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-Plates-formes de e-learning et e-formation - 2010 : : Répertoire : Thot Cursus. Cours: Module 1 - Développer des compétences pour les nouveaux dispositifs de formation 2011. Cours: Techniques de la formation en ligne: Web 2.0, social computing et e-learning 2.0 - 2010. Creating a learning plan using activity recommendations. Creating a learning plan using activity recommendations bundle consists of “Activity Recommender” and “To-Learn list” widgets.

Creating a learning plan using activity recommendations

The bundle guides the learner through the learning process by recommending learning activities and assists him or her to create a learning plan. The Activity Recommender widget supports the user to process a given task. The user compiles a learning plan consisting of learning activities selected from various strategies and techniques appropriately recommended for individual learning situation. Learning Emergence. Examples from a June 2012 webcast PhD Studentship, Open University UK (2013-16): This PhD project builds on validated pedagogical models for learner-driven enquiry, scaffolded by blogging software and associated learning analytics, to create a reflective, social, learning journal.

Learning Emergence

The research will start by analysing the data already gathered from prior research in schools, design new contexts for studying this phenomenon, and refine the analytics. Experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis required, programming not required but an advantage. Please contact Simon Buckingham Shum and Rebecca Ferguson at the OU to discuss this informally before applying. iLearn. Learning Management System (LMS) SuccessFactors Learning combines formal, social, and extended learning with unmatched content management, reporting, analytics, and mobile abilities.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The result is learning that transforms the business and provides verifiable return on investment (ROI). Moodle recommenders for educational resources. This bundle consists of two widgets that provide recommendations about educational resources related to a particular course.

Moodle recommenders for educational resources

The widgets of this bundle have been developed as Moodle blocks to be displayed on the sidebar of a Moodle course. Related OU resources widget This widget displays a list of Open University (OU) resources related to a Moodle course. These resources consist of OU courses, iTunes U podcasts, as well as OpenLearn tags related to the course that the user is currently viewing.

In order to provide these recommendations, the widget sends a query to, which is an RDF repository of metadata from OU datasets. Forums and commenting re-imagined. Nadine Postiaux. Public LMS Evaluations. Many universities are currently, or have recently, reviewed their enterprise LMS including my own employer.

Public LMS Evaluations

Unfortunately we haven’t made our review process public but many universities have been generous enough to provide information about their reviews. The following list are some of the publicly available LMS reviews that I have found. These were really useful in developing and informing our own review and I hope that by bringing them together in one place it will be useful for others. Screenshots. Slide 1 - MoodleToolGuideforTeachers_May2010_JS.pdf. Web 2.0, social computing et e-learning 2.0.