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Fragments par Karine Leger.

This site has hundreds of video workshops for sale. I particularly like Linda Kemp and Chris Cozens. – karenlyell

Introduction to Printmaking: Dry Point. Dry point is the most direct form of intaglio.

Introduction to Printmaking: Dry Point

The artist simply takes a sharp point and uses it to scratch into the metal plate to create the image. There is quite a variety of tools that can be used for this. Here's a video of Wayne Thiebaud doing that at Crown Point Press. As you watch it pay attention to the different ways he marks the plate, from gentle to rough and in-between. He even seems to be scratching into it with a pocket knife at one point. Here's Thiebaud's print. Here's another print from another artist named Ingrid Ellison. As a preliminary assignment we will modify one of your plates from an old print with the drypoint tools. A plate being worked with a drypoint tool: Some of those lines look almost sharp.

This makes drypoint different from any other intaglio method. For this assignment you will end up with three separate sets of prints Before class: - Watch some intaglio/etching videos. In class: - Your matrix for this assignment will be a copper plate. Monoprinting and Chine Colle. Not sure about gouache, but what I've found with water colours is the following: - When I just dampen the paper, I have more gaps.

Monoprinting and Chine Colle

If I actually soak it for 5 minutes and then wait for the sheen to disappear before printing, the paper accepts the pigment much more readily from the plate. (not necessarily a better result, depending on what you are aiming for) - Using a spoon to burnish, I go over the print 5 - 6 times, (vertical, horizontal, two diagonals, and circles) attempting to fully cover the print area each time. I got substantially better prints once I started to burnish more heavily and longer. - If I add gum arabic to either the surface of the plate or to the watercolour paint, the pigment appears to be more easily released from the plate.

. - Some colours are more likely to transfer fully. Hope this info helps, even if it gives you just the basis for some additional experimentation. Video Art Lessons: Drawing and Painting Techniques. Enjoy our collection of video demonstration previews FREE here.

Video Art Lessons: Drawing and Painting Techniques

Preview our art instruction videos to learn new drawing techniques, view exciting demonstrations, and get painting tips straight from the pros! Whether you’re into pastel painting or want to see what our watercolor artists can do, getting started or just want to refresh your memory and try something new, visit this page often to discover the latest approaches to value and shape, color and composition and get a glimpse of all the art lessons you can learn with NEW! Art Workshop Previews Check back every week to find the latest video streaming on Quotes Art cannot be used to show the validity of Christianity; it should rather be the reverse.

Hans Rookmaaker The Lord wants double edged artistry, praising God’s name and setting things straight. Calvin Seerveld read more In the Spotlight The Bible is Not Safe. Grace Bailey Artist.


Creative Art Worship. Digital scrapbooking. Encaustics. Fibre Artists, Sewing. Garden. Info to follow for my business. Music. Papercrafts. Photography. Child artist. Dj pettitt - gentle whispering hues. My trip to Florida was jaw-dropping wonderful.

dj pettitt - gentle whispering hues

Filled with fabulous students and teaching experiences, dreamy bird photography, and all of the breathtaking joys of spring. I came home with new friends that feel like family, and so many sweet and memorable experiences. I can't wait to go back. As soon as I arrived, I was picked up by my fabulous hostesses, Elena and Jacquie, and we headed south to Key Largo where I would teach at their "Keys 4 Art" retreat. Love those girls! Classes were held in a massive and very beautiful rented house, complete with an outdoor deck for relaxing and working, a fabulous view, and every comfort you could want or need.

For my workshop, we created a scrap journal. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of finished projects, but here's a finished, group journal shot that Elena took with her phone: Wish you could have seen them close-up...they were all fabulous and fun! Thank you again Elena, Jacquie, and all of the "Keys 4 Art" girls! On the shores in Key Largo, Search. J-Philippe, Bali.