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Google Chromebook vs Apple iPad: Which Is Better For Classrooms? There’s been a lot of talk about how iPads are terrific for the classroom.

Google Chromebook vs Apple iPad: Which Is Better For Classrooms?

Heck, we’re giving 3 away to teachers . But what about the more standard laptop? Is there still a place for the usual piece of hardware in the classroom? I think there is (for now) and that it’s worth checking out the new upgrades to Google Chromebooks right now. The Big Difference Google just gave a big refresh to their line of netbooks. I have played around with a Chromebook a few different times over the past couple of months and I can definitely say it’s easier to use than any other laptop out there. Chromebooks vs iPads The real question now is: if you had the money to procure 10 iPads or 15 Chromebooks, which would you choose? Weblog of Wesley Fryer. To-Go.

Featured articles All of my friends know I have serious reservations about smarmy self-important libertarianism of TED and loathe speaking in the format – essentially a television program without any of the accoutrements of a television studio.


That said, I’ve now performed three of them. My first TEDx Talk made me ill for months before and weeks following the talk. The pressure was unbearable. You see,... Four out of five kindergarteners agree. . “Young people have a remarkable capacity for intensity….” Papert circa 1999 enjoying the work of a middle schooler I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend, colleague, and mentor Dr. A boyhood dream has come true. Almost daily, a colleague I respect posts a link to some amazing tale of classroom innovation, stupendous new education product or article intended to improve teaching practice.

Recently, 5th and 6th grade girls in the school where I work came up to me in the hallway and volunteered, “I want to be an engineer.” Rufus T. Welcome to NCS-Tech! - Sharing great, free K-8 EdTech resources with my school community & the world. Views expressed are my own, not those of the Northfield Board of Education. Cool Cat Teacher Blog.