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Getting Started - Downloads. ENERGIA. Arduino. Remote Desktop on a High-DPI Screen - Falafel Software Blog. Adjusting to High-DPI Scaling Scott Hanselman has a great blog post about how life on a high-DPI computer can be painful.

Remote Desktop on a High-DPI Screen - Falafel Software Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded to a high-DPI laptop (the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus). It has a 3200 x 1800 native resolution, which has 278% of the pixel-area of my previous full-HD screen, but in only 13 inches compared to the 15 inches of my older model. Needless to say, on my new laptop, it’s very important to turn on DPI-scaling to make things readable on this monitor. For those not familiar with DPI-scaling, it proportionally adjusts the size of elements on the screen without giving up any of the screen’s resolution. The Problem – Remote Desktop In this blog post, my intention is not to show you how to use DPI-scaling in Windows, but to let you know about a solution I found to one of the more annoying issues I’ve discovered so far with using DPI-scaling: Remote Desktop is not DPI scaling-aware. The Solution – Remote Desktop Connection Manager Enjoy! HP Spectre x360 13-4000nf (L0B42EA#ABF) Install on Windows XP/Vista/7/Svr2008 for 32/64bit – DealExtreme Forum.

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Install on Windows XP/Vista/7/Svr2008 for 32/64bit – DealExtreme Forum

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HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8) HP tests and posts many updated drivers from wireless adapter manufacturers.

HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8)

HP might have a more current version of the wireless driver than the one you are using. To find out if a driver is available for your model of computer, go to the HP software download site enter the model number to find software and drivers. In many cases, the wireless driver is part of a driver package for your motherboard called a chipset. When visiting HP's Web site, look for a wireless driver first, and then the chipset if a wireless adapter driver is not available. Read the details for the software downloads that are available if you need more information. If your computer currently does not have access to the Internet, use another computer with Internet access to download and install the wireless driver softpaq to a USB storage device.


Accès au service d'optimisation en ligne. Les voitures autonomes vont détruire des millions d’emplois. Nous ne mesurons pas encore ce que la fin de la voiture individuelle signifie pour de nombreuses activités et professions et pour notre mode de vie.

Les voitures autonomes vont détruire des millions d’emplois

La grande majorité des experts estime que la transition vers les voitures autonomes qui n’auront plus besoin de conducteurs sera progressive et se fera en quelques décennies. Mais il se pourrait bien que cette transition soit bien plus rapide et qu’elle ait des conséquences économiques et sur la société considérables et brutales. C’est en tout cas la thèse et la prévision de Zack Kanter sur le site économique Quartz qui est un spécialiste de la technologie. Son raisonnement est le suivant. La technologie des voitures autonomes est presque déjà maîtrisée par Google et par de nombreux constructeurs automobiles notamment américains, allemands et japonais.

Uniquement aux Etats-Unis, Elon Musk, le patron du constructeur Tesla explique que ces modèles 2015 sont déjà capables de conduire seuls 90% du temps. Partagez cet article. Sauter. RESISTANCE VENTILEE. AC-7265 hates my router (and only mine) Hello FCBayernFan, The 3801HGV router is a 802.11b/g Wireless Access Point, operating in the 2.4 GHz band.

AC-7265 hates my router (and only mine)

The Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC-7265 is capable of Dual band (2.4 and 5.2 GHz), supporting 802.11a/b/g/n, and 802.11ac. The older AP may not communicate well with the newer adapter. Here are some initial recommendations that may help improve the connection: 1- Contact the support team for your router (manufacturer, or Internet Service Provider) and make sure you are using the most recent firmware. 2- Try changing the Authentication protocol of the Wireless Network to WPA2 AES, or try with no authentication to check if it helps. 3- Review the settings of your Wireless Network router 802.11b/g, and make sure they match the ones from you AC-7265.

These recommended settings can be found under the Advanced menu on Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software. 802.11n channel width for band 2.4: 20 MHz.