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Primer: Neil Gaiman, Storyteller Primer: Neil Gaiman, Storyteller Here’s the thing about Neil Gaiman-- he’s a great writer, but an even better storyteller. It's not a skill-mix that all writers have, but it's one that Gaiman has perfected; the ability to tell a tale, spin a yarn, weave a story no matter the place, the time or the medium. Which is not to say that it's effortless--a lot of work goes into his projects to be sure--but he often makes them feel effortless. He taps into that ancient ritual of mankind-- telling one another stories-- whether they be legends or myths or fairy tales. It can be a ghost story around the campfire or a folk tale warning you not to go into the wood. Gaiman has written for comics, novels, television, and film.
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On the Shelf: Neil Gaiman « A.K. Anderson | Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Do you remember the book that made you fall in love with reading? Can you remember when you stopped struggling to understand the words and started caring about the story? Neil Gaiman will always hold a special place in my heart, because his book Odd and the Frost Giants was that book for Brett’s son. On the Shelf: Neil Gaiman « A.K. Anderson | Science Fiction and Fantasy Author
Neil Gaiman
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Neil Gaiman - Another Important Question of the Day Answered Mr. Gaiman, I am having a very hard time deciding between two books, both from Barnes and noble’s classics collection. One is your own, “American Gods”, and the other is the collection of Ernest Hemingway. Seeing as, to the best of my knowledge, only one of you two fine gentlemen is currently able to answer this question, to settle my dispute I will ask you. Which of you two would win in a bout of fisticuffs? If the bout of fisticuffs were to be held now, I would win, because I am alive. Neil Gaiman - Another Important Question of the Day Answered
Quote of the Day: Neil Gaiman on Mistakes
How We Would Cast a Neil Gaiman Biopic Click to enlarge Neil Gaiman’s finest moment in life. Let’s pretend that a biopic of Neil Gaiman’s life is going to be made. It won’t really, at least as far as we know. How We Would Cast a Neil Gaiman Biopic
Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012
Neil Gaiman Shares His Reading Habits
From the EVENING WITH NEIL AND AMANDA CD (From the Neil Disk). Because we posted the pictures of the tattoo. Here’s me reading it in, er, Seattle I think. Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman
The Sweeper of Dreams by Neil Gaiman on Vimeo
Neil Gaiman – Harlequin Valentine
Audio & Video And, since it’s certainly timely, we leave you with Gaiman’s New Year’s Eve message delivered to a crowd in Boston several years ago: May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. May your coming year be a wonderful thing in which you dream both dangerously and outrageously.I hope you will make something that didn’t exist before you made it, that you will be loved and you will be liked and you will have people to love and to like in return. Neil Gaiman’s Free Short Stories and New Year’s Wishes Neil Gaiman’s Free Short Stories and New Year’s Wishes
AMERICAN GODS, ALL SORTS, PLUS ME, COMPARING REVISING TO INEPT TEENAGE SEX. YEP. « GLITTERING SCRIVENER AMERICAN GODS, ALL SORTS, PLUS ME, COMPARING REVISING TO INEPT TEENAGE SEX. YEP. « GLITTERING SCRIVENER So, as I said, I have things to say about the Town Hall/University Bookstore event I did with Neil Gaiman in Seattle on June 26. Neil talked about it on his blog days ago, because he is better than I am. Here is a photo from said event, taken by my friend Victoria Kieburtz, who was in the audience. I suspect, from the look on my face, that this is midway through Neil giving a speech about turning off one’s cellphone, even if you are using it as a camera and have forgotten that it is in fact a phone, even if you are the sort of person who never ever gets a call. Because, you will get a call.
A brief intro for those who have been a) living under a rock, b) out pounding on rocks (hey, most of my friends are geologists, so it's distinctly possible) or c) brand new to the cantina: Neil Gaiman is the writer I place at the head of my personal pantheon of writers. He gives outstanding writerly advice, which writers of fantasy and literary fiction and even non-fiction science stuff shall find very useful indeed. And he was at Town Hall Seattle on Sunday night, wherein much wisdom was shared and laughter flowed freely. Dojo Summer Sessions: Neil Gaiman's Sage Advice Dojo Summer Sessions: Neil Gaiman's Sage Advice
Videos posted by Barnes & Noble: Neil Gaiman: Meet the Writers [HD]
Neil Gaiman Interview on American Gods on Neil Gaiman Live Interview on June 21st at 4pm
Illustration: Dan Park RECOMMENDED: Full list of Hot Seat interviews You are very prolific. The Hot Seat: Neil Gaiman - Arts + Culture - Time Out New York The Hot Seat: Neil Gaiman - Arts + Culture - Time Out New York
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Neil Gaiman - "Instructions"
Locus Online: Neil Gaiman Sainthood Neil Gaiman One Step Closer to Sainthood by L. Ron Creepweans
Death, Desire, Fury, and DelIrium: Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman Visual Bibliography This site aims to record Neil Gaiman's published works as thoroughly as possible. Most of Neil's books have proofs or advance reader's copies sent out to reviewers. One of the more interesting ones was for M Is For Magic. Every advance copy of a book I've seen has either not had the art yet, or had the finished art in place. This volume had the rough sketches (!) by Teddy Kristiansen printed as place holders.
tongari: a post not about basara!! the world is ending Actually I am 100% sure someone else has not only done a Sandman/Inception crossover but dunnit far more eloquently (I got tired after page 4, re-read it and said WAIT WHAT IS THIS EVEN ABOUT) Spoilers for Inception (well.. everything) and Sandman books 9 and 10 (although you have no excuse for not reading them) If you haven't read Sandman or if you're like, why is Dream's hair white... there is no real need to understand but do read the whole thing when you can. I'm not the biggest Gaiman fan but I really, really, really love the Sandman series, the writing is somehow more touching than what I read in his novels. It was a huge influence and also heartrendingly beautiful as a story about this.. anthropomorphic personification whom you feel you should dislike but find yourself rooting for by the end. Anyway this (piece of tribute nonsense) is pretty bad and sorry if it doesn't make sense.
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Sacred Texts Africa Music transcribed by HELEN ROBERTS Jump to Index Start Reading This classic of Jamaican folklore was collected by Martha Warren Beckwith, whose translation of the Hawaiian Creation epic, the Kumulipo, is also at sacred-texts. Jamaica Anansi Stories Index
Neil Gaiman | Books | Primer Primer is The A.V. Club’s ongoing series of beginners’ guides to pop culture’s most notable subjects: filmmakers, music styles, literary genres, and whatever else interests us—and hopefully you. This installment: bestselling fantasy author Neil Gaiman, whose writing has run the gamut from comics to novels to short stories to screenplays to poetry to just about anything else within the reach of his imagination.
fuck yeah, neil fucking gaiman.
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Neil Gaiman
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