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Simple present

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Present simple exercises. To be: present simple forms - elementary level esl. Road to Grammar - Your Road to Better Grammar. Present Smiple Tense - 2. Present Simple Tense. To Be Present - Grammar for Kids. (Harcourt School Publisher) Bradley´s Multiple Choice Quiz (Churchil House School of English)

To Be Present - Grammar for Kids

To Be Present Tense - Free English Grammar Game - Juego de Ser y Estar en inglés Tiempo Presente. To Be Present - Grammar for Kids. Present Simple - Grammar for Kids. Present simple tense for elementary students. Present simple is one of the most important tenses in English.

Present simple tense for elementary students

It is quite easy to teach and learn but it must be done properly. In this post I am going to teach some vocabulary first and then teach the forms using the verbs. ADVERT: In this post you can find a worksheet, a video and an interactive quiz to teach the vocabulary for daily activities. Once your students know the verbs it is time to introduce the forms – present simple tense affirmative, present simple tense negative and present simple tense questions. If you need the pronunciation, you should try the following video.

Daily activities – worksheets To practise the vocabulary there are several activities. If you would like to play the quiz on the full screen, click the following button. There are four more activities in a print form. When the students know the vocabulary, I believe it is time to introduce the grammar. Here is a short song to practise the daily activities. Present simple - (s) THE PRESENT SIMPLE (s,es) Lesson A verb be [+], pronouns (1) Lesson B verb be [-] and [?] (1) Lesson B verb be [-] and [?] (2) Verb to be (Am / Is / Are) - Bradley's Multiple Choice. Present Tense - To Be. To Be: Positive or Negative Gap Fill. Simple Present of the verb to be. Is he a student?

Simple Present of the verb to be

Yes, he is. No, he isn't.Is she from Mexico? No, she isn't. Yes, she is.Are we talking? No, we aren't. Present Simple - do/does. Present Simple 2 (s/es/ies) EnglishSpace. Test simple present2 en. Test simple present en. Guess who ? ("Qui est-ce ?") Basketball. Do or Does. Present Simple. Present Simple. Present Tenses Grammar Games for English Learning and Teaching. Quiz sur les mots en anglais. Present Simple Use. Okay, now you know how to make the present simple.

Present Simple Use

But how do we use it? In fact, we use this tense in several different situations: (More about the difference between the present simple and the present continuous here.) My Present Simple Video 1: First, we use the Present Simple when something is generally true: The sun rises in the east.People need food.It snows in winter.The sky isn't green.Plants die without water.Two and two make four. 2: We also need to use this tense for a situation that we think is more or less permanent (see the present continuous for a temporary situation - one which we think won't last long): Where do you live? 3: The next use is for habits or things that we do regularly. Do you smoke? 4: Four, we use the simple present to talk about what happens in books, plays, or films: 5: We use it in the first and the zero conditionals: If it rains, I won't come.If you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils. 6: Strangely, we can use this tense to talk about the future.

Simple Present. [VERB] + s/es in third person Examples: You speak English.

Simple Present

Do you speak English? You do not speak English.