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Global Industry Trends & Report, 2030. Decline in Demand and Investments in Coatings Affects Business during COVID-19 Era Alkoxide bases have become customary in agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and coatings applications.

Global Industry Trends & Report, 2030

However, end users in the paints & coatings industry are fighting against the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. Textured Pea Protein Market. 1.

Textured Pea Protein Market

Executive Summary 1.1. Global Market Outlook. Flavored and Functional Water Market. As a result of saturation in the bottled water market, demand for functional and flavored water is growing.

Flavored and Functional Water Market

These belong to the latest generation of bottled water that boasts capability of improving the immune system. Fascinated by the claims of novel H2O drinks, consumers are briskly replacing old-fashioned mineral water, briskly elevating flavored and functional water as their favorite. Bauxite Mining Market - Global Industry Analysis 2026. Bauxite Mining Market: Overview Bauxite is a silt rock, which consists of high aluminum content.

Bauxite Mining Market - Global Industry Analysis 2026

It is the primary source of aluminum in the world. Bauxite primarily comprises minerals such as boehmite, gibbsite, hematite, goethite, ilmenite, and anatase. Global Industry Report, 2030. Flavored Whiskey Market: Overview Since the past decade, the emergence of novel trends across the alcohol industry has brought tremendous growth opportunities.

Global Industry Report, 2030

One of the trends comprises flavored whiskey. 10.Tire Derived Fuel Market. 9.Gypsum Boards Market Copy. 8.Grignard Reagents Market. 7.Cachaça Market. 6.Phytochemicals Market. 5.Produced Water Treatment Market. 4.Building Integrated Photovoltaics Market. 3.District Cooling Market. 2.Electronics Adhesives Market. 1.Aluminum Market. Fertilizer Additives Market - Global Industry Analysis 2024. Fertilizer Additives Market: Overview Fertilizer additives improve the quality and stability of fertilizers and soil, avoid loss of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, and prevent corrosion of the container used for transportation.

They also provide anti-foaming and anti-caking characteristics to the fertilizer. Global Industry Report, 2027. Global Craft Beer Market: Overview A microbrewery or a craft brewery refers to a brewery that makes beer in small quantities.

Global Industry Report, 2027

Beer produced in microbreweries is much smaller in scale as compared to corporate breweries and independent individuals own those breweries. Global Industry Report, 2027. Global CBD Snacks Market: Overview The global CBD snacks market shall witness a substantial growth during the tenure of 2019 to 2027.

Global Industry Report, 2027

The growth of the global CBD snacks market is the result of growing food and beverages industry across the globe. The report by Transparency Market Research sates provides 360 degree analysis of the global CBD snacks market. Global Industry Report, 2030. Global Parabens Market: Overview Parabens refers to a group of preservative ingredients that are utilized for various purposes, such as pharmaceuticals, food products, personal hygiene products, and cosmetics.

Global Industry Report, 2030

These products are extremely efficacious in the prevention of growth of yeast, bacteria, and fungi, which result in the wastage of products. As such, they directly enhance the quality of products through extension of shelf life making them hygienic and keep them safe for consumption. Fruit Pectin Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025. Pectin is a naturally occurring soluble fiber, structural heteropolysaccharide, which is usually found in apples, lemons, oranges, berries, and other fruits.

Fruit Pectin Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Unripe fruits generally have more pectin than ripe fruits. Pectin is commercially manufactured as brown powder, extracted primarily from citrus fruits. Global Industry Report, 2030. Global Aloe Vera Extracts Market: Snapshot The global aloe vera extracts market is poised to grow at stupendous pace during the forecast period of 2020 to 2030.

Global Industry Report, 2030

Aloe vera is a short-stemmed thick plant, which stores water in its leaves. The plant is used in diverse industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and personal care. Increased awareness among major worldwide population regarding the medicinal uses of aloe vera is one of the key reasons driving the aloe vera extracts market growth. Recycled Metal Market to Reach US$ 979 Billion by 2026. Recycled Metal Market – Snapshot Scrap metals collected from various sources are raw materials used in metal recycling. Scrap metals are separated and processed several times to yield recycled metals.

Scrap metals are primarily collected from discarded automotive components, construction materials, electronic devices, electrical goods, etc. Powder Metallurgy Market to expand at a CAGR of 6.8% by 2026. Powder Metallurgy Market - Overview Powder metallurgy is the process of forming precision structural metal components from metal powders. The powder metallurgy process is a cost-effective process for manufacturing simple or complex shapes and provides significant advantages over conventional processes.

Global Synthetic Graphite Market to Reach around US$ 7 Bn by 2026. Synthetic Graphite Market - Snapshot Synthetic graphite is a man-made substance manufactured through the high-temperature processing of amorphous carbon materials. The types of amorphous carbon used as precursors to graphite are many and can be derived from petroleum, coal, or natural and synthetic organic materials. The main application of high-purity synthetic graphite is as a carbon raiser additive in iron and steel. This application consumes a significant portion of synthetic graphite.

Wood Activated Carbon Market worth US$ 1,571.84 Mn by 2026. Wood Activated Carbon Market - Overview Wood activated carbon is produced by carbonizing raw materials, such as saw dust and raw wood, in a limited supply of air. These raw materials are further modified by the steam activation or acid washing process. Wood activated carbon possesses properties such as large surface area, high mechanical strength, high porosity, low density, and decolorization. It is utilized in various industries such as water treatment, gold mining, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive. Based on application, the wood activated carbon market has been divided into gas adsorption, removal of impurities, decolorization, and others. Kefir Market To Reach US$2154.9 Mn by 2025.

Tea Market to reach US$20.0 Bn by the end of 2025. Tropical Fruit Puree Market To Reach US$5,749.2 Mn by 2025. Eucalyptus Oil Market is projected to reach US$64.6 Million by 2025 - TMR. Iraq Edible Oils and Fats Market expected to clock a CAGR of 6.0% by 2025 - TMR. 10.Lead Market.

9.Potassium Sorbate Market. 8.Biostimulants Market. 7.Dehydrate Potato Product Market. 6.Almond Milk Market. 5.Injection Molded Plastics Market. 4.Microcrystalline Cellulose Market. 3.Adhesive Tapes Market. 2.Fungicides Market. 1.Polypropylene Random Copolymers Market Copy (2) Carmine Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2026. Dextran Sulfate Sodium Market. Global Industry Report, 2030. Global Industry Report, 2027. Kombucha Market - Global Industry Analysis 2023. Butyl Glycol Market Share, Trends. Meat Alternatives Market to register a healthy CAGR of 6.1% by 2026 - TMR. Global Aquafeed Market is expected to grow at CAGR of 5.7% Over 2018-2026 - TMR.

Natural Sweeteners Market to attain valuation of US$ 39 Bn by 2026 - TMR. Global Industry Report, 2027. Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market to Reach US$ 233.46 Mn by 2026. Concrete Fibers Market to Reach US$ 1,649.9 Mn by 2026. Optical Brighteners Market to Reach US$ 2.0 Bn by 2026. Activated Alumina Market worth US$ 1.4 Billion by 2027. Fungicides Market to be valued US$ 22.3 Bn by 2027. 10.Specialty Nitriles Market. 9.Lubricity Improvers Market. 8.Mud Logging Unit Market. 7.Dehydrated Vegetables Market. 6.Nisin Market. 5.Talc Market. 4.Matcha Market. 3.Canned Cocktails Market. 2.Printed Circuit Board Materials Market.

1.Electronic Grade Phosphoric Acid Market. Sunflower Protein Market - Global Industry Analysis 2025. Global Industry Report, 2030. Metal Packaging Coatings Market. Licorice Extract Market to reach US$ 2.9 Bn by 2029. Global Roofing Market Share, Trends. Chlor-alkali Market Size, Sales, Share and Forecasts by 2030. Polyaspartic Coatings Market Share, Trends. Physical Vapor Deposition Market Share, Trends. BIPV Glass Market To Rise To US$ 3.3 Bn By 2022. Essential Oil Marke To Reach US$27.49 Bn By 2022. Organic Yogurt Market To Touch US$ 15.5 Bn by 2022. Fortified Rice Market is estimated to exceed US$ 25,000 Mn in by 2026 - TMR. Bottled Water Market estimated to reach US$307.2 billion by 2024. Recycled Glass Market Valuation worth US$ 4.6 Bn by 2027.

10.Ginger Market. 9.Canned Tuna Market.. 8.Biochar Market. 7.Microgrids Market. 6.Cathode Materials Market. 5.Electroplating Market. 4.Aluminum Market. 3.Barite Market. 2.Biostimulants Market. 1.Natural Polymer Market. Industrial Cleaning Chemicals Market Trends. Global Industry Report, 2030. Herbal Supplements and Remedies Market - Forecasts up to 2025. Natural Sweeteners Market to attain valuation of US$ 39 Bn by 2026 - TMR. Banana Powder Market To Reach US$ 774.4 Mn by 2027. Nisin Market to be Valued at US$ 490 Mn by 2028. Biotech Flavors Market Valuation to reach US$ 3 Bn by 2029. Global Industry Report, 2030.

Soybean meal Market - Global Industry Analysis 2027. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Market to reach US$832.6 mn by 2024 - TMR.