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Flat Belly Diet Recipes: Healthy Chicken Dinner Recipes. Bourbon Chicken. You know in the food court at the mall when they hand out those tasty samples at the asian restaurants?

Bourbon Chicken

I always love to get the sample of the bourbon chicken. But at the mall they are eaither fried or made using tons of butter. So when I came across this recipe on You’re Gonna Bake It After All (a fantastic blog…check it out if you haven’t already), I knew it was the perfect way to have my bourbon chicken a little bit healthier. Plus I know what’s going into it! :) This really tasted phenomonal. Bourbon Chicken Source: You’re Gonna Bake It After All, originally from RecipeZaarIngredients: 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces Olive Oil Cooking Spray (or 1 tbsp. olive oil) 1 garlic clove, minced 1/4 teaspoon dried ground ginger 1/4 tsp. ground cayenne pepper 1/4 cup apple juice 1/3 cup light brown sugar 2 Tablespoons ketchup 1 Tablespoon cider vinegar 1/3 cup reduce sodium soy sauce 1 Tablespooon cornstarch/1 Tablespoon water (optional)

Honey Spiced Glazed Chicken. Honey Spiced Glazed Chicken This delicious honey spiced glazed chicken is made with chicken thighs and cooked under the broiler.

Honey Spiced Glazed Chicken

It’s sweet, spicy and oh so delicious! The other day I was set on not going to the grocery store. Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon. Heeeey.

Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon

Right now, I’m staring blankly at this picture of hairy ginger. Sort of freaky right? How to Make Dinner with Stuff You Already Have. After two epic failures in the kitchen this week (Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken that turned into shoe leather, and a Mango Lassi that tasted like air) I was semi scrambling to find something to share with you for dinner tonight.

How to Make Dinner with Stuff You Already Have

Not wanting to spend more money on groceries, I decided to consult the stuff I already had in my pantry, fridge, and freezer, and came up with a totally customizable Kitchen Stash Supper. I cannot wait to use this simple recipe again and again in the future! The Kitchen Stash Supper has four parts which are all made with kitchen and pantry staples: pasta, protein, and veggies, which are enveloped in a quick, 5 minute pan sauce. Not only can it be made with anything and everything you already have on hand, but it’s healthy, inexpensive, and damn good, to boot. :) Let’s get started, shall we?

Part 1: The Pasta Start by cooking 8oz short pasta in boiling, salted water. Cook the pasta until it’s al dente, then drain and set aside. Spinach “burgers” - The Domestic Mama. I promised something a bit more “booty-friendly” and here it is!

spinach “burgers” - The Domestic Mama

These are high in protein, low in carbs and absolutely delicious. Now, if you’re not fond of green things.. stick around. I have something pink and fluffy later. spinach burgers Mix well in a bowl like this: Now, form into burger-sized patties. Heat a non stick skillet over med-high. Some may have to wait their turn, depending on your skillet size. Serve on your choice of bread product, or eat them “naked”. I you want to know how I like them, it’s with onion and ranch on a pita. maybe even a splash of hot sauce. This post was published earlier, but…. Spinach “burgers” Author: Michelle Keith/ The Village Cook 1 bag of thawed and well drained chopped spinach2 egg whites1 whole egg¼ c diced onion½ c shredded cheese½ c bread crumbs1 tsp red pepper flakes1 tsp salt½ tsp garlic powder.

Honey Glazed Carrots Recipe : Sunny Anderson : Recipes. Yukon Gold Potatoes: Jacques Pepin Style Recipe : Rachael Ray : Recipes. Lemon-Garlic Herb Rubbed Chicken. Springtime in southwest Idaho is strange.

Lemon-Garlic Herb Rubbed Chicken

And by strange I mean annoying and highly unpredictable. A few weeks ago I literally went from wearing snow boots to busting out the flip flops and capris all in one week. It’s like Mother Nature is going through a life crisis. Right now it’s cool and drizzly, but just a few days ago my kids spent the day running through sprinklers and have golden brown tans and I spent the day screaming at everyone to shut the doors to not let the air conditioned inside float to the piping hot outside. Our little heatwave reminded me of summer time and all of the things I love about that time of year; including grilling. Tuna Pasta in Creamy Tomato Sauce. » Recipe #31: TUNA PESTO PASTA with Clara Olé Mga Luto Ni Lola. Before we begin cooking, let me tell you briefly what happened last Sunday. I had the chance to portray one of my dream jobs — to be a cook show host, hah! Well, I didn’t exactly host a show. But I got the chance to prepare a sumptuous meal in front of a live audience during Clara Ole ‘s Share Eat!

Event in celebration of Joy of Eating at the Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. - the Philippine online recipe database. Here's a healthy pasta recipe that you can enjoy when you're on a tight budget. - the Philippine online recipe database

Serves 6 400 grams spaghetti noodles1/4 cup olive oil4 to 6 garlic heads, chopped3 to 4 big tomatoes, seeded cut into strips2 cans tunasalt and pepper to taste 1 Cook spaghetti noodles. Set aside. Heat olive oil in a pan. 2 Sauté chopped garlic until fragrant. 3 Add a can of tuna in water, drained. General Tso's Chicken. Nick Stellino - Breaded Ham and Cheese Sandwich.