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FREE Great Programs for Windows 7 FREE Great Programs for Windows 7 Microsoft currently has it's best designer working on Windows 7 addons :- Leaner Windows 7 Will Let You Add Features À la Carte It may be hard to believe that Microsoft is prepping a version of Windows without e-mail, calendar, and instant messaging apps. After all, some of those features have been bundled with Windows almost from the start; with Vista, the list got longer, including additions such as Windows Photo Gallery and Vista Parental Controls. But Microsoft officials say the plan for Windows 7 is to deliver a lean operating system that lets you add the features you like, choosing à la carte from a suite of Windows Live Essentials programs you download. Some applets are already available in beta form at; more are expected to debut in mid-November.
Free Native 64-bit programs Free Native 64-bit programs Information This list is for native 64-bit applications. Not to be confused with 32-bit applications that run in a 64-bit OS.
Did you know that you can do mail faster and easier with features that Hotmail recently added to allow for more productivity with e-mail? Here are seven ways to be more productive that were added in recent months: (1) Auto-complete. Hotmail auto-completes as you type e-mail addresses in the “To:” line when you’re composing a new message. We’ve made Hotmail smarter so that contacts you’ve recently e-mailed will appear closer to the top of the auto-complete list. Windows Live team blog - Windows Live Windows Live team blog - Windows Live
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