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Project management. Financial resources. Web Tools. Are your friends your only fans? I had the same problem. Before AppSumo, I was writing great content - but no one was reading it. And my "can you please like & share" texts to my friends & family were barely moving the needle (thanks anyways, grandma). Well, we have a tool that's going to help your articles go viral on social media. How? Meet Quuu Promote. Submit your content in less than 2 mins Our friend Codie Sanchez' blog post is about to slide into everyone's timeline like a DM Quuu Promote lets you share your content like wildfire to real people with thousands of followers in your interest area across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ simultaneously. These people are just like you and me (except they have wayyy more followers). And since these are real people, you no longer have to worry about ad-blockers or your friends not hitting the share button on your posts.

All you have to do to use Quuu Promote successfully is follow these 3 simple steps: That's it! What do I mean by double credits? I'll do the math for you. 4 Smart Ways to Start Up a Made-in-America Business. Say you're a young upstart company that wants to make stuff right here in the USA. One of the major pitfalls is that many older local factories lack an online presence, making them difficult to find for a generation of makers raised on Google. In 2012, Matthew Burnett and Tanya Menendez set out to change that by redefining how companies get their products off the ground with Maker's Row, a huge online index of US-based factories specializing in sample making, tooling, sewing, and manufacturing.

With Makers Row, Menendez and Burnett have connected more than 80,000 businesses with stateside manufacturers, tool and die businesses, and machinery companies. Now they're collecting a few of those success stories in an online store packed with made-in-the-USA goods including footballs, backpacks, cocktail shakers, credenzas, and surfboards. All of the featured makers have learned some hard lessons during the trials and triumphs of making in the states. Startup Winnipeg. - AssentWorks. B2B Customer Relationship Management: 3 Crucial Differences from B2C. The word “customer,” to many people given our everyday experiences, evokes the image of a person in a checkout line or someone pulling out their credit card to make an online purchase. The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) like SalesLogix or ACT! , sort of codifies this in its very name, and the methodology of CRM typically revolves around the average person who consumes a good or service and becomes a valued customer.

However, these days a surprising amount of enterprise, especially in IT, occurs between representatives of a business, and the value added is in business cost savings and efficiency. It goes without saying that seasoned professionals in an organization require a different relationship approach when dealing business to business (B2B). Let us explore the key differences: 1. Impulse Buy vs. 2. A B2B sale will nearly always be a 5-6 figure proposition, and in many cases it will go into the millions. 3. Uploads/Business_plan_outline.pdf. Canada - Business Plan Writer - My Business Plan Not Registered? In order to get started writing your business plan you will need to create an account. It's easy to do with only a few required fields. Click "Register Now" to be on your way! Register Now Start Your Business with Us Futurpreneur Canada offers financing, mentoring, resources and much more to make starting and growing your company easier. Find Out More Get Connected Become part of the Futurpreneur Canada community.

Rather connect online? Join Today Example Business Plan NextPrev Have a Suggestion? If there’s an area that you find confusing, or if you have suggestions for resources, we want to know. Share. Toggl - Free Time Tracking Software & App.