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DIY (Drone It Yourself) Kit V1.0: 9 Steps (with Pictures) All of the electronics (apart from the motors of course) go inside the box.

DIY (Drone It Yourself) Kit V1.0: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

You will need the following components: 4 x Motor 1 x Propeller kit (2 times left and 2 times right rotating) 1 x Propeller accessory pack 4 x ESC (electronic speed controller) 1 x Radio receiver (with a minimum of four channels) 1 x Flight Controller See the lest step of this instructable for the components I used. Basically the circuit is something like this (see the image for a visual overview): The battery plug connects to all of the ESCs. Four solaire - Entropie. La Bagane. Project Gallery - The House of Wood. In a lot of ways hand-knitting can be seen as the original form of 3D printing: strands of material are fed through knitting needles that fashion the material into an object according to a predetermined design.

So it makes perfect sense that artist and designer Gerard Rubio, with some help from Knitic creators Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva, made this incredible open-source, arduino-controlled, knitting machine called OpenKnit. OpenKnit is an open-source, low cost (under 550€), digital fabrication tool that affords the user the opportunity to create his own bespoke clothing from digital files. Starting from the raw material, the yarn, and straight to its end use, a sweater for example, in about an hour.

Designing and producing clothes digitally and wearing them can now happen in the very same place, rewarding the user with the ability to make decisions regarding creativity and responsibility. Fais-le toi-même ! Description Ils sont artistes, passionnés de data, musiciens ou performers et c’est leur manière de travailler qui les réunit au sein d’un même mouvement.

Fais-le toi-même !

Celui des makers pour qui la bidouille, le Do It Yourself et la volonté de faire et de partager sont les premières valeurs. Problem loading page. Tutorial: Leather Handbound Book. I’ve been kinda stumped with Christmas ideas.

Tutorial: Leather Handbound Book

Time to Learn. BiY : le drone dinosaure. Tokyo, de notre correspondante Qui n’a pas rêvé de construire son propre ptéranodon ornithoptère ?

BiY : le drone dinosaure

Petit rappel à l’attention de ceux ou celles qui ne partageraient pas ce rêve : le ptéranodon est un reptile volant géant du temps des dinosaures, et un ornithoptère est une machine destinée au vol grâce au battement des ailes. Fusion de la bricole et de la bête donc, imaginé par l’artiste amateur d’objets volants, bateaux et/ou chats, Toshitatsu Munakata, alias Yamaneko, qui explique comment construire son propre « ptéranoptère » à l’aide d’éléments imprimés en 3D (vendu en kit sur Shapeways). La dernière fois qu’on avait rencontré monsieur Munakata, c’était à la Maker Faire Tokyo en 2014, où il faisait la démonstration de son chat volant aux yeux brillants, lui aussi ornithoptère par excellence, avec en plus une télécommande Arduino. Mode d’emploi du ptéranodon ornithoptère, par Toshitatsu Munakata : Des explications supplémentaires, mais en japonais seulement !

Fábrica de Imaginación DIY. Como ya pudisteis comprobar en el post del martes, soy una auténtica apasionada de las mochilas.

Fábrica de Imaginación DIY

Este verano, paseando por París, vi a un mensajero en bicicleta con este tipo de mochila roll-top cuya parte superior se enrolla para poder ajustar su tamaño dependiendo de las cartas o paquetes que lleve. Me pareció una idea fantástica para regalarle a mi chico. Él utiliza su bici como medio de transporte, así que pensé que una mochila de este tipo seguramente le vendría bien.

Además, teniendo su cumpleaños a la vuelta de la esquina, ¡me pareció el regalo perfecto! Son unas mochilas preciosas, pero todo lo que tienen de bonitas, lo tienen de caras y como soy una chica DIY me planteé este reto. Renske’s minimalist tote bag. A talented seamstress with a mission, Renske Solkesz decided to create her own wardrobe after finding herself frustrated with high fashion prices.

renske’s minimalist tote bag

When we saw her chic and modern wardrobe creations, we asked if she’d be willing to create and share a fun accessory tutorial with us. I’m super excited about what she’s come up with: an amazing self-closing utilitarian tote! I’m a huge fan of the graphic contrast and the leather and rivet details. Like her fashion designs, this tote is made from inexpensive materials, yet looks totally luxe. I’m halfway out the door to the fabric store already! CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! DIY Project: Geometric Concrete Paperweight. Combining different materials and shapes is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to decorating my home.

DIY Project: Geometric Concrete Paperweight

This DIY project shows how you can mix both to create a geometric shaped concrete decoration. You can use it as a sculpture, paperweight, bookend or any other other function you can dream up. –Emma from Design and Form Click through for the full how-to after the jump! 20 Woven Wall Hangings to Inspire, Buy or DIY. DIY Gift Series: Bleach-Dot Clutch. We’re excited to kick off a short series of guest DIY projects from Merrilee Lilliard of Mer Mag.

DIY Gift Series: Bleach-Dot Clutch

Merrilee will be sharing some handmade gift ideas over the next few weeks, starting with this lovely bleach-dot clutch. Thanks for joining us for the holidays, Merrilee! Weekly Wrap Up + Rope Shelves DIY Project. I’ve had rope on the brain all day, so it was perfect timing when I heard from the team at One Kings Lane.

Weekly Wrap Up + Rope Shelves DIY Project

Their special projects editor Megan Pflug just started doing some great fashion-inspired DIY projects and was kind enough to share my favorite here on D*S today. Inspired by Proenza Schouler, Megan created these gorgeous hanging rope shelves that would be perfect for the kitchen or a bathroom. Recycled leather & wood shelf. A hanging leather shelving project has been on my to-do list for a while; to be honest, the biggest delay was just finding the right belts.

Has anyone else discovered that thrift-shop leather belts are often unreasonably overpriced? Regardless, a little patience yielded some great finds: one super long thick black belt and a couple dark brown well-worn beauties, all for less than $10, which makes the cost of this shelf less than $15. 20 Woven Wall Hangings to Inspire, Buy or DIY. Sling magazine rack. It seems I have a clutter problem. Previously it was piles of mail; this time it’s piles of magazines. Riffing on the form and function of my last post, the mail basket, I thought the same construction techniques could be used for a magazine rack. I swear to you, though, I will not use this style again next month for a laundry basket!

— Matt See the full how-to after the jump . . . Materials. Reclaimed-wood knife organizer. I love projects that make use of old materials, especially when they take just a few easy steps to complete. DIY Project: Tiered Hanging Pots. When you collect as many things as I do, floor and table space can quickly become precious commodities. Having shelves full of plants is just not feasible in the studio, but I was not going to let that stop me from pursuing my dream of building a little greenhouse. If you have an interest in going vertical with your greenery, you could whip up this tiered hanging planter in a day. You just need a tiny bit of scrap wood, some rope and a few basic woodworking tools. The best part — which should have been obvious to me from the start, but being a total gardening novice, it wasn’t — is that the system makes watering a breeze.

Paper clay barnacles. I love the look of papier-mâché. It is sturdy, classic and timeless, but sometimes it is just too much trouble — the layers, dripping and drying time, and then the painting. ~ S.C.R.A.P. ~ Scraps Creatively Reused and Recycled Art Projects: Braided Rag Rug. There are many tutorials on the Internet, to help guide anyone with making a braided rag rug. And there are many books that are also helpful (listed at the end of this post). This particular rug that I made, measures about 26 inches by 19 inches, and contains 60 feet of 1/2 inch wide braid.

Items Needed: ~ old bed sheets, pillow cases (see tips below) ~ quilting thread~ scissors~ needle~ optional: duct tape to get you started~ optional: sewing machine and thread The traditional rugs were made from rags, but if you are not a patient person, you could spend the extra money and buy other fabric. 1. DIY: Friendship Bracelet chevron rug - The House That Lars Built. You know how friendship bracelets are totally back?

Well, I can’t quite bring myself to get into it after 15 years but I love the bright colors, the patterns, the idea of it….It got me thinking where else I could apply the process and I thought it’d be fun to make a huge friendship bracelet that you could walk on. You know, given my love of all things oversized. Pujaki: Paper Chandelier. Pom Pom Chandelier. Gymsack Drawstring Backpack DIY. DIY: Friendship Bracelet chevron rug - The House That Lars Built. Arm Knitting Revisited via Giant Hand-Knit Furnishing Series. Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug. Woven Circle Mat DIY. Weaving Class: The Basics. If you learn one new medium this summer, let it be how to weave. It's one of those centuries old traditions that is both practical (in certain forms) and beautiful and can be sort of soothing to the soul.