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Global Industry Report, 2030. Rice Seeds Market: Market Outlook Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza glaberrima or Oryza sativa.

Global Industry Report, 2030

As a cereal grain, it is the most broadly consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Africa and Asia. Quality seed is very important to increase production. It is necessary to maintain the varietal purity of seed, and control the seed-borne disease for the production of high-quality seed. The rice seeds are produced by using techniques such as a two-line system and three-line rice seed-producing system. Are you a start-up willing to make it big in the business? Rice Seeds Market: Market Dynamics Continuous technological advancements in the field of molecular biology, genomics, biotechnology have led to developments in hybrid rice breeding.

To gauge the scope of customization in our reports, Ask for a Sample. Global Industry Report, 2030. Plant-Based Yogurt Market: Market Outlook Plant-based products are nothing but those products which do not contain ingredients directly or indirectly related to animals.

Global Industry Report, 2030

Milk is derived from different cereals, legumes, nuts, or seeds and then different products like yogurt, cheese, butter, ice-cream, dressing sauces, cream, and many more. The Mediterranean who wants to find the balance between meat consumption and dairy products are mostly preferring such plant-based products. Plant-based yogurt has a high nutritional value, and most importantly now they are available in a variety of flavors. Global Inulin and Fructooligosaccharide Market to Expand at a CAGR of 5.7% Over 2018-2026. Inulin and Fructooligosaccharide Market: Introduction Inulin and fructooligosaccharide are prebiotic food ingredients that stimulate the metabolism and growth of health-stimulating bacteria in the human gut, thus improving an organism’s intestinal balance.

Global Inulin and Fructooligosaccharide Market to Expand at a CAGR of 5.7% Over 2018-2026

Prebiotic fibers can be derived from garlic, chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, and onions, amongst other things. Medically, inulin helps in testing kidney function, and it also acts as a dietary fiber. Inulin has various health benefits, and it is used by food manufacturers to enhance the nutritional value of manufactured food products. Fractionated Shea Butter in Cosmetics and Personal Care Market to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% during 2018-2016.

Shea Butter Replacing Traditional Vegetable Oils in Personal Care Products?

Fractionated Shea Butter in Cosmetics and Personal Care Market to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% during 2018-2016

Surpassing the conventional skincare regime including only a moisturizer and a sunscreen/sunblock cream, consumers are actively seeking skin protection against rising levels of pollution, a minimum of three levels of infrared light (IR), blue light (HEVL), and heavy metals. While this has been an impactful factor driving NPDs in the personal care and cosmetics circle, it has also paved the way for ingredients experimentation to a large extent. Fractionated shea butter has been since garnering limelight as a promising and more efficient alternative to regular vegetable oils or animal-derived fats that have been in use for beauty and skin care product formulations.

As indicated by a recent TMR study, revenues from the fractionated Shea butter market closed in on US$ 1 billion in the year 2018. Natural Sweeteners Market to attain valuation of US$ 39 Bn by 2026 - TMR. The natural sweetener market is likely to gain growth in the near future owing to the increase in health conscious population.

Natural Sweeteners Market to attain valuation of US$ 39 Bn by 2026 - TMR

Increasing use of natural sweeteners is also resulting in the new food product development. Moreover, technological development is also leading to the new product development. The government of various countries are also contributing towards the market growth by introducing regulations on the use of natural sweeteners in processed foods, along with the content and design change in the nutrition facts label. Various scientific studies have also proved certain natural sweeteners to be good for health.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing research on developing new natural sweeteners with various health benefits. Global Industry Report, 2030. Biphenyls: Introduction Biphenyl is primarily used as a fungicide for citrus crops.

Global Industry Report, 2030

It plays an important role as an antimicrobial food preservative and antifungal agrochemical. Biphenyls are important structural analogs, which are used significantly in synthesis of various compounds. Earlier, biphenyl derivatives were widely used as pesticides in the form of polychlorinated biphenyls. Biphenyl appears as a clear colorless liquid with pleasant odor. To gauge the scope of customization in our reports, Ask for a Sample. Global Industry Report, 2030. Ester Gum Market: Highlights Ester gum is a modified natural resin made from rosin that has been esterified by heating polyhydric alcohols such as glycerol.

Global Industry Report, 2030

Ester gum contains glyceryl, methyl, and ethyl esters of rosin acids. These are lighter in color than rosin and have higher softening point but lower acid number. Rosin is a natural product derived from pine trees and consists of a complex mixture of mutually soluble organic compounds. 1.Acetic Acid Market. 2.Ancillary Services for Power Market. 3.Chlor alkali Market. 4.Dredging market. 5.Electroplating Market. 6.Fruit Snacks Market. 7.Global Roofing Market. 8.Microcrystalline Cellulose Market. 9.Organic Fertilizer Market. 10.Redispersible Polymer Powder Market. 10.Expeller Pressed Oil Market. 9.Chocolates and Gourmet Dates Market.

8.Free From Food Market  7.Pantothenic Acid Market. 6.Carob Market. 5.Fermented Plant Extracts Market. 4.Animal Feed And Feed Additives Market. 3.Nutrition Bar Market. 2.Anthocyanin Market. 1.Lithium Battery Components Market   Syngas and Derivatives Market To Reach 256,605 MWth by 2024. Global Syngas and Derivatives Market: Overview Syngas is a mixture comprising of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and very often some carbon dioxide. It normally contains carbon in it as it is derived from feedstock such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and others. It is majorly used as a fuel and for manufacturing of other chemicals. Chemicals, power generation, liquid fuels and gaseous fuels are the major end-user industry where syngas finds application. The report estimates and forecasts the syngas and derivatives market on the global, regional, and country levels. The report includes Porter’s Five Forces Model to determine the degree of competition in the syngas and derivatives market.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Equipment Market To Touch US$3.65 bn by 2024. Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Equipment Market: Overview Oil and gas pipeline leak detection equipment are utilized to detect leaks in the pipelines carrying oil and gas. Due to hazardous nature of oil and gas their transportation through pipelines require extra care and safety. Oil and gas spills can endanger ecology of the area and can adversely affect life in that area. Therefore strict environmental rules and regulations regarding oil and gas have made it necessary for pipeline operators to employ pipeline leak detection systems across the globe.

Aging pipeline infrastructure along with planned and under-construction pipeline projects would boost the demand for oil and gas pipeline leak detection equipment. Underwater Monitoring System for Oil and Gas Market To Touch US$1881.3 Mn by 2025. Global Underwater Monitoring System for Oil and Gas Market: Overview This report analyzes and forecasts the market for Underwater Monitoring System for Oil and Gas market at the global and regional level. The market has been forecast based on revenue (US$ Mn) from 2017 to 2025. Containerized Solar Generators Market. Global Containerized Solar Generators Market: Overview This report on the global containerized solar generator market provides analysis for the period 2015–2025, wherein 2016 is the base year and the period from 2017 to 2025 is the forecast period. Data for 2015 has been included as historical information. The report covers market dynamics including drivers, restraints opportunities, and trends expected to influence the containerized solar generator market growth during the said period.

The study provides a comprehensive analysis on market growth throughout the above forecast period in terms of revenue (in US$ Mn) and volume (Thousand Units), across different geographies. Aroma Chemicals Market to Surpass US$ 7.8 Bn by 2027. Perfumers to Create Winning Fragrances Using Artificial Intelligence The aroma chemicals market is undergoing significant transformations as a result of innovative chemistries and thorough knowhow of flavors and fragrances.

Aroma Chemicals Market to Surpass US$ 7.8 Bn by 2027

Strategic collaborations have led to the unfolding of new-to-the-world fragrances (synthetic fragrances and extracts from flowers, fruits, mosses, and spices) in the aroma chemicals industry. One such aspect about the aroma chemicals industry is the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for fragrance product development. As such, stakeholders are modifying their business operations by conducting ground-level developments to evaluate insightful data in the aroma chemicals landscape. Increased research & development efforts are giving rise to new methods of using artificial intelligence to develop perfumes positioned on digital fragrance models.

Want to know what lies in store for the future of Aroma Chemicals Market? Analysts’ Viewpoint. Xanthan Gum Market Revenue worth US$ 1.5 Bn by 2027. Increasing Demand Gluten-free Foods to Contribute to Expansion of Xanthan Gum Market Since it was first produced in the latter half of the 20th century, xanthan gum has been widely used as a food additive around the world.

It is generally considered an effective stabilizer, finds use in a variety of processed foods, and is also a preferred method of thickening liquids that are made especially for people who have difficulty swallowing. Xanthan gum has a myriad of applications in commercial kitchens, including suspension of solids, thickening egg substitutes, and as a binder to improve the uniformity of foods, among others. As a substitute and alternative, it is increasingly gaining traction in the F&B space, which is thereby catalyzing the growth of global xanthan gum market. With gluten-free cooking and baking becoming increasingly popular in recent times, the popularity of xanthan gum is also growing.

To gauge the scope of customization in our reports Ask for a Sample. Lime Market Valuation worth US$ 65.4 Bn by 2027. Lime Market: Application in Construction and Steel Manufacturing Gaining Traction Lime has been widely used in various building and construction techniques for more than 5,000 years.

Lime Market Valuation worth US$ 65.4 Bn by 2027

The durability, resilience, and water-resistant properties of lime make it an ideal material for construction activities, especially among those that involve using natural materials. Lime is one of the very few mineral derivatives that can be used to manufacture steel – a factor that has played an imperative role in its high uptake for steel manufacturing, thus, aiding the growth of the lime market, worldwide. While quicklime is extensively used as a flux agent to get rid of impurities in steel, slaked lime finds application across the construction sector around the world. The quicklime segment within the lime market, is thus, expected to account for three-fourth of the total share, and attain a market value of ~US$ 50 Bn at the end of the forecast period (2019-2027). Levulinic Acid Market to reach US$ 41.2 Mn by 2027. Companies Prefer Biomass over Conventional Resources to Produce Fuel Ongoing depletion of fossil fuels and lack of alternatives to replace compounds produced by oil has fueled the demand for levulinic acid.

Meanwhile, there is a growing awareness about biomass being used for the production of alternative fuels and several chemicals, such as bioethanol and levulinic acid, which are pervasively diminishing reliance on oil. Hence, manufacturers in the levulinic acid market are leveraging opportunities in countries of Asia Pacific and Latin America, since agribusiness is one of the key sources of revenue in these countries. Thus, abundance of biomass in these regions, especially Asia Pacific, has led to exponential growth of the region, as the levulinic acid market matures in the coming decade.

In terms of application, the agriculture segment of the levulinic acid market is estimated to reach a production of ~1,300 tons by the end of 2022. Analysts’ Viewpoint. Welding products market Valuation worth US$ 34.4 Bn by 2027. 3D Printing Materials Market to clock US$ 9.5 Bn by 2027. Mining Chemicals Market to hit US$ 36 Billion by 2027. Pet Food Market Valuation to be US$ 168.3 Bn by 2029. Air Fryer Market to be worth US$ 1,110.8 Mn by 2026. Global Flour Market- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends & Forecast 2014-2020.

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Global Flour Market- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends & Forecast 2014-2020

Global Industry Report, 2024. Description. 10.Hydroponics Market. 9.Vanilla Bean Market. 8.Kombucha Market. 7.Shisha Tobacco Market. 6.Solid Waste Management Market. 5.Pectin Market. 4.Acetic Acid Market. 3.Automotive Composites Market. 2.Colloidal Metal Particles Market. 1.Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Market. Global Industry Report, 2027. Global Advanced Materials Market – Scope of Report The latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the global advanced materials market to gauge its growth potential. The study presents detailed information about important growth factors, restraints, and key trends that are creating a landscape for growth of the global advanced materials market. The study also identifies growth avenues for stakeholders. The report provides insightful information about how the global advanced materials market is likely to expand during the forecast period of 2019 to 2027. Calcium Chloride Market Share, Trends.

Liquid Packaging Market worth US$ 657.5 Billion by 2027. Global Industry Report, 2030. Global Industry Report, 2030. Infant Formula Foods Market. Global Industry Report, 2030. Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Market - Global Industry Analysis 2024. Emission Control Products Market - Global Industry Analysis 2024. Emergency Lighting Battery Market. Global Industry Report, 2030. Coco Peat Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2030. Renewable Energy Monitoring & Control System Market Report, 2030. Molybdenum Disulfide Market. Direct-fed Microbials Market. 10.Air Purification Systems Market. 9.Welding products market. 8.Injection Molded Plastics Market. 7.Amaranth Seed Oil Market. 6.Papain Market. 5.Microgrids Market. 4.Building Integrated Photovoltaics Market. 3.Artificial Lift Systems Market. 2.Pigments Market.

1.Dimethyl Carbonate Market. 4D Printing Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016 - 2024. Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Market. Marine Vessel Maintenance Services Market. Carbon Foam Batteries Market. Global Industry Report, 2030. Polyethyleneimines Market. Global Industry Report, 2030. Global Industry Report, 2030. Fluorosilicic Acid Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030. Geochemical Services Market for Mineral & Mining Industry to Reach US$ 1,388.52 Mn by 2026. Marine Mining Market worth US$ 7.0 Billion by 2026. Tire Recycling Downstream Products Market to reach US$ 6 Bn by 2027. Tire Recycling Downstream Products Market to reach US$ 6 Bn by 2027.

Helium Market Valuation worth US$ 3.5 Bn by 2027. Generator Rental Market Revenue worth US$ 6 Bn by 2027. 10.Plastic Bottle Recycling Market. 9.Run Of River Power Market. 8.Magnesium Oxide Nanopowder Market. 7.Nanocellulose Market. 6.Coil Coating Market. 5.Biogas Market. 4.Castor Oil Market. 3.Biscuits Market.