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Kinder sight words by month. How to Introduce Your Class Rules (Grades K-6) A well-founded set of class rules has the power to make any school year great. Great teachers know that rules make learning possible and work hard to choose them. Follow these tips for coming up with the right rules for your class and implementing them.

Keep It Simple Because rules are meant to serve students, they should be logical and straightforward enough that they make sense after minimal explanation. If a rule is confusing and/or its purpose unclear, your students will have trouble practicing it. Don't overdo it. Choosing Between General and Class-Specific Rules Most teachers tend to follow a similar roadmap for rule-setting: Briefly highlight student preparedness, outline what being respectful of others and school property looks like, and set behavioral expectations during instruction. There is nothing wrong with having rules similar to those of other teachers. Sample General Rules There are some rules that can be applied to every classroom. Kindergarten Lesson Plans. 100 Picture Books to Read in Kindergarten: Grow Up Reading. Animal Stories A Visitor for Bear Bonny Becker It's Only Stanley Jon Agee Night Animals Gianna Marino Shh!

100 Picture Books to Read in Kindergarten: Grow Up Reading

Chris Haughton The Secret Life of Squirrels Nancy Rose Where's Walrus? Stephen Savage Classics Joseph Had a Little Overcoat Simms Taback Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg Madeline Ludwig Bemelmans. ABC alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Practice for Kindergarten, ESL (EFL), Preschool & Special Education. The Kindergarten Teacher. First Day of Kindergarten: 8 Survival Skills. The first day of kindergarten is busy, busy, busy!

First Day of Kindergarten: 8 Survival Skills

Learning the names, faces, parents and personalities of all of the students on the class list is essential. You must teach routines and procedures. You need to hold the attention of a roomful of active, excited little minds. New faces will show up that you'll have to add to the class list. Kindergarten Crayons: Dear New Kindergarten Teacher, Please Read This. Dear New Kindergarten Teacher,It is now August and school is just around the corner.

Kindergarten Crayons: Dear New Kindergarten Teacher, Please Read This

Do not feel terrified. Don't. I am here to help you. If you are new to this grade level I have some suggestions for you that might make your first few weeks go a little easier. How do I know that? These packets are only five dollars each and can be customized with your student's name. Kindergarten kids love, love, love to help their teacher and this will show you how to implement a management system for this without wanting to shoot yourself. You are going to want to set aside one bulletin board in your room for just writing. This will provide you with a systematic monthly writing form for each month of the year. You will be introducing the alphabet using your reading program but your students will need lots of opportunities to see those letters and manipulate them in centers. Mrs. Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom. I decided to share some of my literacy center/ word work ideas.

Mrs. Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom

In the beginning of the year we do some of these as literacy centers, then once we introduce Daily 5 these become word work. It works nice because students understand expectations already and make a smooth transition. Playdoh words This a playdoh word building center. This one that I made uses seasonal words but I also have one with all the word wall words we teach. Clip, color, and write This center is featured in all of my Journeys word work units on TPT. Hammering letters I just got this foam letter mat at Wal-mart or the dollar store.

Bean words. 100 Classroom Organizing Tricks. New Uses for Old Things 1.

100 Classroom Organizing Tricks

Empty Tissue Box You always need plastic bags for sending home art projects and wet clothes. Tame that unruly mess that seemingly multiplies under your desk with an empty tissue box to keep bags corralled and ready for use. 2. Post-it Notes Are the keyboards in your classroom frighteningly grimy? How to Organize for the First Day of Kindergarten: A Guide For New and Veteran Teachers. The first day of school is always exciting for both students and teachers.

How to Organize for the First Day of Kindergarten: A Guide For New and Veteran Teachers

In fact, I still remember my first day of school as a kindergarten student! But the first day of school can also be very overwhelming. Miss Kindergarten: Behavior Bingo. Last year before summer break, I shared this behavior management tip that I was using with my students.

Miss Kindergarten: Behavior Bingo

They were having a tough time staying focused and following classroom rules! Well now that we have less than 2 weeks until Spring Break...we're feeling it again! I'm pretty sure it's spring fever! At any rate, I thought I'd share it again in case you missed it last year! Behavior Bingo. Kindergarten Information. Kindergarten Graduation Begins in Kindergarten, Registration Information FAQs About Kindergarten At what age can my child attend kindergarten?

Kindergarten Information

Georgia provides kindergarten programs for children who are five years old on or before September 1. All five-year-old children are eligible. K-3 Links. Tips and tricks for kindergarten teachers lesson plan ideas. You join a special club when you become a kindergarten teacher.

tips and tricks for kindergarten teachers lesson plan ideas

There are only a few of us who have what it takes to manage these littlest students who are often still moving in ​a hundred directions all at once when they arrive in our classrooms.