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Three Tools to Help You Teach English Pronunciation (and How to Do This Asynchronously) I often get emails from teachers worried that online tools and resources are going to replace them.

Three Tools to Help You Teach English Pronunciation (and How to Do This Asynchronously)

My opinion is that this won’t happen anytime soon. Additionally, we shouldn’t see these resources as competition but, instead, as potentially useful tools to help us better help our learners. And in this post, I want to look at three resources that you can use to improve your pronunciation lessons. I will focus on how I use them to help my students with English sounds but, as I mention later, they can be used for all areas of speaking. Firstly, I want to go into how I approach this area of English as this will give you an insight into why these tools are so useful. A Quick Summary of How I Teach English Sounds One of the biggest problems English learners have is being able to pronounce sounds correctly. Therefore, learners will default to sounds in their own language if they can’t produce it correctly. Learn how to differentiate between the letters "d" and "b" Joely's been learning to read, and as is typical for children her age, she was having trouble differentiating between lower-case "b"s from "d"s.

Learn how to differentiate between the letters "d" and "b"

I'd been trying to figure out a good way to solve the problem, so I came up with this little illustration to help her remember which way "b" and "d" face. Associating the direction of the letter with the simple illustration has really helped her recognize the difference between "b" and "d. " SPEAKING. Grammar Chants Unit 1.wmv. EnglishPhoneticAlphabet [licensed for non-commercial use only] / FrontPage. Welcome to the English Phonetic Alphabet Wiki.

EnglishPhoneticAlphabet [licensed for non-commercial use only] / FrontPage

Two special features make The English Phonetic Alphabet (EPA) a favorite pronunciation tool of ESL/EFL teachers and suitable for every level of English learner: 1) EPA uses ABC and standard keyboard symbols to represent the 40+ sounds of spoken English 2) The Thompson Vowel Chart pairs vowel sounds with color names to provide a simple, accurate pronunciation system for every word in English.

By attaching new information - vowel sounds, to information students already know - ABC and Colors, this simple system is suitable for every level of English language learner. Here is a short document outlining EPA including the Thompson Vowel Chart (Open the link and click on Download for the full-size version) Pronunciation. American English Pronunciation.

Past Continuous and Past Simple examples in Songs! Search Results. Showing 1 to 15 of 3,619 results Melanlioglu, Deniz – Educational Research and Reviews, 2013 Although listening is the skill mostly used by students in the classrooms, the desired success cannot be attained in teaching listening since this skill is shaped by multiple variables.

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In this research we focused on listening anxiety, listening comprehension and impact of authentic tasks on both listening anxiety and listening comprehension.… Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Anxiety, Listening Comprehension, Relevance (Education) Soundzabound - Royalty Free Music for Schools. Debates, discussion & speaking activity lessons for esl teachers.

Best Free Podcasts. ESL Lesson Plans and Resources on Music. March is Music in our Schools Month!

ESL Lesson Plans and Resources on Music

There has never been a better excuse to get up and dance with your students. To encourage you to bring music into your classroom throughout the year, we’ve created a collection of useful links. These links are full of ideas for using music in the classroom. You will find lesson plans, teacher reflections, books, webinars, website reviews, and more. Thank you to all of our teacher pals for suggesting links to add to this page. Music-Themed Lesson Plans Check out our Famous People section for lesson plans on Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, and John Lennon.

Check out our Famous Things section for lesson plans on Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rock n’ Roll. English Video Lessons: Winning Strategies for the ESL Class. Landing.


Listen to Stories. Stories. Get Out of Your Class: How to Use Fieldtrips for Effective Speaking Lessons. Running Dictation. I’m sure you all have at least some kind of experience with dictations in the classroom.

Running Dictation

Most of the time, dictations are considered boring and can get really frustrating for students, especially if they are still learning how to write in their L1. Here is an idea for practicing dictations and making them less painful. Running dictation is a type of dictation in which your students are responsible for it from the start. They should work in pairs and it goes like this: You should come up with a story that you will write on a piece of paper and hang it onto the wall in your classroom. You can use multiple sheets of paper so that your students don’t collide during the activity. It’s best to give them a story in form of a riddle or something similar because then if someone is done before the others, you can tell them to try and solve it (matter of discipline in the classroom). Here are some links with stories that can be used for a running dictation.


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