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BBC - Homepage. Coming Soon: Ultra High-Definition TV - Your high-def television is now obsolete—or at least that's what the consumer electronics industry would have you think.

Coming Soon: Ultra High-Definition TV -

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced the official Ultra High-Definition branding over the weekend, "connoting its superiority over conventional HDTV," the CEA said in a press release. New TV sets can be called Ultra High-Definition (or Ultra HD) when they have at least 3,840 horizontal and at least 2,160 vertical pixels. The 1080p standard, by comparison, displayed 1,920 horizontal and 1,080 vertical pixels—or just one-quarter the resolution of Ultra HD. Ultra High-Definition replaces 4K as the name-of-choice for displays with more than 8 million pixels of resolution, and supersedes 1080p as the highest-resolution display standard for consumers. Most of the TV industry is on board with the new naming scheme, though Sony has said that they will market any new pixel-dense displays as 4K Ultra High-Definition.

[via CEA. VLC Media Player 1.0 Keyboard Shortcuts. Sharp lc80le646e review. Televisions, LCD TVs, Plasma Television, LED TV, Accessories. Terrestrial & Satellite AIS Tracking Service in Realtime - General 24hrs strike warning for Argentinian ports Wednesday, 09 April 2014 | Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) is advising of a potential general strike in Argentina today (Thursday) from 00:00hrs to 24:00hrs.

Terrestrial & Satellite AIS Tracking Service in Realtime -

The union-backed strike will see stoppages in various ports by truck, bus and train drivers, pilot boat masters, linesmen, tug boat operators and stevedores. The strike is expected to affect all shipping operations in the port of San Lorenzo-Rosario. Particularly affected will be transits at Zona comun and pilot boat operations through Rio de la Plata, and the Parana River. In addition, tug boat operatives and stevedores in the ports of Buenos Aires, Necochea and Bahia Blanca have declared that they will join the strike.

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Houses & Villas For Rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE. StrongVPN - Order Step 1. Why Does the Tech World Tear Down Successful Women? It's the first stop on her first-ever book tour, and Sheryl Sandberg is beaming.

Why Does the Tech World Tear Down Successful Women?

In conversation with her friend Chelsea Clinton, the Facebook COO discusses the "ambition gap" women face in the workplace, which she admits is a touchy subject. During the question and answer session in a New York Barnes & Noble Tuesday, Sandberg drills through her usual talking points: As men become more successful they are better liked, but as women become more successful they are less liked. Women hold no more board seats than they did one decade ago; the figure has staggered at 14%. We've heard the arguments about the challenges presented by men in the workplace, which is why I have a question for Sandberg: Are women holding other women back?

(She answers me, but I'll get to that later.) The reaction to Sandberg's Lean In is the latest in a storm of critiques of successful women by other women, nitpicking each other's similar but different mantras. Living Room Interior Designs, Home Interior Design, Home Carpeting, Carpets, Home Accessories. Limited Free Offer for Expatriates In The UAE! — QROPS Choices. StrongVPN - Order Step 1. Tax advice for spilt year...

Hi all, can anyone help regarding a tax issue I have.

Tax advice for spilt year...

I am looking to depart to middle east at some point in the summer however wondered how this will affect my earnings aboard and UK earning up to this point. Is my understanding correct that: 1. I will be entitled to a tax rebate on UK earnings up to that point in time that I depart the UK. 2. I will then benefit from tax free status on rest of my salary generated abroad this financial year providing that I stay away for the whole of the following tax year in order that the spilt-year rule applies (in my case this will be April 2015)? If I were to return to the UK before (April 2015) how would my tax liabilities be calculated?

Assistance would be most appreciated. Apartment/Flat for Rent: Bloom Gardens, 4 Bedroom Townhouse. Claritas. Claritas_syllbus_overview. APOLLO DRESS SHIRT. Investment management. The term asset management is often used to refer to the investment management of collective investments, while the more generic fund management may refer to all forms of institutional investment as well as investment management for private investors.

Investment management

Investment managers who specialize in advisory or discretionary management on behalf of (normally wealthy) private investors may often refer to their services as money management or portfolio management often within the context of so-called "private banking". The provision of investment management services includes elements of financial statement analysis, asset selection, stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. Coming under the remit of financial services many of the world's largest companies are at least in part investment managers and employ millions of staff.

Industry scope[edit] Key problems of running such businesses[edit] Key problems include: Representing the owners of shares[edit] Performance attribution. Yapp - App yourself! Buy & Sell Home Appliances in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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