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Support Service When Implementing Our Blended Professional Learning Platform. Whether you're seeking assistance at the leadership or teacher level, Teaching Channel (Tch) Professional Services provides support to help ensure your success. We help you address critical issues including: How do I lead a new vision of blended professional learning?

How do I integrate video and online learning into our existing PD initiatives? What are best practices for engaging teachers in a video-based, online environment? Erika Nielsen Andrew, Chief Academic Officer, describes Tch Professional Services Professional Services Descriptions Tch Professional Services provides comprehensive support to help you blend your professional development program. Our wide range of services includes: Leadership Strategy Session: This all day session convenes key leaders to determine the vision, goals, metrics, and strategy for leveraging Teams as part of a cohesive, professional learning system. Asset Mapping: Teams Training: Coaching Online: Leadership Coaching: Engagement Coaching: Content Curation: One Casper teacher offers secrets to success teaching reading | Education.

Third-grade students in Deborah Hudson’s Mountain View Elementary School class heard a story recently about the exploits of Percy Jackson, a boy in New Jersey who finds out that he’s related to the Greek god Zeus. They were riveted by Jackson’s tale and by the Greek myths. They were also unaware the book they absorbed was above their reading level. While about 40 percent of third-graders in Wyoming last year tested in the basic or below reading category, not a single child in Hudson’s class is falling behind in that fundamental skill. It’s a particularly notable statistic at Mountain View, a Title I school where about 77 percent of students are projected to be eligible for free or reduced lunch next year, said assistant principal Anna Lavin. But Hudson believes you can instill in every child a love of reading, whatever their background. They start school with varying abilities, particularly in language and communication skills.

For Hudson, the key is finding what inspires students. Education Update:Mindset 20/20:Mindset 20/20. Which approaches to growth and fixed mindsets have become blurry? And which offer clarity? Since the publication of her book Mindset in 2006, Carol Dweck's research into the conditions that encourage motivation, persistence, and effort has become enormously popular in schools. The Stanford psychologist's findings show that when we have a fixed mindset, we believe our ability is carved in stone—if success doesn't come naturally, it will not come at all.

With this mindset, we act in ways that will preserve our self-esteem and sense of mastery. When we cultivate a growth mindset, however, we believe that we can develop our basic qualities through effort. We are willing to risk mistakes because we know they are part of the learning process. Buoyed by this research, educators now prompt students to change their brains through effort. Education Update:Mindset 20/20:Mindset 20/20.

Slice of Life: We Know Our Song. “I know I am preaching to the choir. Preaching to the choir is not such a bad thing; the choir needs to know the song best.” Kylene Beers Kylene said these words last November at NCTE. I immediately put them on a “stickie” on my computer desktop. Recently I was coaching in a classroom and noticed a conductor’s stand in the front of the room like this one: At first, I thought what a great idea! And then the quote hit me. I love this stand. He was trying to be polite and agree that it is helpful and practical. No, no. Now, we had just been talking with small groups of students about layers of meaning in text and I think he thought I might have been joking but I wasn’t.

As teachers we are not just members of the choir, we orchestrate the choir. If we were to hand the conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra a 375-page book filled with new material, could he conduct it with the same passion and confidence as the songs he knew by heart? Teaching is an art and a science. Clare. Express e-Newsletter. Text Complexity Collection. 5 Effective Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom | KQED Education | KQED. Students with special and exceptional needs are placed in inclusive learning environments more frequently than in the past. For general educators with a limited special education background, this can often be anxiety provoking and stressful. Every teacher wants to provide the best instruction and education for her students. As a special education teacher for the past ten years, my job has been to support general education teachers when we share responsibility of students with special needs.

I work with them to ensure that all students have the necessary resources in order to be successful, and that they themselves can grow and learn as an educator. Here are five strategies that have been successful for working with students in the inclusive classroom. 1. Upon receiving notice that a student with a specific plan is entering your class, it’s important to connect with that student’s case manager. Take Action: Check and make sure you have current documents for students in your class. 2. 3.

MyTeachSource – Solutions to power inspired teaching. Crtical thinking. Pedagogies. Thinking & Questioning. Sharing Circles - English 12 First Peoples. Mentoring New Teachers | Mentor Modules. This MentorModules workshop will take approximately 10-15 hours to complete (not counting the time it will take to read each article). Three modules The modules were designed to emphasize the importance of learning among ALL students. Therefore, in addition to demonstrating how to build the mentor relationship, the modules cover topics such as how to help new teachers engage English Learners and create lessons that are culturally responsive.

The case studies show how mentors can help teachers get beyond stereotypes and surface-level observations and really look closely at children’s learning in data-driven ways. Each of the three modules are made up of three lessons that contain a myriad of multimedia resources. Each lesson will take approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours to complete (not counting readings). Each lesson will include: Start This Workshop. The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network Home Page. MLRN Member Discussions Asking other MLRN members questions on mentoring and induction How the MLRN Member Group Email Discussion List Works The following are examples of the use of the MLRN Member Group Email Discussion List. Here is how it works. 1. Any member with a mentoring question sends it to Richard Lange, an MLRN Executive Board Member. 2. Richard sends it to the entire MLRN membership via a group email system. 3. Index Of Discussions The Role Of The Mentor Program Evaluation.

ED291153. Pep facguide. Mentoring Beginning Teachers. MentorGuide20112012. Mentoring Beginning Teachers. More mentoring guide for proteges. ED328940. ED323185. Randy Nelson on Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age. Randy Nelson: One of the things that we do at Pixar and I know some things about Pixar uhm ... is we use improv as a mechanism of helping with collaboration. And in that, two core principles of improv have always guided us. The first is, accept every offer. So if an improv, improviser says to you, "Gee it's funny. It's raining a lot in here today. " You don't go "Raining in here? " You say, "Well that's why they gave us umbrellas. " It's an offer. Randy Nelson: So that ended up being the way that the astronaut core was chosen, was they were looking for people who had not simply avoided failure, but rather those who had seen failure and had figured out how to turn it into something.

Randy Nelson: That's interesting and that's easy to get. For more information on what works in public education, got to Resources for Teacher Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching. This section provides resources for assisting a colleague who may be new to teaching, the school, the discipline, or to a change in the practices or curriculum recently instituted by the district, school, or department. Click on the following issues related to mentoring and coaching to see links and bibliographical references to resources that address those issues.

Issue: What are the components of a high-quality mentor program? Elements of Effective Practice The National Mentoring Partnership The National Mentoring Partnership includes this list of fundamentals that define quality youth mentor programs as identified in the document, which are also applicable to teacher mentoring programs. How to Build a Successful Mentoring Program Using the Elements of Effective Practice The National Mentoring Partnership The Good Mentor: What It Takes To Be Effective James B.

Top Top Disclaimer: Green Revolution Takes Hold In K-12 Schools - Sentinel-Tribune: Green Living. No desks? No problem. CHILLICOTHE — When Chillicothe High School foreign language students walk into the classrooms of French teacher Andy McDonie and Spanish teacher Greg Phillips for the first time, there’s a certain level of shock that accompanies them. “Where are the desks?” Recalls Noah Blum. “I was confused, but I was excited to see that I was doing something different.” “When I first walked into the class, I was a little bit intimidated, and quite frankly, confused,” said Callie Schettler.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect in the next 76 minutes of that class. Not a new form of initiation, Callie, but a new approach to teaching languages that creates an environment designed to increase student interaction and immerse them in the language. “For a while, the state has asked that we teach 90 percent in the target language, and we didn’t really know how to do that,” McDonie said. According to the OWL website, the approach is focused on community building in the classroom. The students are responding. Log In. SWCS Curriculum Department: Professional Learning.

Mentor Tool Kit. The Mentor Tool Kit was created for use by mentors in their work with resident educators. The tools are used to facilitate professional development and discussion around the Teaching and Learning Cycle during the Mentoring Years of Residency. The work of the Instructional Mentor is to accelerate the RE’s teaching practice to promote increased student achievement. The mentor also provides emotional support as needed. Download the entire Mentor Tool Kit here, or by each individual section below: Chessboard Cover Page: a visual representation of some of the strategic and purposeful instructional mentoring moves tailored to specific resident educator needs.

Residency Teaching and Learning Experiences: a graphic organizer that replaces the previous Year 1 and Year 2 timelines which provides an overview of the scope of work that the mentor and resident educator complete during the Mentoring Years. Gates-PDMarketResearch-Dec5.pdf.