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Tutorials. Freebies. Font sites. Website Design. Google Image Result for. jQuery Plugins for Fluid Layouts/Responsive Web Design. As we all know by now, when designing responsive websites, all design components will need to adapt to the device (from mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets) on which they are displayed and have to interact with.

jQuery Plugins for Fluid Layouts/Responsive Web Design

Serving a website to different devices can be done with the help of jQuery plugins. Last week I showed you some free and high quality responsive jQuery Slide and Gallery Plugins here on the gonzoblog. This week I’ld love to present you some free jQuery Plugins to dynamically arrange code blocks based on breakpoints, create responsive navigation menus and to resize your (background) images, text or videos. Actually these jQuery plugins are created for web designers and developers to add amazing effects and (extra) functionality to websites and/or apps. Below I have collected and categorized some responsive design plugins for you to use in your (next) responsive web design. Development & Prototyping Response.js Source Breakpoints.js Source jQuery Responsive Web Source ProtoFluid Source.

Harmony. How to display a logo to clients. Stripe Generator. Noteworthy: Stripe Generator. Newsletter Design: 50+ Great Examples. A good newsletter campaign can be a great way to inform your subscribers of all your company’s latest news, products and specials. In this post you will see some great examples of newsletter designs from various online companies. If you’re in need of some design inspiration, this post just might do the job. Want more articles on Email Newsletter Design ? Check out some of my previous posts: Email Newsletter Templates: 40 Hand Picked Premium Designs Email Newsletter: 7 Useful Tips For Creating Attractive And Effective Designs Email Newsletter: Collection Of Inspirational Designs Mailbakery Email Newsletter Coding Service envato EVE online Coach BioShock teamworX filemaker iconinc Heroes Over Europe California Walnuts Anno 1404 Apple Seedcorn Competition JUXT Interactive belladomicile lecool eroi Crate and Barrel Letone citrineny virtuosa tartgraf apple iphone thelomographer Sandals Vexio Fifty Coins Restaurant percept welove72 Apple College fontshop aston workshop Sephora Apple nano pink sherbet designs remixcreative virb.

Create Infographics. Beautiful photo books and book printing. Make your own book. Tools And Resources For Designers, Blog Marketing And Money Making Tips - Smashapps. Read about me « beth makes things. Resources. Create Grainy Textures In Illustrator. Creating grainy textures are great for retro illustrations, typography, and logos.

Create Grainy Textures In Illustrator

Alternatively, you can incorporate these effects into compelling new styles. You can always scan in similar textures and Live Trace them in Illustrator, but you can pretty easily create this type of effect all inside Illustrator! Final Image Here is a sample image of what these techniques can do. Further down in the tutorial, I give a quick breakdown of the process. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Illustrator CS5 (You should be able to create this tutorial in CS4 and CS3 but some of the tutorial images might look different.)Difficulty: Beginner / IntermediateTopics Covered: Grain Effect, Gradient, Gradient Meshes, BlendsEstimated Completion Time: 15-20 minutes Grainy Textures In the following sections I’ll show you how to create these grainy textures from a couple of different elements within Illustrator.

Gradients Basic First up is gradients. Color Take your same rectangle and fill it with a solid color. Blend.