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Master Bow Builder Series Part 2 Tillering and Finishing Bow. How To Make a Karambit Knife Out of a Lawnmower Blade. Making an end-grain cutting board - I made it at Techshop. Below are several cutting boards I have made at Techshop, San Francisco, a membership based workshop with all types of tools for making things.

Making an end-grain cutting board - I made it at Techshop

I don't have much experience with woodworking, so I used this project to teach myself some basic woodworking skills. I learned a lot about how to use the power-tools in the shop, how to think about wood grain, and how to glue up wood. It takes a while to make one of these, but the process is fairly simple.

My first board took many hours, but later boards took 3-4 hours actual working time per piece, spread over 3 days to allow the glue to dry. I estimate the cost at about $25 - $30 per board. Before I get started on the actual project I should thank Mark Spagnolo, whose video podcast The Wood Whisperer inspired me to do this project. I am still new to both making cutting boards and woodworking in general, so if anyone has constructive criticism or suggestions, please share them in the comments.

Update: Workshop. 408028.jpg (900×675) Free projects. The Free projects category is dedicated to people who find pleasure in making various useful things from wood or metal.

Free projects

Every single man that has done something with his own hands knows what a great satisfaction it is to look at a finished assembly. That satisfaction comes out from the quality time he spent, applying of knowledge and experience, overcoming many challenges and obstacles that emerge during the manufacture and also from the fact that he made some useful thing with his own hands and does not have to buy it. People are much more attached to the things that they made by themselves than to the industrial products, even if their own handwork is usually simpler. And because of that pleasure, here we are offering you the plans for manufacturing various items, regardless whether they are rarity in the market or common everyday objects – from a completely simple to quite complex ones. The individual manufacture of various useful or decorative items is not just a hobby. A & M Wood Specialty - Flitch Cut Logs - WALNUT, Black - Live Edged - 871.

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Tools & Shop. Indoor Projects. Outdoor Projects. Secrets of Professional Lure Makers. Fishing Rod Stand. If the thought of going fishing brings to mind rooting around your basement or garage, untangling your hooks and lines, then this fishing rod stand might be just the lure that you need to get your fishing equipment organized.

Fishing Rod Stand

When this project is completed you will have a rod stand that stores up to eight rods with reels attached, all in a vertical position, occupying a minimal amount of floor space. The plans can be modified to accept more rods if necessary. You can even use this stand to store your billiard cues. By chamfering the edges heavily, this stand takes on an 'Art Deco' design. By making the stand esthetically pleasing, your rods can come out from the dark corner of the basement or garage, and be put on display almost anywhere in your home.

Make the stand out of the wood of your choice. Upper and Lower Supports • The upper support (A) and lower supports (B) are cut from a single glued-up panel (see "Horizontal Parts Panel" in the illustration). • Glue up a panel about 13" x 21". Glorious and Free. Glorious and Free Share this Canadians as a rule don’t do a lot of flag waving.

Glorious and Free

Maybe once a year on Canada Day we dust off an old flag and give it a shake. Remembrance Day will see a bit of patriotic flag saluting, as we remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It was while I was attending a Remembrance Day service that I got to thinking about how great our country is. This project is my way of celebrating our country and our flag. This is a fairly basic Intarsia project with a bit of raising and lowering.

. - trace onto the paper - make template of pattern and trace on - photocopy and cut and paste Cut The Pieces Cut as carefully as you can. Aleut Baidarka Offsets - free boat plans for building a strip-built baidarka style sea kayaks. A table of offsets for the Aleut baidarka (MAE 593-76) collected on Akun island in the Aleutian Islands in 1845 by the Russian explorer I.

Aleut Baidarka Offsets - free boat plans for building a strip-built baidarka style sea kayaks.

G. Vaznesenskii. Based on offsets published by David Zimmerly in Qajak: Kayaks of Siberia and Alaska. These offsets have been developed with a minimum change from the originally published dimensions. An Adobe Acrobat file of the drawing I referenced is available on Zimmerly's site. Coot. PolySail International , Fishers, Indiana 46038-1175.


Email or call Dave Gray at 317 915-1454 PolySails–Sold on the Web since 1996. Customers in all 50 states and around the globe. See how a Coot looks in color.