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Xero. EVAS. Tyze Personal Networks. Prix hédoniques. Methods, Section 3 Hedonic Pricing Method Overview The hedonic pricing method is used to estimate economic values for ecosystem or environmental services that directly affect market prices.

Prix hédoniques

It is most commonly applied to variations in housing prices that reflect the value of local environmental attributes. It can be used to estimate economic benefits or costs associated with: environmental quality, including air pollution, water pollution, or noise environmental amenities, such as aesthetic views or proximity to recreational sites The basic premise of the hedonic pricing method is that the price of a marketed good is related to its characteristics, or the services it provides. This section continues with an example application of the hedonic pricing method, followed by a more complete technical description of the method and its advantages and limitations. Why Use the Hedonic Pricing Method? Housing prices in the area appear to be related to proximity to open space. ACB. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


L'analyse Coût-Avantage aussi connue comme "analyse Coût-Bénéfice" (anglicisme) est un terme qui renvoie tout à la fois à : une méthode formelle que l'on utilise pour aider à estimer ou évaluer le dossier monté pour un projet ou une proposition, ce dossier étant lui-même une 'estimation de projet', et àune approche informelle pour prendre une décision, quelle qu'elle soit. Les deux définitions impliquent, explicitement ou pas, de peser le total des coûts attendus face au total des bénéfices escomptés d'une ou de plusieurs actions, afin de déterminer quelle action est la meilleure ou la plus rentable.

Cet outil est connu sous l'abréviation ACB, en anglais CBA. Proches de l'ACB, mais légèrement différentes, les techniques formelles comprennent une analyse rapport qualité-prix et une analyse mesurant la rentabilité des bénéfices. À noter qu'« analyse coût bénéfice » est un anglicisme. Théorie[modifier | modifier le code] où et est la quantité du bien. Measuring Impact Framework. Understanding the business contribution to society In the spring of 2006, the WBCSD embarked on a two-year journey to develop a framework to assess the contribution of business to the economic and broader development goals in the societies where business operates.

Measuring Impact Framework

This grew out of a request by WBCSD member companies to develop a measurement framework that could underpin the license to operate, improve the quality of stakeholder engagement, help manage risks more effectively and identify ways to enhance the business contribution to society. The resulting Measuring Impact Framework, launched in late 2008, was developed in collaboration with over 20 WBCSD member companies, reviewed by 15 external experts and co-branded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). It is designed to help companies understand their contribution to society and use this understanding to inform their operational and long-term investment decisions, and have better-informed conversations with stakeholders.

BOP impact assessment. New York, NYApril 15-17, 2010 Citi Foundation388 Greenwich Avenue Register Now!

BOP impact assessment

Click here for a Workshop Agenda (PDF) An Investment in Value Creation BoP Impact Assessment Frameworkhas been featured in: This 2.5-day training workshop will provide small and growing businesses (SGBs) with the information they need to identify and track their local poverty alleviation impacts. Workshop Content The workshop is designed to guide attendees in building an action plan customized to their organization to measure their impact.

Research design Selecting a sample Survey development Designing a data collection process Analyzing and interpreting data Each session will build on the prior and after each session attendees will apply the lessons they learn with guidance from the WDI team in order to develop a tailored plan for how their organization can collect outcome metrics. Workshop Agenda in Brief More about the Workshop For a peek at our first workshop view a slideshow with narrations, click here. Dr. Dr. How Does the BoP Impact Assessment Framework Work? The Big Picture. Primary purpose Summary Potential benefits Who can use the tool?

The Big Picture

What resources are needed? Development, ownership and support Third sector examples Further sources of information Footnotes The Big Picture Primary purpose The Big Picture is an organisational development framework for identifying the strengths and areas for improvement of an organisation across all of its activities. Each organisation can use The Big Picture in its own way to manage improvement, under the control of those who use the methods rather than an external evaluator. Top Summary. Évaluation évolutive. PULSE. IRIS. TRASI (annuaire) Community Matters. Social Impact Tracker. SROI. Social e-valuator. Measuring Social Impact.