital Detox: Why We Need It. 5 Ways Blue Light Is Affecting Your Health - Eye Health. How Blue Light Affects Mental Health. ‎Good Blocks: Improve Your Mood, Self Esteem and Body Image! on the App Store. ‎Headspace: Meditation & Sleep on the App Store. Homepage - Binah. The Most Advanced Smart Ring. Self Care: What It Really Is. CES 2020, Day 1: Self-Care, Connected Cities and Health Tech. The Year of Self-Care: 7 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2020. Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn't usually work. Whoever Controls the Media, the Images, Controls the Culture. Self-care Trends - IRI. Consumer trends driving growth in personal care - EY - PO. 4 Ways to Practice Self Care.

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care (It's Easier Than You Think) 50 Ways to Start Practicing Self-Care. 45 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body & Soul. Self-Care: 12 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself. Practicing Self-Care Is Important: 10 Easy Habits To Get You Started. What Is Self Care? - Best Self Care Routine and Why It's Important. Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems. Why Representation Is Important. Constance Wu On Why Representation Matters. Representation Matters. It’s Also Just Good Business. Dr Stacy L Smith Inequality in 900 Popular Films. Diversity and Inclusivity: Fashion's Missed Opportunity. Magazine influence on body dissatisfaction: Fashion vs. health?: Cogent Social Sciences: Vol 2, No 1. Magazine influence on body dissatisfaction: Fashion vs. health?: Cogent Social Sciences: Vol 2, No 1. Bodyposipanda: Why Women's Magazines Will Always Make Us Feel Sh*t About Ourselves.

The Importance of “Seeing Yourself”: How "Black Panther" and "Love, Simon" Can Change Lives. Why Is Equal Representation In Media Important? Why Seeing Yourself Represented on Screen Is So Important. Why representation matters. Representation matters. Black girl magic in the fashion industry. On Diversity: Access Ain’t Inclusion. Humanize Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity Is Useless Without Inclusivity. 5 Size-Inclusive Fitnesswear Brands That Celebrate Every Body. 6 DIVERSE & INCLUSIVE FASHION AND BEAUTY BRANDS THAT EMPOWER WOMEN. Is Representation In The Fashion Industry Activism Or A Gimmick? Inclusive fashion: why it is the next wave of conscious consumerism, and a label leading the way in China. Vogue’s Diversity Fail: Why Representation in Fashion is Important – FEM Newsmagazine.

This Cover Isn't Fashion's Biggest Diversity Problem. Magazines aren't inclusive. Body Image Documentary: THE ILLUSIONISTS – on the globalization of beauty. Documentary on Societal Beauty Standards. Impact of the fashion and beauty. What Happens When Strangers Get Real About Body Image. Body Positivity or Body Obsession? Learning to See More & Be More.