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 Fear the Boom and Bust. The Economics of Seinfeld. List of important publications in economics. Online economics textbooks. Classical Economics vs. The Exploitation Theory - George Reisman. For more than a century, one of the most popular economic doctrines in the world has been the exploitation theory.

Classical Economics vs. The Exploitation Theory - George Reisman

According to this theory, capitalism is a system of virtual slavery, serving the narrow interests of a comparative handful of businessmen and capitalists, who, driven by insatiable greed and power lust, exist as parasites upon the labor of the masses. This view of capitalism has not been the least bit shaken by the steady rise in the average standard of living that has taken place in the capitalist countries since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. EconSources - Your one-stop portal for the best economic information on the web! University Archive for the History of Economic Thought. Economagic: Economic Time Series Page.

WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics - Framed. Economics Revision Notes for AS, A2 & IB Economics. AS, A2 & IB Economics Revision Notes This is a new, comprehensive collection of free revision notes to support core topics on your AS, A2 or International Baccaleaurate Economics courses.

Economics Revision Notes for AS, A2 & IB Economics

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