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MI5, spycops, the media baron and the ‘counter-subversion’ think-tank. In a recent article by journalist Nafeez Ahmed on right-wing and far-right entryism into the counter-terrorism think-tank sub-culture, one reference immediately stood out.

MI5, spycops, the media baron and the ‘counter-subversion’ think-tank

This reference was to the Institute for the Study of Conflict, a think tank that was very influential within the counter-terrorism community in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s. During that period the ISC was closely linked to the MI5 divisional head responsible for organising the surveillance of the radical left – including barristers and Labour politicians who went on to become Government ministers (and a politician – Mr Corbyn – who may well become prime minister). The ISC was also responsible for several dirty tricks campaigns, including the publication of a magazine that specialised in smears against the left – a magazine, incidentally that was funded by a certain media mogul, who is still very much influential today, in our daily and world affairs.

See below for more… A. Let’s explore more… B. C. D. Transparency International slams Cameron on corruption: ‘UK must get its own house in order’ David Cameron told the Queen he had extraordinarily corrupt countries like Afghanistan and Nigeria attending his anti-corruption summit.

Transparency International slams Cameron on corruption: ‘UK must get its own house in order’

What a shame for him that Transparency International chose this week to demand that he act against corruption here in the UK. In an extraordinary statement, anti-corruption organisation Transparency International has told David Cameron he must do more to combat corruption in his own country.The strong warning comes on the same day Cameron hosted a summit of international leaders focusing on combating corruption.Transparency International openly derides the UK’s credentials on corruption, slamming UK companies for “overseas bribery“, the City of London for “laundering corrupt assets” as well as “dirty money” in the UK’s property market and “political corruption scandals” at home.You can read the the full statement here.The mainstream press in the UK is unlikely to report this, so please share. Join the Vox Political Facebook page. Mass privatisation masks Britain's failed economic policies.

This article was written by truepublica editor Graham Vanbergen and first published in the European Financial Review for the February/March edition 2016 There is no doubt that throughout the last forty years or so neoliberalism has dominated government, housing, transport, energy and the financial sector in Britain and subsequently impacted on society in highly destructive ways.

Mass privatisation masks Britain's failed economic policies

The peak of which is demonstrated no better than by the financial crisis that followed 2008 and the lingering state of recession in its aftermath. At one point, just after the financial crisis started the government was on the hook for £1.16 trillion to save the banking industry from collapse. That fell to £456 billion in cash, loans and guarantees by March 2011. Cameron isn’t colonising the centre. That’s fraudulent spin. Where Is Our Jeremy Corbyn? Jeremy Corbyn waves in London after he was elected the leader of the Labour Party on Saturday.

Where Is Our Jeremy Corbyn?

(Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP) The politics of Jeremy Corbyn, elected by a landslide Saturday to lead Britain’s Labour Party after its defeat at the polls last May, are part of the global revolt against corporate tyranny. He had spent his long career as a pariah within his country’s political establishment. Having sold RBS shares for £1bn less than they were bought for, George Osborne the economic genius strikes again - Voices - The Independent.

Good business sense like this is extremely rare.

Having sold RBS shares for £1bn less than they were bought for, George Osborne the economic genius strikes again - Voices - The Independent

That’s why few people appear on Dragon’s Den saying, “My plan is to buy shares to stop companies going bankrupt, then sell them back to the people I bought them off, who ruined everything in the first place, for two-thirds of the price. I’m looking for an investment of £3.2bn, and confidently predict I can quickly reduce it to £2.1bn. Then I hope to branch out into other areas, such as buying Kit-Kats for 45p and selling them straight back to the man in the shop for 30p.” READ MORE:Osborne begins selling off RBS taxpayer sharesWhy has Osborne sold RBS shares at a loss? Osborne sells more public shares in 12 months than UK has in last 20 years Osborne would be even better on The Apprentice, boasting, “You asked me to make money out of selling cleaning products, Lord Sugar, so I bought 50 bottles of Jif and gave them away to the chief executive at Goldman Sachs, losing all my money.

Loading gallery. Direct aid, subsidies, tax breaks – the hidden welfare budget we don’t debate. In 2013, just days before laying out his autumn statement, George Osborne told the BBC: “The cost of welfare is one of the things that makes the public finances unsustainable.

Direct aid, subsidies, tax breaks – the hidden welfare budget we don’t debate

We need an affordable state.” The government had to cut the bloated welfare state because it was sucking up too much money. Yet in the financial year ending March 2013, the Guardian can reveal, Britons handed £93bn in welfare to corporations. That is enough to wipe out at a stroke this year’s budget deficit – and it was given to companies in direct aid, subsidies and tax breaks. Abracadabra! Britain’s political elite has fooled us all again.

Meet The Most Powerful Court You've Never Heard Of - BuzzFeed News. How Big Money and Big Brother won the British Elections. The best democracy money can buy As of the end of last year, the Electoral Commission found that the Tories received the largest amount of donations, at £8,345,687, the bulk of which came from financiers associated with banks, the hedge fund industry, and big business.

How Big Money and Big Brother won the British Elections

Two million pounds worth of donations were associated with hedge funds, and a further £4 million with people attending private dinners hosted by senior Tories. The newspapers are preparing for a coup, and Labour is doing nothing to stop them. Saturday's Daily Mail front page Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that Westminster has been replaced with a bouncy castle, and our political class with hysterical children.

The newspapers are preparing for a coup, and Labour is doing nothing to stop them

The Tories are trying to erase working people from history. You have to give the Tory-led coalition its due – when it comes to fighting for their values and principles they take no hostages.

The Tories are trying to erase working people from history

From the mass sell-off of the NHS to their friends and donors to the callous bedroom tax, the politicians in this government are the true class warriors of our time. They look after their own – the few – while we – the many – face a constant barrage of attacks on our living standards. There is also something quite spiteful about this government too: a vengeful, nasty streak seems to underpin almost everything they do. Conservatives pledge powers to ignore European court of human rights rulings. Rulings by the European court of human rights (ECHR) would no longer be enforceable in the UK under radical plans by the Conservatives.

Conservatives pledge powers to ignore European court of human rights rulings

Cameron invokes his dead son to defend NHS policies. Leon Brittan and the Paedophile Information Exchange. Leon Brittan became Margaret Thatcher’s Home Secretary on 11th June 1983. Not long after starting in the role, he came under pressure to ban an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange. The Paedophile Information Exchange, or PIE, campaigned to have the age of consent reduced to 4 years old, which would have effectively legalised paedophilia. PIE published a contacts page in its newsletter with a PO Box number, so paedophiles across the UK and abroad could forge links and trade tips on how to access children, and how to obtain images of child abuse. This was how organised paedophile networks developed in the UK, and helps to explain how paedophiles ended up infiltrating so many schools, children’s homes, and other institutions.

By the early 1980s PIE had over 1000 members, including people in prominent and powerful positions in the British Establishment such as diplomats, MPs, aristocrats, intelligence agents, teachers, and child protection experts. 27 bishops slam David Cameron's welfare reforms as creating a national crisis in unprecedented attack in letter to the Daily Mirror. Britain’s leading bishops denounce David Cameron’s welfare reforms for creating a “national crisis”. Rruption Watch: Cameron's Moral Misnomer. In recent days Prime Minister David Cameron has been at pains to inform us that his social engineering programme of welfare ‘reform’ is in fact a moral mission.

Morality, as I’m sure Mr. Cameron knows (with his first class degree from Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics) indicates a set of principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong, good and bad behaviour. There are, in the world of moral philosophy, a variety of ethical systems that attempt to describe human moral activity, inclination and motives. Some of these ethical systems focus on outcomes, others on intention and some on the intrinsic value of an act itself.

So what ethical system underpins Cameron’s so called ‘moral mission’? As opposition from church leaders from a range of denominations has indicated, Cameron’s actions - and I would suggest his intentions – have little to do with Christian ethics. What do Tory donors get for their cash? Philip Harris (Leaders group member)Philip Harris, is the founder of Carpetright and has an estimated fortune of £285 million. He has donated nearly half an million pounds to the Tories in recent years.


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