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Sites. Interview Skills. Getting an interview is an achievement in itself.

Interview Skills

Only a small proportion of applicants are selected for interview (often about 10%) so you have already made a positive impression to have got to this stage! Many people have a fear of interviews, so here are some tips to help you make the most of this opportunity. The purpose of the interview Firstly, it is for the interviewer to see if you match the requirements of the job. These will naturally vary with different jobs but are likely to include: Your personal qualities How well you express yourself Your motivation and enthusiasm The recruiters will already have an indication of these from your initial application but now the interview will assess you in person.

Bhuvana Sundaramoorthy\'s Blog. Preparation tips for your first campus interview with a software firm. Campus interview season is well on its way, and it won’t be long before you are confronted with your first corporate showdown.

Preparation tips for your first campus interview with a software firm

Intimidating thought? Most certainly; but it is natural to be a little anxious before your first campus interview. In fact, a little anxiety might actually enhance your performance. Let this nervous energy drive your efforts to success. Generally, students make the disastrous mistake of not preparing for a technical campus interview well in advance. Confidence level of even the brightest is bound to go down a notch or two after messing up one interview.

Here are a few tips for your first software company interview: 1) Know your subject: Ace that written exam: The written tests in campus interviews generally are aimed at testing the candidate’s knowledge of his/her core technical subjects in addition to critical reasoning skills. 2) Aptitude and logical reasoning: For this, taking mock tests beforehand would help. 3) Build your communication Skills: 30 Tips on How to Interview Like a Journalist. As a 16-year tech journalist and founder of a brand journalism business, I’ve conducted tons and tons of interviews. While I have “lots of experience” I also realize it’s a synonym for “I’m getting stale.” In an effort to reboot my interview style, I decided to look for inspiration from other journalists. This article began with me questioning fellow journalists for their best advice on how to interview. What follows is some of my own advice, but a ton more from industry colleagues on how to conduct a journalistic interview for print, blog, radio, TV, and films.

TIP 1: Find a good interviewee D’uh, right? “The truth is that some people have a good story to tell on a subject, and others don’t. TIP 2: It’s your job to research This was the most oft repeated advice, when it’s possible. When you exhibit your knowledge “the person knows you took the time to do so and they then provide a much better interview,” explained journalist Joan Wenner. SungardASVoice: Chief Information Officers: When It Comes To The Cloud, What Got You Here Will Get You There.

Marshall Goldsmith, an executive coach to the corporate elite, is the author of the very popular book called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

SungardASVoice: Chief Information Officers: When It Comes To The Cloud, What Got You Here Will Get You There

And while the title may be true as it relates to your individual career path, I have news for C-suite executives everywhere: it is not true when it comes to adopting new technology. In fact, what got you here – to your current state of success – is precisely what will get you to the next level. The problem is, as Chief Information Officers (CIO) and IT professionals, we sometimes allow ourselves to be pressured into acting contrary to what we know is the right thing to do. Here’s what happens. A CEO approaches a CIO and says (in a nutshell), “What’s our cloud strategy? What do you, as a CIO or IT professional, do when you find yourself shanghaied into one of these conversations? Remember that when it comes to technology, “sexy” is a very temporary condition Back when the world was young, there were mainframes.

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15 ways to screw up a job interview

And with demand oustripping supply, IT professionals with particularly hot skills might find themselves overwhelmed by opportunities – and inundated with job interviews. But just because companies seem to be vying for someone with your skills and capabilities doesn’t mean you can get too casual about the interview. “I see clients being pretty picky about finding solid all-star employees vs. showing any leeway due to more demand,” says Courtney Bettridge, technology recruiter at Mondo. “Candidates need to show they’re truly interested and engaged, or they won’t get the job.” Even veteran IT professionals with long tenures might be taking advantage of the larger number of openings; these individuals often need some reminders to shake the rust off their interviewing skills.

Mistake 8: Overselling yourself + 10 Dos and Don'ts for Security Job Interviews + CSI_Preparing_for_an_Interview.pdf.