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Essential Intelligence. The petroleum fire-storm. This article surveys the decisive and comprehensive chapter in the globalist campaign against the civilizations of the northern hemisphere, based on averting the trivially practical solutions for international conflicts in order to boost petroleum prices. Thorium is a much safer energy source then the volatile uranium (above) - Yet the elite insists on petroleum speculation and unsafe uranium reactros. USA-Iran-Israel: Tripod of brinkmanship.

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Larken Rose. History Commons. Gnostic Media - Trivium Education, Study of Entheogens & Psychedelics, Shamanism, Religion, Mythology & Cults - Gnostic Media. Semir Osmanagich. Carmen Boulter. Rupert Sheldrake. John E Mack. Christopher Dunn. Robert Temple. John Anthony West. Conspiracy Theorists. Project Camelot. Michael Tsarion. Miscilaneous.

Graham Hancock. Erich von Däniken. Paul LaViolette. Government Projects.