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FMD’s ARD&I » Alfonso Molina. I have worked on the creation of a holistic work programme for the FMD.

FMD’s ARD&I » Alfonso Molina

This workprogramme seeks to integrate Action Research, Development and Implementation (ARD&I). The Table below provides an overview of the ARD&I programme and its main elements. The title in the first row indicates that the ARD&I programme is for social innovation contributing to the development of an inclusive knowledge society. The second row indicates that the FMD’s activities seek to blend four elements that I consider distinctive in an inclusive knowledge society: innovation, education (life-long learning), digital inclusion, and fundamental values such as freedom, justice, generosity, social responsibility, equality, fair competition, etc. The third row shows the level of projects that aim to touch people’s lives. The fourth row “Instrument and Platforms” is integrally related to the fifth row “Innovation Theories” and, as said, they seek to serve the “Implementation” row.

Untitled. Showbie – The Heart of Your Paperless Classroom. NJN-FINAL-IT - manuale dell'insegnante. Linguistic intergration of Adult Migrants homepage. Focus Final Report on the 3rd Survey on language policies for the integration of adult migrants More Report of the 3rd intergovernmental conference on Quality in the Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM): from values to policy and practice.

Linguistic intergration of Adult Migrants homepage

More Extracts from Council of Europe Conventions, Recommendations and Resolutions concerning Integration of Adult Migrants and Education (1968-2015) Progetto_ricercaattiva_lavoro. Memory - what does each educator need to know? - Martijn Meeter. La didattica laboratoriale. PON - Formazione degli adulti. Tabula-tablet per imparare italiano. BBC Learning English - English at Work / The dinner date. How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning? What is Digital Writing? “Academic writing, intellectual writing — this writing right here — cannot know how it will be excerpted, repurposed, discovered, reimagined, plagiarized, undone.

What is Digital Writing?

Undone by human author or by computer. Discovered through random Google search, corrupted by code, made poetic by an accident of electronic interference.” ~ Sean Michael Morris The internet has changed writing. Today, there are more people writing every day — e-mails, text messages, blog posts — and more self-published authors than ever before. Written communication is popular in a way it hasn’t been in a century, and everyone’s doing it. Photo by WVS So, not only are we writing a lot more, but now our writing is in communication with other writing (which is in communication with other writing, and more writing, and even more writing… from all around the world!) Digital writing can be anything. Hypertext allows us to link what we write to what others have written. On the internet, words become actions! RASSEGNA STAMPA TUTTOSCUOLA SULL’ISTRUZIONE DEGLI ADULTI – RIDAP – Rete Itali... 10 Outstanding Websites for English Teachers - WeAreTeachers.

As a high school English teacher, I’m always utilizing outside websites and resources.

10 Outstanding Websites for English Teachers - WeAreTeachers

After all, if it helps my students and gets them excited about English, then I’m happy to try it. These are my top 10 go-to sites. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments section. 1. Teaching Tolerance Teaching Tolerance is “a place where educators who care about diversity, equity and justice can find news, suggestions, conversation and support.” 2. With the slogan “Meet your next favorite book,” Goodreads is a bit of technological wonder for readers. 3. So much more than just a place to catch cheaters, although it is very good at that. 4. Matematica e scienze per studenti adulti o scarsamente alfabetizzati. 10 Strumenti per la Cura dei Contenuti - DataMediaHub.

La content curation, l’atto di scoprire e presentare contenuti digitali, sta diventando sempre più popolare tra editori ed esperti di marketing in un ottica di brand journalism.

10 Strumenti per la Cura dei Contenuti - DataMediaHub

Invece di concentrarsi sulla generazione di nuovi contenuti, la cura dei contenuti si concentra sul filtrare efficacemente i contenuti da una varietà di fonti e la consegna ai lettori in un modo visivamente accattivante e organizzata. Ci sono diversi servizi di cura dei contenuti che consentono di creare riviste online con contenuti mash-up da siti web, blog, feed RSS, social media, e altre fonti online. Qui di seguito una lista di 10 siti gratuiti per realizzare la cura dei contenuti che è possibile utilizzare per fornire contenuti per il pubblico per creare la propria rivista digitale o il proprio quotidiano.