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123inkjets coupon code free shipping. Young Fathers at Increased Risk of Midlife Death. Men who become fathers at a young age may have an increased risk of dying during middle age — in their late 40s or early 50s, new research finds.

Young Fathers at Increased Risk of Midlife Death

In the large Finnish study, researchers found that men who had their first child by age 22 were 26 percent more likely to die in middle age, compared with men who fathered their first child at age 25 or 26. For men who became fathers slightly later, between ages 22 and 24, the risk of dying in middle age was 14 percent higher than that of men who fathered their first child at age 25 or 26.

[Beyond Vegetables and Exercise: 5 Surprising Ways to Be Heart Healthy] The findings suggest that young fathers have poorer health than men who become fathers at age 25 or older, but it's not clear why, the researchers said. It's possible that early fatherhood may interrupt career plans and push young dads into lower-paying jobs, which could impair their health, the researchers said.

Early fatherhood During the study, about 1 in 20 of the fathers died. Sierra trading post 40% off. Linux, Windows VPS. 2015 Swimwear Bikini Halter Bikini Crochet Bikini by senoAccessory. 1ink coupon code 20% off. Kill the Buzzwords: Finding the Real Meaning of Popular BI Terms. There is no greater impediment to the advancement of knowledge than the ambiguity of words, Thomas Ried once said.

Kill the Buzzwords: Finding the Real Meaning of Popular BI Terms

That rings very true when it comes to the way companies today are throwing around buzzwords like “big data” or “easy to use BI,” and only loosely defining the words, if at all, leaving everyone unsure of their meaning. Researching and choosing the best business intelligence solution for your company is challenging enough, so here are some definitions to help you sort through the marketing hype over buzzwords and really define the technical terms, their nuances, and what to look for in a BI tool. Big Data Definition: When storing, handling, and reading data starts becoming complicated due to data size.Problem: It’s completely relative, rendering the phrase ambiguous.Solution: Determine your own definition of “Big Data” by getting a POC using your data.

Data Visualization Think of your BI tool as a keyhole view into your data. 5 Exciting Ecommerce Marketing Trends For 2015. Knowing tech innovations and implementing the ones that will help your business keeps you from growing out of touch with your customers needs.

5 Exciting Ecommerce Marketing Trends For 2015

We know it can be difficult to track the biggest game-changers when it seems like there’s a new tool or product being released every day. We put together a list of 5 emerging trends that are likely to change how eCommerce businesses market their products in 2015. 1. Voice Command Shopping Amazon has already started shipping Echo, their answer to Apple’s Siri, which also uses voice recognition to respond to your every command and question. While this will simplify and revolutionize the way people shop, marketers will have to come up with new ways to advertise through a voice command device that can neither visually advertise a product, nor offer video or audio ads (yet!).

2. Mobile shopping is old news but the technology behind purchasing products on-the-go is more efficient than ever. 3. 4. 5. Free Content Articles & Inspirational Quotes. Samsung Establishes Lab To Focus On Drones, Unmanned Vehicles, Virtual Reality, And Other Innovative Technologies. Samsung has created its own innovative laboratory that will focus entirely on developing projects that center of future technologies, such as drones, driver-less vehicles, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality, and robotic telepresence.

Samsung Establishes Lab To Focus On Drones, Unmanned Vehicles, Virtual Reality, And Other Innovative Technologies

(Photo : Kārlis Dambrāns) Samsung wants to widen its consumer electronic horizons far beyond smartphones and is looking to invest heavily in future technologies that it believes will be more responsive to the needs of the consumer. South Korean media reports say Samsung has established a new research lab that focuses solely on projects involving virtual reality, drones, unmanned vehicles, robotic telepresence, 3D printing, and more. Although the new team will be part of Samsung's mobile division under the supervision of mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun, it will operate independently of Samsung and will have no direct links to the company's structure and divisions.

"To make the Internet of Things happen, it takes more than one company. 8 Analytics Trends to Watch in 2015. Analytics were one of the fastest growing technology trends in 2014 and momentum is continuing to build, according to Deloitte Analytics' recent report, Analytics Trends 2015: A Below-the-Surface Look.

8 Analytics Trends to Watch in 2015

"Put simply, analytics is becoming both the air that we breathe — and the ocean in which we swim," the report says. Deloitte believes eight trends will dominate the world of analytics in 2015. 1. Quadruple Down on Data Security 2014 was a rough year for data security. As a result analytics have an increasingly important role to play in data security. "Securing data is really the difference between remaining operational and dealing with a serious crisis," says John Lucker, principal, Deloitte Consulting, and Deloitte's global advanced analytics and modeling market leader. Lucker notes that one thing companies can do right away is elevate the role of the executive responsible for data security in the organization.