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Meet the Team - specialists in collaborative skills. Letsgoelsewhere. ClueQuest - clueQuest - The Live Escape Game. HintHunt London. Our People - Firefly Coaching. Ntact Details for Quest. Last Updated (Wednesday, 29 January 2014 12:22) Quest knows that whilst some customers want to include outdoor, countryside elements to their team building, many others want to work indoors or in an urban setting.

ntact Details for Quest

Whatever your requirements Quest will be able to devise a programme that will work in the environment of your choice. Quest understand that clients want fresh, innovative and exciting ways of delivering team development messages. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Don't delay - get your event sorted today! Telephone & Email: For all general enquiries, please get in touch with Quest using the phone number or email address below: UK Postal Address: Please direct all written correspondance to following postal address: QuestStokes MarshCoulstonWiltshireBA13 4NZ Quest 'The Great Outdoors' Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with company registration No. 3336374. Soap Box Derby. Our Soap Box Derby activity is big on thrills and even bigger on spills!

Soap Box Derby.

Teams harness their 'need for speed' by developing and constructing a race-ready self propelled Soap Box car, from the wooden chassis and mountain of materials provided. Each machine is fuelled by nothing but sheer courage (and perhaps the rest of your team pushing from behind!) Teams are given detailed blueprints of how to construct a rolling-chassis and supplied with a large range of building supplies, from giant sheets of cardboard, oversize tubes for axles and boiler suits for drivers. The workshop offers all of the tools needed for cutting, trimming, and shaping the racing cars, as well as accessories and fabrics to decorate the finished product, and of course professional event staff to help teams along the way but the final finish and shape is completely unique to the team that built it - after all, speed is nothing without a little personality! All of our events are; · Fully managed · Professional presenter. Team Building Through Songwriting. Charity & Green Team Building Themes.

A competitive team challenge reveals itself to be a collaborative opportunity to have some fun, but more importantly donate some great Bikes to needy children as a team.

Charity & Green Team Building Themes

Teams undertake a tailored journey of tasks that progressively yield vouchers for Bike components that are eventually available from the “Bike Shop”. Under the careful supervision of a bike mechanic, teams build their Bikes. Once built and raced the truth becomes apparent when the Charity arrives to accept the team’s donation of these great bikes. Links: Request More Info | Print Friendly PDF. Odyssey Teams - Store. Clarity Space - Awaydays. We work with you to create Awaydays that tackle the key issues your team faces, whilst providing an experience that will change the way that the team thinks, feels and relates to itself and others.

Clarity Space - Awaydays

There's nothing quite like getting away from the office for a day or two to get things into perspective, get to know your team a little better, review the past and map out the future… We help you use this precious time to full advantage and ensure that it will make a real and lasting difference to the team's performance, energy and focus. Our experience shows that the most successful awaydays combine elements of Team Development and Strategic Planning. One looks inwards, the other looks out. A balance between the two is crucial to ensure that the day has positive energy and sustainable impact. So, although we love some of the energetic, practical, fun challenges synonymous with awaydays, we always look to incorporate some live work challenges. See our Facilitation page for more. Web Based Team Building Exercises, Low Cost Effective Team Building. Team Building, Corporate Away Days.

What we do. Facilitation by Clarity Space. We've experienced for ourselves how uninspiring many meetings can be; how workshops accomplish little because people don't feel safe to say how they really feel about the issues; and how conferences can leave you drained rather than motivated.

Facilitation by Clarity Space

Our facilitators help you create an environment where people can voice their needs, concerns, aspirations, uncertainties and half-formed ideas with real honesty and clarity; and so provide the foundation for the breakthroughs and insights needed for successful outcomes. We facilitate meetings, events, conferences, awaydays and workshops for a variety of organisations including corporates, universities, government, NHS, not-for-profits and small and medium enterprises. Investors Den Team Building Events. Inspired by the Dragons Den. Unleash your teams imagination and Creativity. Mmunity Team Building And Charity Team Building Events And Team Building Ideas. Building a Dream is an exciting and new team building event that benefits teams and results in kids bikes being donated to charitable children's projects throughout the UK.

mmunity Team Building And Charity Team Building Events And Team Building Ideas

What's involved? Building a Dream is a fun new team building activity that sees teams joining the ranks of a fictitous company - Wheelies - in order to work together to build and manufacture a range of children's bikes ready for despatch to worthy projects in the community. The company is hoping that you can help drive the business forward, have an impact on the market and impress the local community.