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13th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival. LA 3-D Movie Fest — 13th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival. J-Walt is a director, interactive designer, filmmaker, performer, graphic artist, music composer, and VR pioneer.

13th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival

For more than a quarter century, he has been at the forefront of interactive art and computer performance, expanding the uses of computer animation into uncharted territories. His Spontaneous Fantasia performances combine aspects of animation, video games, music, theater, dance and architecture into a seamless new art form. He has performed for thrilled audiences around the US as well as in Europe, Asia, and South America. Downtown Independent. 13th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival. International 3D festival. What?

International 3D festival

The International 3D Festival (I3DF) is an international film festival fully dedicated to "3D contents", i.e. to stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) film and VR content. It brings together the full spectrum of people sharing the passion for such 3D contents. I3DF features competitions, awards, and screenings (with many open to the general public). I3DF features two types of awards: "Lumiere Awards" from the Advanced Imaging Society based in Hollywood, CA, available for eligible contents from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA), and recognizing contents;"3D Guild Awards" from the 3D Guild (3DG) based in Brussels, Belgium, available for eligible contents from anywhere the world, and recognizing individuals.

California Film Institute - The 3D Sideshow. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

California Film Institute - The 3D Sideshow

The 3D Sideshow is back in town! Depth-defying attractions for all ages from the four corners of the earth! Journey from inside a snowflake to the surface of Mars. Platige Image 3D: Studio Focus + Ola Watras Q&A (15) – London International Animation Festival. Poland’s Platige Image Film Studio is having a very major say in the shaping of 3D stereoscopic animation.

Platige Image 3D: Studio Focus + Ola Watras Q&A (15) – London International Animation Festival

In existence for a mere 15 years, Platige Image has produced a truly impressive collection of short films and commercials. One of its very first short films, The Cathedral, was nominated for an Academy Award and virtually every one of its shorts since then has gone on to win awards and near-universal acclaim. This programme will be introduced by very special guest Ola Watras from Platige Image who will take part in a Q and A after the screening. Her perspective on where digital animation is headed will be fascinating. Please note: this programme takes place in two parts – the first 8 films will be 2D and the last 4 will be 3D stereoscopic. A d a m / Films / Film / Bonobostudio. 25 FPS Festival (25/9-28/9/2014) Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (23/10-28/10/2014) Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival (5/11-12/11/2014) Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival (11/11-16/11/2014) Courant3D Festival (14/11-15/11/2014) Alternative Film Video Festival (9/12-13/12/2014) Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival (3D Special Programme), (30/1-7/2/2015) Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (23/3-29/3/2015) BE FILM The Underground Film Festival, New York (21/4-25/4/2015) Days of Croatian Film (23/4-26/4/2015) Tabor Film Festival (30/4-2/5/2015) Kratki na brzinu - Revue of Croatian Short Films, Sv.

A d a m / Films / Film / Bonobostudio

Signiant - Schedule a Conversation. 3D Short films catalog. Screening Room Map. "The Third Image": Oberhausen explores 3D as experiment. Departures in 3D: Oberhausen presents “The Third Image – 3D Cinema as Experiment” 3D today is automatically associated with big budget action movies and animations.

"The Third Image": Oberhausen explores 3D as experiment

New Media Film Festival. Attend 6th Annual New Media Film Festival June 9 & 10 2015 at The Landmark 10850 W.

New Media Film Festival

Pico Blvd. LA CA Enjoy Red Carpet Press Junket, VIP Soiree, Screenings from Around the World including World, US & LA Premieres. 3D in the 21st Century. Generative Art, 3D Fractals, Creative Computing. 3-D Rarities - 3dfilmarchive. Digital Cinema Package - Part 3: Creating Your DCP in OpenDCP. International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Member Directory. 2014 » Movies. Movies Isn’t the human word of experience nothing more than the sum of contrasts that transact from one pole to the other?

2014 » Movies

And isn’t luck just a question of your inner attitude? The music video clip “Floating Souls” follows this idea in a playful way and asks us to look for the harmony and beauty […] Just in Time – Peter Greenaway A short totemic 18-minute Iook at nearly two thousand years of Portuguese history centred on Guimaraes – its local heroes and its local historical centre. all pulled together in a film that explores some 3D possibilities that are not all spawned by Avatar. It is in fact the same […] The premiere of the movie will take the place on Saturday, 8 PM and you can meet the creators of the movie and their special guest, S3D specialist Jan Buriánek. The London 3D Film Festival.

3D Movies Competition. SUBMISSION 2014 – TERMS & Conditions Submissions for the 2nd 3D PROMISE IMAGE FESTIVAL, Lodz, are now open.

3D Movies Competition

Please read carefully what formats we expect. Digital Domain Co-Founder Scott Ross Reveals Plan for "Burning Man Meets TED" VFX Festival. Scott Ross — co-founder and former CEO of Digital Domain — has been among the most vocal in the effort to bring change to the struggling VFX business.

Digital Domain Co-Founder Scott Ross Reveals Plan for "Burning Man Meets TED" VFX Festival

Now he's come onboard as "Ambassador" of a not-for-profit VFX, game and animation festival with a "new format" aimed at inspiring artists and creativity, while also addressing the challenging career path. Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU), slated to take place Sept. 17-20 in Troia, Portugal, is described by Ross as "Burning Man meets TED" and is expected to attract hundreds representing at least 37 different nationalities.

This is the second such event, but with Ross now involved and increasing industry support, organizers hope it will grow to become an impactful annual event. Charlie Victor Romeo - Film Forum NY Opening Jan 29, 2014. Brian May Goes Stereoscopic Again - uDiscover. Queen guitar hero Brian May has returned to his fascination with science for another book project with an academic from Leicester in the English midlands — and this time it has prompted an exhibition at the Tate Gallery. For the new work, May goes stereoscopic again, in collaboration for a second time with De Montfort University doctoral student Denis Pellerin. The unlikely friends have already produced last year’s ‘Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell,’ which gathered together the 3D stereoscopic diorama images that were the rage in the 1860s.

Now they have completed the 208-page ‘Poor Man’s Picture Gallery,’ to be published in October, featuring 260 Victorian era illustrations that can be viewed through an ‘Owl’ stereoscope viewer, supplied with the book, that’s been designed by Dr. Jon Lyus - at HeyUGuys. Nerdly » Frightfest 2014: ‘Shockwave Darkside 3D’ Review. 3D Cinema System Components. Forum. Film and Video tips (KarelsTweets) Cinema Listings for 3D Movies in London and the UK. With Free Online Screeners, Is FilmFreeway Braced to Become Withoutabox's Serious Competition? When Withoutabox first showed up, it was a boon to filmmakers. Not having to fill out a different form for every film festival submission saved endless headaches for us, and made the review process easier for film festivals. But this summer, alternative submission platform FilmFreeway has been steadily gaining respectable festivals to its banner, and toting an easy interface, free online screeners, and recent platform additions that bring it up to speed with Withoutbox, it might prove to be an enticing replacement to filmmakers frustrated with the WAB monopoly.

One of the growing sources of discontent between filmmakers and Withoutabox has been the WAB online screeners. The concept of an online screener is great — it saves the filmmaker a trip to the post office, time in getting the DVD to programmers, not to mention it saves trees (and whatever substance DVDs are made of.) How does the rest of FilmFreeway stack up to Withoutabox? Here is the familiar layout of Withoutabox: Links: 3D Image Festival. The Ritzy, Brixton, London.

Just a short tube ride from central London, The Ritzy should not be overlooked as an event venue. Offering a choice of five screens, an upstairs bar and a range of cuisine made on site by our own chefs, The Ritzy is a superb choice for a variety of events, from AGMs to parties, from large conferences to smaller meetings. With high-quality digital technology, tiered seating and unobstructed views of the screen, your event can only benefit from the equipment at your disposal and the enthusiasm of our team.

With Day Delegate rates from as little as £25 excl. VAT, value for money is a real plus, and although we offer great value, there is no scrimping on service or attention to detail. 3 Psychological Traps that Keep Your Startup in Sorrow. Prince Charles Cinema, London - Cinema Hire - Screening Room. Located 50 yards from London's Leicester Square the Prince Charles Cinema is "the countries funkiest cinema" (Evening Standard) and its most successful independent screen.

Its prime West End situation is enhanced by its reputation throughout the Film industry for being quirky, innovative and just a little bit different. Now with the addition of our new smaller second screen, we feel we can offer all events a home at the Prince Charles Cinema, whether it be large or small we can offer you a proper event solution. The cinema now has the décor to match the attitude with a sensual red auditorium with 285 plush seats downstairs and a new plush purple 104 seat screen with executive, high back purple leather recliner chairs upstairs.

The venues license allows us to show any film material in a variety of formats 24hrs a day seven days a week and also allows us to serve tasty food and lashings of booze. Prince Charles Cinema, London - Hire Rates. Thank You to everyone who attended and supported the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival, Leicester Square, London Dec. 4. The Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival was a huge success the night of Dec. 4 in Leicester Square London. A huge thanks to the sponsors and everyone who attended the event, those who entered the festival, and the 5 judges who chose the winning 10 films to be shown on the night at the Prince Charles Cinema. WATCHTHEWINNINGMOVIES from the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival: A massive thanks to everyone who attended and submitted films to the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival at the Prince Charles Theatre, Leicester Square, London, Dec. 4. Venue hire - venue list. Film Hub Members. Screening Room Map.

Submission Guidelines 2014. First Submission Deadline: June 1st, 2014 NEW EXTENSION: The 3DFF 2014 Submission Deadline has been extended to July 30th 2014. How do I get this lighting effect? Stereoscopic 3D Filmmaking: 3D Film Festivals. Production Finance Market. 3D Content Financing Market. FILM FESTIVALS TIMELINE. Consultancy for financing the creative industries. Volfoni. Committed to Advancing 3D - MasterImage 3D. General Discussion. Ludger Pfanz (DE) Internship Jobs, vacancies. Showing Films. Membership of Film Hub London gives exhibitors access to a variety of funding, training and research opportunities. Whether you are a community group or cinema chain, membership of the network can benefit your organisation and in turn, London audiences.

Some of the following schemes are now available to apply for. Sign up for the Exhibitors' Newsletter for scheme opening dates Community Screen Scheme Through this Scheme, Film Hub London supports community programming initiatives which aim to reach new or underserved audiences in their local area. Read more about the Community Screen Scheme and apply Boost Award Aimed at enabling exhibitors to broaden their programming and increase engagement opportunities, this scheme subsidises screening fees, film transport, talent appearances and Q&As to support screenings.

Read more about the Boost Award and apply. London-International Animation-Festival - Dailymotion. Platige Image 3D: Studio Focus + Ola Watras Q&A (15) – London International Animation Festival. View topic - Charlie Victor Romeo. Danny Lacey Film Blog. Norman McLaren’s Stereoscopic Films restored. Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) is delighted to announce the world premiere of four digitally restored animation stereoscopic films, as part of the ongoing centenary celebrations for Scottish filmmaker Norman McLaren.

Films. Backstage pass: Blending the surreal with the shocking, in 3D. International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Names Officers and Board. SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival. Charlie Victor Romeo. Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006) National Film Board of Canada 3D Stereoscopic Films (15) – London International Animation Festival. The National Film Board of Canada has one of the most sophisticated 3D stereoscopic labs in the world. The films that come out of this sublime creative engine-room showcase just what 3D stereoscopic animation is truly capable of. Curated by the NFB’s head of 3D Animation, Munro Ferguson, this programme is a stunning collection of films unleashed from all the restraints that smother most 3D stereoscopic animation that’s floating around out there.

Thanks to the Quebec Government Office, London. Akshay Oberoi, Parvathy Omanakuttan. Lost Place 3D (3D-Trailer) Shockwave, Darkside Teaser. Shockwave Darkside. Cathedrals of Culture.