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Earth and Tectonic Plates

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Plates. Earth's Continental Plates - ZoomSchool. All About Plate Tectonics:Earth's Plates and Continental Drift The Earth's rocky outer crust solidified billions of years ago, soon after the Earth formed.

Earth's Continental Plates - ZoomSchool

This crust is not a solid shell; it is broken up into huge, thick plates that drift atop the soft, underlying mantle. The plates are made of rock and drift all over the globe; they move both horizontally (sideways) and vertically (up and down). Over long periods of time, the plates also change in size as their margins are added to, crushed together, or pushed back into the Earth's mantle. These plates are from 50 to 250 miles (80 to 400 km) thick. The Worlds Tectonic Plates. Introduction to Earthquakes. Plate Boundaries Kung Fu. Plate Tectonics. Plate Tectonics (Educational Parody of Whistle by Flo Rida)

Tectonics. KS3 Bitesize Geography - Plate tectonics : Revision, Page 3. Conservative plate boundary. Constructive Plate Boundary.