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Google Chromebook vs Apple iPad: Which Is Better For Classrooms? There’s been a lot of talk about how iPads are terrific for the classroom. Heck, we’re giving 3 away to teachers . But what about the more standard laptop? Is there still a place for the usual piece of hardware in the classroom? I think there is (for now) and that it’s worth checking out the new upgrades to Google Chromebooks right now. The Big Difference. Weblog of Wesley Fryer. To-Go. Featured articles All of my friends know I have serious reservations about smarmy self-important libertarianism of TED and loathe speaking in the format – essentially a television program without any of the accoutrements of a television studio.


That said, I’ve now performed three of them. Welcome to NCS-Tech! - Sharing great, free K-8 EdTech resources with my school community & the world. Views expressed are my own, not those of the Northfield Board of Education. Cool Cat Teacher Blog.