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40 Extraordinary Things Happening Right Now - StumbleUpon. Post written by: Marc Chernoff Email Right now is a phenomenon.

40 Extraordinary Things Happening Right Now - StumbleUpon

Right now extraordinary things are happening. Right now… Right now is a new beginning. Do something extraordinary. If you enjoyed this article and are seeking further inspiration, I highly recommend Gives Me Hope: 127 Most Inspiring Bite-Sized Stories Photo by: NASA If you enjoyed this article, check out our new best-selling book. And get inspiring life tips and quotes in your inbox (it's free)... Book - 9 insights on&life - StumbleUpon. 8 Simple Affirmations You Should Whisper to Yourself Daily. 1.)

8 Simple Affirmations You Should Whisper to Yourself Daily.

“I am worthy.” Worthy of love. Worthy of peace. Worthy of praise. Worthy of happiness. 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) Write down these eight affirmations (& a few of your own) & tape them to your bathroom mirror. A Better Life In 100 Ways. You don’t like your life?

A Better Life In 100 Ways

Change it! Change your life for the better! Don’t have any clue on how to do it? Here’s a list of 100 ways in which you can improve your life. Feel free to add yours in the comments. . [ Update: There is now an ebook based on this! Without further ado, let’s go. 1. You’re human. 2. Maybe you got hurt by somebody. 3. We’re doing a lot of stuff on autopilot. 4. Don’t wait for other people to impose discipline on you. 5. Reach out. 6. Shaking your comfort zone will often create a lot of value in your life. 50 Dating Rules for Smart Girls Who Dont Need Dating Rules. The Frenemy., Advice At 18 - StumbleUpon. Somebody asked me what advice I would give to my 18-year-old self.

The Frenemy., Advice At 18 - StumbleUpon

It is as follows: First of all, slow your load. I get that your hormones are raging at the fiery furnace of vagina hellfire terror. Cool. These hormones might make you want to just dry hump all over every celebrity vampire or badass in a GQ leather jacket, but you can’t go around hoping to make out with celebrities all the time! Well, except for that one guy. No. Seriously. That being said, I don’t want you to be so cynical. Remember being vulnerable isn’t something you only do when you are young. Fill your I-Pod up with terrible music so you can one day loudly sing that music when you are 22 and drunk on a rooftop. Stop wearing so many denim skirts they look stupid. Give your best friends more hugs. Realize that many of these friends will go away, and you will soon make new ones who ask ‘so how were you at 18?’ Go to class. Learn shit. “The Hills” Quote Guide (Updated 3/18/08) « Taking It 2 The Hills. As they come in, I’ll be posting more and more of your favorite quotes (funny, inspiring, stupid, etc!)

“The Hills” Quote Guide (Updated 3/18/08) « Taking It 2 The Hills

From “The Hills.” **If you would like to submit any of your favorites, please send them to Make SURE you include WHO said it and what season it was in. If you have the episode number or name, include that, but it is not necessary. Please include the season, though. Season One (In progress — Keep checking back!) “This is my chance to make it all happen, in the one city, where they say dreams come true.” “We can get a fire pole!” “You definitely have to hang out with us! Heidi: School gets in the way of everything. Susan Aronson (Director of Admissions, FIDM): How would you characterize yourself as a high school student? Lauren: Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where that bald guy’s fiance licked all of the envelopes and she like died from glue poisoning? “I have a very stressful job! Heidi: And their office is gorgeous. (singing) “Fashion school dropout.