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The Next Web - International technology news, business & culture. Now Google+ Shows You How Many Times Your Profile, Content Have Been Viewed. Search Engines Archives. Game and App Development Tools for Students. How does a computer keyboard work? - Explain that Stuff. TechTarget, Where Serious Technology Buyers Decide.

How Does a CD/DVD ROM Drive Function? DVD-ROM Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia. Definition of:DVD-ROM A read-only DVD disc used to permanently store data files.

DVD-ROM Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

DVD-ROM discs are widely used to distribute large software applications that exceed the capacity of a CD-ROM disc. DVD-ROM discs are read in DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives in computers, but typically not in DVD drives connected to TVs and home theater systems. However, most DVD-ROM drives will play DVD movie discs. In practice, the term "DVD" refers to all DVD formats. What is DVD-ROM? - Definition from Techopedia. The Tech-FAQ. Webopedia: Online Tech Dictionary for IT Professionals. Computer Glossary, Computer Terms - Technology Definitions and Cheat Sheets from - The Tech Dictionary and IT Encyclopedia. Computer related pages and links.

Tech News, Reviews & Tips. 10 Seriously Epic Computer Software Bugs. Technology The majority of software bugs are small inconveniences that can be overcome or worked around by the user – but there are some notable cases where a simple mistake has affected millions, to one degree or another, and even caused injury and loss of life.

10 Seriously Epic Computer Software Bugs

Software is written by humans – and every piece of software therefore has bugs, or “undocumented features” as a salesman might call them. That is, the software does something that it shouldn’t, or doesn’t do something that it should. These bugs can be due to bad design, misunderstanding of a problem, or just simple human error – just like a typo in a book.

However, whereas a book is read by a human who can usually infer the meaning of a misspelled word, software is read by computers, which are comparatively stupid, and will do only what they’re told. Here are ten cases where the consequences of these bugs were enormous, in some way or another: World of Warcraft “Corrupted-Blood” Glitch September 13, 2005 North American Blackout. Programming. Interesting Computer and Internet Technology Facts From Webopedia. Home » DidYouKnow Did You Know gives you top tips and best practices to help guide you through technology.

Interesting Computer and Internet Technology Facts From Webopedia

Learn the difference between key IT products and processes and let your confusion end here. Recent Articles Cloud Computing Market Leaders, 2015 If not for AWS, Microsoft would dominate the cloud. The race to capture market share will grow ever more fierce in the years ahead. More Internet » Halloween Tech: Weird, Spooky and Odd Technology Terms To celebrate Halloween tech-style, we're bringing you a fun — but totally legit — list of some of the spookiest acronyms and tech term oddities we've come across while compiling the Webopedia database. » The Difference Between Server and Desktop Virtualization? What is Random Access Memory (RAM) What is Random Access Memory (RAM) Analog Communication System - Abhishek Yadav - Google Books. Computer Freaks. Computer Freaks. Intel: Tablet, 2in1, Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Server, Embedded. How to Create WiFi HotSpot in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 - Share Laptop Internet Connection. Enabling or creating Wi-Fi hotspot in window 8 is really a hard option if you are a gui user and find it hard to play with the core windows options.

How to Create WiFi HotSpot in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 - Share Laptop Internet Connection

In windows seven there was an option to create the Wi-Fi hotspot but it’s not the case with the Windows 8. In Windows 8 you will need cmd to create a hotspot. Later you will share your laptop internet connection with the hotspot through the windows Network and sharing center. This article aims to give you the most easiest way of sharing your laptop’s internet connection using the wifi hotspot, after reading thea article you’ll learn how to create a wifi hotspot in windows 8 using command prompt. Below is the step by step guide to create and share your laptop internet connection with other wifi devices using windows 8 wifi hotspot. Things which You Will need to share your internet with other Wi-Fi Devices: Finding out: that whether your Wi-Fi card supports sharing: netsh wlan show drivers.