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Article (Inn Generator) F rom Dragon Magazine #418: You’ve spent hours on the perfect dungeon, your monsters are all particularly devious and cleverly placed, and your adventure plot is practically Shakespearean in its genius.

Article (Inn Generator)

You’ve thought of everything. Your players are eager to see what you’ve come up with. Obsidian Portal Mobile « Words in the Dark. If you check out Obsidian Portal on your mobile device, you may get a bit of a shock.

Obsidian Portal Mobile « Words in the Dark

Instead of just being the regular site scrunched up onto the screen, you’ll see that it now fits nicely with no zooming and scrolling. We’ve heard your calls for a better mobile version and now we’re getting there. Rather than recreate the entire site, we tried to focus on the core elements of what you need at the table to run a session. With the mobile site, you have easy access to everything in your campaign. On the flip side, while we recognize the need to be able to edit and update things on the fly, we didn’t focus on this too much. The Alexandrian. Riddles- Part 3. This is part of a 3-part article dealing with riddles in an rpg adventure.

Riddles- Part 3

Part 1 deals with incorporating riddles into an adventure whereby the solution is specific to the adventure. Part 2 is more generic, providing riddles for general use as opposed to a specific use. Part 3 talks about finding new riddles and even provides a way to create your own original riddles. Parts 1 and 2 provided some riddles for you to use at your whim. However, its likely they won't be enough or appropriate for your own campaign.

The Big List of RPG Plots, by S. John Ross. A collection of resources for pen and paper RPGs.