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7 Must-Do Tips to Increase Open Rates The most important KPI to measure the success of email marketing campaign is the open rate. An email campaign manager must ensure the highest open rate before getting it live. Certain criteria can help you to ensure that since simply waiting for the open rates to increase is not acceptable. Still, if you are wondering what ascertains the higher open rates, here are 7 must-do tips to increase open rates – 1. A long list of email subscribers is always desired but those who don’t interact are worthless. 2. ‘One size doesn’t fit all’, it means every subscriber has different expectations from you. 3. Don’t forget to shake hands as soon as you see a new customer. 4. The subject line is the foremost factor in determining the open rate. • Add Emojis, Symbols & Numbers Emojis and symbols stimulate the emotions of the readers while numbers arouse the feeling of urgency. • Mind the Size • Make it Clear Make your title clear to understand making the user acknowledge what he is going to read. 5. 6. 7. 7 Must-Do Tips to Increase Open Rates
PTTC Conducts SEO Seminar | Philippine Trade Training Center SEO in the Philippines: a Key Element of Today’s Online Business In 2016, the Philippines tallied almost 45 million internet users. Thanks to the exponential growth of mobile phones as the dominant means of accessing the web in the country. As this post is being written, nearly all modern businesses have their own websites set up to provide information, to generate leads and to sell products online. However, appearing at the top of Google’s search results isn’t as easy as building a website and mentioning the terms you want to be found for. SEO is a body of knowledge that focuses on helping websites rank better for their target keywords, allowing them to draw more targeted traffic for search portals. In countries like the United States, Australian and the UK, businesses from practically every industry are constantly jockeying for position on search results. Fortunately, the state of SEO knowledge in the Philippines is at relatively high levels. Doing SEO yourself is also an option. PTTC Conducts SEO Seminar | Philippine Trade Training Center
7 Sections Your Online Design Portfolio Doesn't Need 7 Sections Your Online Design Portfolio Doesn't Need What should I avoid putting in my portfolio? HobbiesSchool projectsDownloadable resumeSamples for a service you no longer offerBlogResourcesTestimonials When it comes to your design portfolio, quality matters far more than quantity. But unnecessary or random content makes it harder to find the most important information. Not sure if everything on your site needs to be there? Hobbies Including the activities you do for fun will distract visitors from the true focus: your professional abilities. To add some personality to your site without coming across like an amateur, rely on your bio. Branding, package design, and illustration freelancer Grant Burke’s ‘About’ section is a good example. Burke shares his path to graphic design, the lessons he’s learned, and his current motivation. School Projects Unless you’re fresh out of school, keep these projects off your portfolio. Even current and recently graduated students should be cautious of relying too heavily on school projects. Why? A Blog

Illustration and hand drawn elements can give a lot personality to a layout, specially if used properly. From small illustrated icons to complete illustrated backgrounds, or hand drawn typography, it’s always a nice approach to insert illustrations in your design. Today we gathered a few examples of websites using illustrated elements to inspire you. Second Story Trent Walton More than Twenty Postable Duct Tape & Glitter Glass Coat Photo Booth G’Nosh Belong Kolonien SoleilNoir The Penthouse Project Hannah talent garden Luhse Tea We Are Royale AppGear Sir John a Day inTacto 10 Years Rexona for Men – Super Hero Muffi ConvergeSE Monsieur Cassius CSS Design AwardsThe Best DesignsAwwwards 23 Fantastic Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design 23 Fantastic Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design
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PC World – by Alex Wawro Anonymous peer-to-peer communication on the Internet isn’t just a handy tool for privacy enthusiasts; it’s critical for preserving free speech in the digital world. Anonymous file-sharing services like BitTorrent are legion, but their utility is limited—you can share only files—and their reputations are unfairly tarnished by people who use them to share media illegally. Here’s how it works: Freenet is an anonymous peer-to-peer data-sharing network similar to BitTorrent, but with one key difference: All uploaded data is assigned a unique key, sliced up into small, encrypted chunks and scattered across different computers on the network. Instead, when someone wants to access a piece of data—a document or photograph, for example—they “fetch” it from the network using the unique key assigned to that piece of data. Next, head over to the Freenet Project website, and download the Freenet client for your operating system. Find Your Own Private Internet With Freenet Find Your Own Private Internet With Freenet - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser
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After you have spent much time building a store by putting up your products in it, and configured the currency rate on your localhost, you are probably happy with the results. But now you want this store to get international popularity, and you want customers from all over the world. To achieve this, you have to upload your store on a live production server so that everyone can reach out to you. In this tutorial, I am going to do my best to help you transfer your store successfully to the live production server from your PC where no one really sees it except you Things to Check Before Beginning! First of all, you have to purchase a domain. Getting back to where we were. Step 1: Export Your Database From Localhost First of all, login to the phpMyAdmin account on your localhost on PC using any localhost software. Step 2: Make Your Magento Files in Zip Format At this step, all you have to do is to zip all the Magento files that you will upload to the live server in a short while. Bottom-Line How to Transfer Magento Site From Localhost to Server How to Transfer Magento Site From Localhost to Server
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MiEvent is a Clean, Fully Responsive, Modern WORDPRESS Event Theme that is perfectly designed for Events, Conferences, Concerts, Workshops, Festivals and Exhibitions. This theme comes with 20 Premade Demos including 8 Corporate Event Demos, 8 Music Event Demos & 4 X-Mas Demos with beautiful background effects like Snow, Rain, Astronomy & Triangle Effects. If you want your event website to stand out from the crowd and generate interest in those who visit the website, then MiEvent is the theme you are looking for. MiEvent includes all the Latest Design Trends and Modern Website features which makes it a good choice for anyone promoting a cutting edge, innovative, entertaining or technology-focused event. It is based on Bootstrap 3.1 Framework which means that it will look great on any screen size. untitled untitled
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Catherine Becchetti-Bizot, inspectrice générale de l’éducation nationale, est agrégée de lettres classiques. Elle a été directrice de la DNE (Direction du Numérique pour l’Education) puis chargée de mission numérique et […] Lire l’Article → La première semaine de la classe inversée a eu lieu du 25 au 30 janvier, les collègues renversant leur classe ont ouvert leur porte aux visiteurs intéressés et des évènements […] Lire l’Article → Professeure à L’Haÿ-les-Roses, Val de Marne (94), Virginie Shipley travaille par compétences depuis six ans, avec l’accord des IPR et de ses trois chefs d’établissement successifs. Lire l’Article → 2022. Lire l’Article → Fin des témoignages de nos quatre collègues, suite au premier article sur la pédagogie inversée. Lire l’Article → C’est un nouveau concept qui fait florès dans le monde de l’éducation, et que les ango-saxons appellent la flipped classroom (la classe renversée). Lire l’Article → classe inversée classe inversée
mercredi 5 avril 2017 à partir de 11h00 Cette année, la conférence inaugurale sera « inversée ». Marcel Lebrun, professeur en technologies de l’éducation au Louvain Learning Lab de l’Université catholique de Louvain (Belgique), appliquant les principes de la classe inversée, introduira, à distance, la discussion par une présentation du contexte. Il engagera ensuite le dialogue en répondant aux questions portant sur ses travaux. La vidéo « Les Classes inversées en 4 minutes » Extraits enrichis d’une conférence donnée pour le Groupe IGS (Institut de gestion sociale) à Lyon en août 2015 (7ème convention pédagogique) En ligne sur : vidéo intégrale de la conférence « Classe inversée, oui mais… Quoi et comment ? Conférence inaugurale inversée | 8° Colloque : écriTech Conférence inaugurale inversée | 8° Colloque : écriTech
Website Performance Optimization Testing Course | Udacity Website Performance Optimization Testing Course | Udacity Overview Throughout the course, you’ll build a performance toolbox to help you build faster website experiences by taking advantage of PageSpeed Insights recommendations and measuring page performance on mobile and desktop with Chrome Developer Tools. This class contains an introductory lesson, two primary lessons and a final project. Before diving into optimizations, you’ll build an understanding of how browsers convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into websites. Then comes the really fun part: optimization! You’ll put your newfound performance skillset to the test with the final project, where you’ll be optimizing your own online portfolio website! Lesson 0 (20 minutes) You can’t optimize what you can’t measure, so in this lesson you’ll learn how to open Chrome Developer Tools to measure the performance of mobile and desktop websites. Lesson 1 (60 minutes) Optimizing any website’s performance requires a strong understanding of how browsers build websites from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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Film su Cyberbullismo Migliori da vedere | No Bullismo Ecco una lista dei più bei film sul cyberbullismo: Film sul cyberbullismo genere drammatico CYBERBULLY – Pettegolezzi online: La trama: Taylor riceve dalla madre un pc e si iscrive ad un social network. Jessica Burns ha 16 anni e durante l’anno appena trascorso è stata vittima delle vessazioni della sua ex migliore amica. BEN X :Trama: Questo film sul Cyberbullismo racconta di Ben è un adolescente vittima di gravi atti di bullismo quotidiani. Il film racconta il cyberbullismo a scuola e le sue conseguenze. Film sul cyberbullismo genere thriller-horror I SEGRETI DELLA MENTE: Film thriller molto particolare di Hideo Nakata dedicato al tema dei rapporti sociali creati nella rete. UNFRIENDED: 5 giovani e si svolge in un insolito “luogo”. #HORROR: Film che racconta in chiave horror il bullismo dell’era internet. CATFISH. INFERNET: Uno dei pochi film italiani sul cyberbullismo. Guarda anche: Film sul bullismo al Femminile Film sul bullismo The following two tabs change content below. Ciao.
ROMA – Carolina, Amanda, Andrea. Tre nomi che raccontano l’assurda morte di tre ragazzi. Tre morti che portano la firma del bullismo e del cyberbullismo. E poi la disperazione della ragazza di 12 anni di Pordenone che, prima di gettarsi nel vuoto, ha scritto ai suoi compagni di scuola: «Ora sarete contenti». Lei con quel salto nel vuoto ha solo sfiorato la morte, ma per molti, per tanti non c’è stata speranza. Perché il legame tra autolesionismo, depressione e suicidio – tentato o compiuto – e cyberbullismo e bullismo è sempre più evidente. E se il bullismo è di gran lunga il fenomeno più comune, circa il 20% dichiara di esserne stato vittima contro il 6,5% del cyberbullismo, le conseguenze della violenza on line si rivelano ben più pericolose. Basti pensare che ben il 77% di essi si dichiara depresso e triste. Non a caso, proprio dalla triste vicenda della ragazza di Pordenone che ha tentato il suicidio è nata una risposta importante dai suoi stessi coetanei, dagli studenti. Vittime di cyberbullismo: 1 su 10 tenta il suicidio. La Rai lancia uno spot – VIDEOCorriere Sociale
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LA MATERIA OSCURA DEL UNIVERSO Entrada | El Universo | Cosmología | Teoría | Galería | Autores | Indice | CD-ROM No todo lo que existe en el universo es visible. Los astrónomos pueden ver directamente todos los objetos astronómicos (como las estrellas) que emiten luz o cualquier otro tipo de radiación electromagnética. Sin embargo, sabemos que existen objetos que no se pueden ver directamente. Por ejemplo: ¿Cómo sabemos que en el universo debe existir materia oscura? ¿Cómo podemos detectar la presencia de materia oscura? ¿Cuál es la naturaleza de la materia oscura? ¿Será posible que los objetos que constituyen la materia oscura del universo estén formados de electrones, protones y neutrones tal como ocurre con las estrellas y los planetas? Veamos: El efecto de lente gravitacional producido por objetos astronómicos no visibles directamente ha servido para revelar de manera muy clara la presencia de materia oscura. Artículo de profundización en el tema: La materia oscura del universo
No se entiende bien qué es ni de qué está compuesta, pero ya está en una imagen. Científicos de la Universidad de Waterloo lograron la primera imagen compuesta de un puente de materia oscura que conecta y mantiene juntas las galaxias. La imagen, que combina varias imágenes individuales, confirma las predicciones de que las galaxias por todo el universo están ligadas mediante una red cósmica conectada a la materia oscura, que había permanecido oculta. El logro fue publicado en Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. La materia oscura constituye 25 % del universo, no brilla, absorbe o refleja la luz, lo que la ha hecho indetectable, excepto por la gravedad. “Durante décadas, los investigadores han estado prediciendo la existencia de filamentos de materia oscura entre las galaxias que aún como una superestructura tipo red conectando las galaxias”, explicó Mike Hudson, profesor de Astronomía. Primera imagen de la materia oscura - Nota de El Colombiano
La malla intergaláctica, cuya existencia ya se conocía, logró ser capturada en imágenes de calor por investigadores de la Universidad de Waterloo. En el Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, los investigadores de la Universidad de Waterloo Seth Edds y Michael Hudson publicaron, por primera vez en la historia, una imagen de los puentes de materia oscura que unen todas las galaxias del Universo. La imagen, que se compuso gracias a la superposición de varias tomas distintas, es la prueba de aquella teoría que aseguraba que, en el vasto espacio cósmico, existe una malla de materia oscura, una misteriosa sustancia que no brilla, absorbe o refleja la luz y cuyos efectos solo pueden percibirse por la gravedad. De hecho, es por estas características que la materia oscura fue descubierta por los cosmólogos apenas hace 25 años. Hudson, junto a su estudiante Seth Edds, lograron la imagen gracias una técnica llamada lente gravitacional débil. Revelan la primera imagen de red de materia oscura que une galaxias - Nota de El Espectador

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