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TeacherWeb - Websites for Teachers, Schools, and Districts. Printable Graphic Organizers for Teachers, Grades K-12. Highlights Halloween Happy Halloween! Students love this fall holiday; take advantage of it! You'll find everything from costume patterns and printable Halloween masks to counting activities and vocabulary lessons. 2016 Presidential Elections Election season is here! Help your students understand the process of our national elections (held on Tuesday, November 8), from the President down to local representatives, with our election activities. Read short biographies of presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R), explore mock election ideas, create presidential trading cards, learn election vocabulary, play election bingo and more!

October Calendar of Events October is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum! Teaching Resources, Children's Book Recommendations, and Student Activities. About Us. The Regional Educational Laboratory Program (REL): About Us As our nation addresses the challenge of improving academic achievement for all students, the role of evidence in shaping practice and policy becomes even more critical.

The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) program, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) at the U.S. Department of Education, has significantly advanced the quality and reliability of available evidence through its focus on producing and disseminating high quality, rigorous research. The ten Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) serve the education needs of designated regions, using applied research, development, dissemination, and training and technical assistance, to bring the latest and best research and proven practices into school improvement efforts. The current priority... . . . building capacity to use data and research for education improvement.

The goal of this work is to build capacity to use data and research by: Graphic Organizers. Freeology - Free School Stuff. AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer. Lesson Plans for K-12 Teachers. Special Education Forms. Top 10 Intellectual Rappers. Music Despite being in the mainstream consciousness for over twenty years now, Hip-Hop is still largely thought to consist solely of idiotic, crude and often pointlessly violent lyrics that debase and malign the English language.

Although to be fair, that is still the majority of the Hip-Hop music being shoved down our throats by the big music labels and radio. However, there is an increasingly large presence of extremely intelligent Hip-Hop pushing the genre’s boundaries and transforming rap into academically and artistically viable poetry. NOTE: Judging intelligence is an extremely subjective matter and will always spark debate, however I did abide by some criteria when making my selections. Andre 3000 From OutKast One of the few rappers on this list you should already probably be aware of on this list, Andre 3000, rapper from the critically acclaimed and incredibly popular Hip-Hop Duo, “OutKast,” is one of the most well liked and respected rappers in the industry from non-fans. Eyedea. Mental_floss Blog & The Quick 10: Stories Behind 10 Dr. Seuss Stories.

On this day in 1991, the world lost a classic writer and artist "“ Dr. Seuss (AKA Theodor Geisel). I know the _floss has done stories on Dr. Seuss before, so I thought we'd go a little bit different route today "“ the stories behind his stories. 1. The Lorax. In case you haven't read The Lorax, it's widely recognized as Dr. 2. 3. 4. Because kids weren't interested in the material, they weren't exactly compelled to use it repeatedly in their efforts to learn to read. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Tony the Tiger, AKA Thurl Ravenscroft (who is also a singer in my absolute favorite Disney attraction, the Haunted Mansion), is the voice behind "You're a Mean One, Mr. Do you have a comment? Dr. 10 Myths About Immigration. Editor’s note: While originally published in 2011, this story was updated in 2015 to reflect current statistics, policies and conditions in the United States. Click here for a detailed list of sources. Myths about immigration and immigrants are common. Here are a few of the most frequently heard misconceptions—along with information to help you and your students separate fact from fear. When students make statements that are mistaken or inaccurate, one response is to simply ask, “How do you know that’s true?” Whatever the answer—even if it’s “That’s what my parents say”—probe a little more to get at the source.

Ask, “Where do you think they got that information?” Most immigrants are here illegally.With so much controversy around the issue of undocumented immigrants, it’s easy to overlook the fact that most of the foreign-born people living in the United States have followed the rules and have permission to be here. Undocumented immigrants bring crime.Ask students where they heard this. Ingredients. RACE - Are We So Different? :: A Project of the American Anthropological Association. SMARTBoards in Special Education Classrooms. Advantages of SMARTBoards in Special Education Classrooms SMARTBoards support inclusive classrooms by offering students many ways to learn information, express ideas, and demonstrate understanding.

The SMARTBoard also allows teachers to address different learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This technology engages all types of students and facilitates differentiated instruction. A SMARTBoard helps students with autism, for example, improve communication skills through group collaboration. For students with physical disabilities, the SMARTBoard’s touch-sensitive surface gives all students the opportunity to participate in learning. Benefits to Teachers Teachers enjoy using the SMARTBoard to create visually engaging and interactive lessons. Special educators like the fact that the SMARTBoard is flexible and gives the opportunity to change activities quickly. Teachers who have used SMARTBoards report that students with special needs have made huge strides in learning.

Lesson plans for students and educators. Common Core Implementation Kit enables the creation of a Common Core State Standards aligned lesson plan with a few easy clicks. Common Core operates from within Word 2013 and provides daily learning targets for Common Core State Standards, along with instructional notes, student friendly “I Can” statements, vocabulary lists, differentiation ideas, activity ideas, assessment ideas, common student misconceptions, and links to open educational resources aligned to the standards. Save time planning lessons and locating resources for your students The Common Core Implementation Kit is a free tool that makes it easy for teachers to create Language Arts and Math lesson plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards all from within Microsoft Word 2013.

Common Core consists of a series of course-specific Microsoft Word templates that access Common Core information through a Microsoft Office Task Pane that is displayed next to the lesson plan document. System requirements. Assistive Technology. Autism Store, PECS, Autism Books, Autism Video, ABLLS, Autistic Resources | Different Roads to Learning. Thousands of Free Lesson Plans and Educational Resources for Teachers | Verizon Curriculumbits : Free Online Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Resources for all Subject Areas.

On Special Education. Assistive Technology for Special-Education Students. Special Education and Disability Rights Blog. Special Education Today. Smartboards & Special Education. The Best of the Web, For Kids. Assistive Technologies for Special Education. 9 insightful videos about using SMART Boards in the Classroom. The 2nd post in a series focused on learning about Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom. Last week we kicked off this series by learning the basics about what an interactive whiteboard is, and researched which brands are the most popular today. After discovering that the SMART Board brand from Smart Technologies controls more of the marketplace than all of the other brands combined, we then started looking into the different types of SMART Boards and their features and functionality.

Today we move that effort forward by providing a number of videos that help us better understand how these devices work and what we can do with them in the classroom. I combed through the many videos about SMART Boards available on YouTube, viewed dozens of them, and selected and organized the videos below to provide a good overview of how these systems can be used in the classroom, and how they are set up and configured. I’ve grouped these videos into a two categories. Next? About Kelly Walsh. Home. Braineos | Flash card quizzes to make your brain happy! Teachers: Teaching resources from the BBC. Idea Partnership. Interactive Whiteboard. Special Education Law Blog. Advocacy, Education & Empowerment | Genetic Alliance. MT_AssistiveTechGuide_378K. Classroom resources.