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The Selvedge Yard. Iron Horse Magazine. Mule Motorcycles, Richard Pollock: Custom bike builder. Untitled motorcycles. Good Spark Garage. Edwige_fenech_laverda.jpg (900×772) WebBikeWorld. Not too bright – The 12 volt Tiny House Option. One aspect of construction that I neglected when building Tiny House Ontario was what I would do about electricity.

Not too bright – The 12 volt Tiny House Option

To tell you the truth electricity scares me because it carries the power of fire. Even so, I thought about it enough to know that I did not want to be on grid, and that I wanted to do it myself. After living there, two seasonal years, I knew that my need for electricity was very limited. I did not require refrigeration, a TV, or any other appliances; I desired some light to read at night, a fan on hot nights, as well as the ability to charge my cell phone, computer and drill. On a whim, because there was a fantastic sale, I decided on a small solar panel from Canadian Tire. After my success, I decided that I would not invert my power when it entered the house because the power that is lost to the inverter is quite something.

It was not easy for me to figure out how to get this, but it turns out that I got all of these items at a marine supply store. Recommended resources: Solar Math. Calculs solaires pour votre ville.

Solar Math

Ce tableau va vous donner la position du soleil en fonction de votre latitude et de votre longitude. Quelques villes sont sélectionnées mais vous pouvez aussi rentrer vos coordonnées (degrés et centièmes) directement en choississant dans le petit menu déroulant en haut à droite "Ne pas choisir de ville".

Avec ce tableau vous pouvez calculer la durée pendant laquelle, chez vous (ou un lieu de votre choix), le soleil va briller (au dessus de nuages s'il y en a !!!) , sa position dans le ciel à une heure donnée, les heures de lever et de coucher. Vous connaitrez aussi l'energie reçu en ce moment au sol. Harley. DIY. How to make batteries out of paint. This article was taken from the January 2013 issue of Wired magazine.

How to make batteries out of paint

Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Researchers at Rice University, Houston, have created a battery made of paint. "We've airbrushed it on to tiles, polymers, glass and steel," says grad student Neelam Singh. Here's how to harness the power of art. Assemble your paintbox Your paintable lithium-ion battery comprises five coats of paint, each representing a component of the battery: the lithium-titanium anode, two current-collectors made of a solvent, a cobalt cathode, and a polymer separator that holds the electrolyte.

Layer the components The paints have to be applied in a certain order: the separator is in the centre, between the anode and cathode, and the two current collectors seal the sandwich. Seal them up tightly To seal the battery, you can use the aluminium foil found in coffee-sachet packaging. 20 of the Sneakiest Secret Doors (list)

Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways are always a cool amenity to any house.

20 of the Sneakiest Secret Doors (list)

Not only does provide mystery to your living quarters, but it also allows for a bit of privacy. Hidden doors and secret passageways seem to be a popular room addition since there are numerous companies on the web who specialize in such requests, like The Hidden Door Company, Creative Home Engineering and Hide A Door. Of course, you can easily get the typical hidden door in a bookcase, but we’ve found some pretty interesting ones below! 20. Mirror Secret Door This one is crazy!

19. Just because it looks like a dead end doesn’t always mean there’s nothing behind it… 18. This is the best place to keep that stack of cash or gold bars you don’t want the Uncle Sam to get their hands on! 17. This is one of the most famous hidden doors in history (at least to us). 16. 15. A hidden room under a set of stairs is definitely an unusual idea. 14. 13. This is seriously something out of the game Clue!

12. 11. 10. 9. 8. DIY. Modsmut. Dream Factory. Dream Factory Archive The Latest Nov 3, 2013 / 28,715 notes 18-15n-77-30w: (via 18-15n-77-30w) Nov 3, 2013 / 58,437 notes (via decentfellas) Nov 3, 2013 / 24,443 notes (via b-c-d)

Dream Factory

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Foxy Furniture Gallery. Gemmaloue.