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Studio / Events — Michaelle Peters Fine Art. The District Gallery will celebrate its fifth anniversary and will host an artist reception for encaustic and mixed-media painter Michaelle Peters on Friday, April 18, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Studio / Events — Michaelle Peters Fine Art

Admission is free. The artist's new exhibit is called "Waterlust," and reflects Peters' love for H2O and travel. "The inspiration was a play on the word wanderlust, because I love to travel and all of the paintings involve water," Peters said during an interview with The Park Record. "I always love being in places that have water. I can't describe it. Portfolio - Brooks Shane Salzwedel. Gillcohn. The Abstract Art Titlegenerator. Mystical Lakes – Susan Wallis. Birds & their Nests – Susan Wallis. The Manse Inn – Susan Wallis. Tree Worshipping – Susan Wallis. Solid Roots — ERIN KEANE : encaustic + journals. Erin Keane — 310 ART Gallery. Kandy Lozano. Encaustic explorations — Laly Mille. Encaustic supplies. Welcome to Hampton Art Supplies! Julie Snidle - Inner Visions. Betsy Eby: Painting with Fire. Nancy Crawford Drawing and Painting. Pigments Artists Dry Ground 120ml Jar.

Nancy Crawford Home. Previous Issues of EA Magazine. Previous Issues of EA Magazine To view a previous edition of Encaustic Arts Magazine, click on the title of the magazine above each image.

Previous Issues of EA Magazine

Winter 2014 Edition Spring 2014 Edition Winter 2013 Edition Spring 2013 Edition Winter 2012 Edition Summer 2012 Edition Fall 2011 Edition. Papermaking, paper making, making paper, instructional, DVDs, videos. Encausticopolis. Gwendolyn Plunkett : Locating Beauty Gallery. Jeffjuhlin. Pam Nichols - Encaustic Artist. Constancy - gerkinstudios. Margaret Berry - Encaustic Painting and Workshops. The Art Life Of BJ Lantz. Colored thread: October 2009. Last night was the opening reception at Art in City Hall for Fairmount Park's Colonial Elite, an exhibition of work by students and alum (that's me!)

colored thread: October 2009

Of Moore College of Art and Design inspired by the historic houses of Fairmount Park. I selected Woodford House which is on 33rd and Dauphin here in Philadelphia- go visit- it's lovely and contains the Naomi Wood Antique collection. Unfortunately the lighting in the hallowed halls of City Hall is pretty dismal, thus rather disappointing photos of the work below. But if you delve into the blog archives around August and September, you can see the work in progress. Heat gun, brilliant for encaustics. (scrap of wood with a hole drilled through it and then screwed onto the table to hold it, helps when it needs t… Encaustic Resources: Inlay or Intarsia. Revisiting old topics and filling in holes is quite a chore, yet a necessary one, one that will offer more quality information.

Encaustic Resources: Inlay or Intarsia

For example: recent activity and questions surrounding hardboard and/or masonite, has directed our attention to fill in the blanks on that topic (currently under revision/addition), as well as, more about gesso (specifically encaustic gesso) and other topics (search the tabs), all are in the works. Prior years were to get as much general information as possible up and available- a starting point.

More and more however, new topics are focused and detailed, and old ones will be getting revisiting; removing any possibility of confusion. I should point out that this is a one person operation (takes me awhile to get around to everything, ohh yeah, I should make some art), Anyway, where was I? , oh! As always, I welcome any opinions, comments, and questions- simply contact me.

Encaustic Workshops. Beginning in 1996, I started teaching encaustic painting to the local community in my studio in Portland, Oregon.

Encaustic Workshops

Since then, I have taught coast to coast meeting hundreds of artists and formed many collaborative relationships as part of my creative exploration. Encaustic Collagraph Monotype at Elise Wagner Studio Portland, Oregon Collagraph printing is a process that begins by using collage materials to build up a raised textured surface over any rigid substrates such as plexi-glass, wood or cardboard to create a printing plate. Inks/oils are applied to the textured surface and printed on paper or fabric. Encaustic collagraph uses wax, in lieu of collage material, as a soft ground that can be incised, carved or built up and manipulated to hold texture. "Grateful" a blog hop with Stencil Girl.

Encaustic Painting, Encaustic Art and Wax. Home. Little black journal » Blog Archive » encaustic – i’m lovin’ it. Videos & Books. Instructional Videos Advanced Encaustic Painting Techniques, Presented by Shawna Moore It’s true, taking time off to invest in a personal instructional workshop is not for everyone and traveling to a group workshop may not fit into your schedule.

Videos & Books

Robin Luciano Beaty. Colour - Rossdale Importers and Distributors of fine art. Hot Cakes are ready-to-use professional encaustic paints that come in a convenient reusable metal tin.

Colour - Rossdale Importers and Distributors of fine art

The artist-quality colors are made from the most beautiful pigments, the finest Damar Resin, and United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Beeswax. These paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants whatsoever and the Hot Cake tin design makes the encaustic paints extremely easy to use. Simply unscrew the lid, place the metal tin full of color onto your hot palette, and allow your paint to melt. The tin's flat bottom design ensures that your paint will melt evenly and you can get started right away on your painting. C O L L E C T I O N. VISUAL NOTES WORKS ON WOOD FIGURE SERIES SHORT STORIES HOMAGE SERIES | 30 x 10 COMMISSIONS WORKS ON PAPER PROGRESSIONS COLLAGE WORKS WORKS ON CANVAS PERSONAL STORIES | 12 COLLABORARE SERIES Life consists of a series of events and perceptions each uniquely our own.


Fleeting moments captured visually allow us to revisit experiences and re-connect with our emotions. These pieces are created for us to remember and share our past. Commission the Slade family to share your story. CAPI Create Art Portfolio Ideas,Art Portfolio Journey to Develop Personal Style. The Ralire Study - Transpersonal Research as an Art Form BreathStay 1 Series 2 - enlarged version " She Who weaves herself into the Fabric of Life ::: No 2 " enlarge version " She Who Walks in Between ::: NO 1 " enlarge version " She Who weaves herself into the Fabric of Life ::: No 1 " enlarge version.

CAPI Create Art Portfolio Ideas,Art Portfolio Journey to Develop Personal Style

Image Library. Julie Snidle - Inner Visions: "Grateful" a blog hop with Stencil Girl. Gallery « Studio Joy! Bryan Christie: In The Studio. Encausticaustralia. Kathryn has been enjoying exploring encaustic since my first workshop at Baldessin Press last year.


She has had great success with sales of these landscapes. I can see why. beautiful glowing colours and a great sense of space. Gallery « Studio Joy! Pigments by color. Lisa Kairos: Open Studio. January is just whizzing by me. Surely, time moves faster as you chase it. And I feel as if I have been chasing it, with so much to do, and trying to fit it all in. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just stop, and breathe. And slow down the moment. Support Materials for encaustic art. About the Hive Encaustic.

Nancy Crawford Home. Soliloquy. Artists, Want to Save Money By Making Your Own Paints? Image by austinevan via Flickr Image via Wikipedia Painters who make their own paints have control over what’s in them. Making paint is easy. Here is the link to several paint-making recipes. Alicia Tormey's Photostream. Lisa Kairos: Open Studio. Plays with Paper. Well Waxed. Socrates lace books, beaded jewelry, and art: Jacqueline Sullivan class. I just bought of DVD of painting techniques by Jacqueline Sullivan. I really believe that video step by step of the process is the best online learning tool. You can go back, take your time, watch it over, and it's usually more precise than just a pdf file.

I'm completely sold on the process. I have just fallen in love with Golden Quadrachrodone Nickel Azo Gold, which Jacqueline uses a lot as well. Shawna Moore Art. Cari Hernandez. Alexandre Masino. Blog - Mo Godbeer. Workshop Photos/Online Workshops. Julie Snidle - Inner Visions. My Adventures Through Art - Life Unscripted. THE HEATED PALETTE. Life Unscripted - Life Unscripted. Linda Robertson Encaustic Set Blog Hop. I’m so thankful to be a part of this blog hop, and excited to see how everyone creates their own unique art using the materials in the new Linda Robertson Encaustic Set from Enkaustikos! (By the way, some of you may know me as Linda Womack, but it’s Linda Robertson now so please help me spread the word if you would be so kind…) This set includes lots of encaustic paint and medium in my favorite colors, 4 brushes, a pot of cleaning wax, an 8 x 10 cradled panel, 3 essential tools, a stencil from StencilGirl Products, a pastel from PanPastel Colors and three of my online lessons showing how to use all of the materials together.

My artistic journey.