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OpenAjax Accessibility: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Ruleset. Modernizr with Faruk Ates. Documentation. What is Modernizr?


Modernizr is a small JavaScript library that detects the availability of native implementations for next-generation web technologies, i.e. features that stem from the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. Many of these features are already implemented in at least one major browser (most of them in two or more), and what Modernizr does is, very simply, tell you whether the current browser has this feature natively implemented or not. Unlike with the traditional—but highly unreliable—method of doing “UA sniffing,” which is detecting a browser by its (user-configurable) navigator.userAgent property, Modernizr does actual feature detection to reliably discern what the various browsers can and cannot do. After all, the same rendering engine may not necessarily support the same things, and some users change their userAgent string to get around poorly developed websites that don’t let them through otherwise.

Modernizr aims to bring an end to the UA sniffing practice. CSS features. DVTS Style Guide. Split Testing and Multivariate Testing Software - Visual Website Optimizer. Firebase - A scalable real-time backend for your website. Getting Started with Auth · meteor/meteor Wiki. How to get help First, look through these resources to see if your question has been answered already: Make a good first effort to find an answer before asking your question.

Getting Started with Auth · meteor/meteor Wiki

If you can't find an existing answer to your question, try one of the following, in this order: Ask it on StackOverflowAsk it in IRC #meteor channel on irc.freenode.netAsk it on meteor-talk Other resources The Meteor Roadmap shows the core team's current development prioritiesFollow the Meteor Style GuideWhat those GitHub Issue Labels in our issue queue mean Filing bug reports and contributing new code Please see our contributing guidelines for details on how to file a bug report or submit a pull request. Bug reports are welcome. Works In Progress Here are drafts of docs that haven't made it into yet. Confessions of a Meteor Newb. I recently took part in the first (annual, I hope) Hack Omaha competition.

Confessions of a Meteor Newb

I teamed up with the ridiculously talented Zach Leatherman to create Omaha Bounty Hunter, a web-based The-Price-is-Right-style game using the provided Property Crime data set. Omaha Bounty Hunter As Zach and I were getting started, we were lamenting how timed coding competitions rarely provide opportunity to learn new tricks or try new tech. That’s when one of us (I can’t recall who) had a crazy idea… let’s build this thing with the just-released Meteor JavaScript framework! And that’s exactly what we did. Here’s how it went down, from a total Meteor Newb’s perspective. Getting Started Congrats to the Meteor team for making getting started a breeze.

Curl | /bin/sh and you can start coding a Meteor app. Newb tip: You can hop right into the Mongo shell by typing meteor mongo inside your app’s root directory. Matrix Partners. Pretty much every aspect of our lives is being changed by software.

Matrix Partners

Software has the power to delight, entertain, help us communicate, simplify our work, enhance our creativity, connect us to old friends, and so much more. However writing good software is still a complex process that takes too long, and requires too much expertise. Addressing that pain is what makes Matrix’s latest investment, Meteor, so interesting. Every once in a while a new application development framework comes along that dramatically accelerates the way people create applications. Those rare platforms that excite developers ultimately revitalize software development and spur new creativity. Right now application developers are all faced with the need to write applications that deal with the mobile web, and step up to users demands for a new level of interactivity. Over the last few years there has been a huge investment made in updating and improving the performance of Javascript in browsers.

“This is great! Meteor.