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Illustration and hand drawn elements can give a lot personality to a layout, specially if used properly. From small illustrated icons to complete illustrated backgrounds, or hand drawn typography, it’s always a nice approach to insert illustrations in your design. Today we gathered a few examples of websites using illustrated elements to inspire you. Second Story Trent Walton More than Twenty Postable Duct Tape & Glitter Glass Coat Photo Booth G’Nosh Belong Kolonien SoleilNoir The Penthouse Project Hannah talent garden Luhse Tea We Are Royale AppGear Sir John a Day inTacto 10 Years Rexona for Men – Super Hero Muffi ConvergeSE Monsieur Cassius CSS Design AwardsThe Best DesignsAwwwards 23 Fantastic Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design 23 Fantastic Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design
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Gladeye - Digital Agency Auckland, New Zealand
Proenza Schouler Femme - - The luxury online boutique devoted to creating distinctive style
BookieMarch 14 2016 Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars Very cute and the perfect size! Displaying 4 of 4 JdynneAugust 8 2016 Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars This bag is just the right size for me to carry what I need. I love the outside zipper pockets. I love the coated canvas material. It looks good, but makes it easy to keep the bag clean. Basic Crossbody - Turq Brave Beauti in Trending Now at Sakroots Basic Crossbody - Turq Brave Beauti in Trending Now at Sakroots

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amourteruel | Teruel will surprise you more than you can imagine
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Pure Data Patches | Pure Data Resources These are various patches I have come across on the web: From From Two sawtooth oscillatorsFilterFilter controlLine envelopesMessage controlled lineEnvelope generatorOscillator controlsAmplitude controlSends and receives for messagesSeparating the interfaceAdding GUI componentsMidi note controlControl normalisationPatch memoryUsing midi keyboardFinal adjustmentsFundamental frequencyHarmonic relationshipAmplitude envelope From PD Drum machinePD Pulse Grain GeneratorPD Example Semi-Generative tune From MIDI synth editorWaveTable Sequencer From The MetastudioMetaVJ From Theremin to MIDI Control program in Pd NeonPlastic Again too many to list. Pure Data Patches | Pure Data Resources
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» Learn How To Play Drums With HD Video Drum Lessons Welcome to the ultimate online resource for drummers! Here you get free access to a growing library of video drum lessons on a wide variety of drumming topics. Students of all skill levels can immediately begin improving their musical abilities using these simple step-by-step videos. You can browse the drum lessons using the categories below or by using the beginner, intermediate, or advanced playlists. Both the lesson categories and playlists feature the same content - just organized in different ways. Keep in mind, you can also use the search box in the right column to quickly find a lesson using keywords. NEW SERIES: Improve your weak hand's speed, power, and control with Dave Atkinson's video series on "De-Stupefying Your Weak Hand". Are you looking for a complete library of step-by-step video lessons? Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, and support from other drummers? » Learn How To Play Drums With HD Video Drum Lessons
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Online Keyboard • Multilingual • LEXILOGOS Online Keyboard • Multilingual • LEXILOGOS International Phonetic Alphabet Latin alphabet Latin Keyboard for the Western languages Other alphabets Conversion Capital <> small letters conversion: all the alphabets + Turkish conversion in Morse & Morse code Conversion in Latin alphabet: Bulgarian | Byelorussian | Kazakh | Macedonian | Mongolian | Russian | Serbian | Tajik | Ukrainian | Uzbek Armenian | Georgian Ancient Greek | Modern Greek Japanese Hiragana | Japanese Katakana Korean Kurdish | Yiddish Chinese Pinyin tone marks <> numbers Chinese simplified <> traditional characters -> dictionaries in all languages -> alphabets in all languages -> online calculator
Online ePub converter Online ePub converter Online ebook converter Convert your PDF files, ebooks from other readers or just plain text to the ePub format. This format is known by most ebook readers. Upload a file or provide a URL and click on "Convert file". Optionally you can select the target reader to allow our ebook converter a better accuracy. Our ePub converter accepts a variety of input formats. If you need some inspiration what you could read, you can take a look at the Gutenberg Project. At least the following e-book readers understand the epub format: Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, BeBook, Adobe Digital Editions, Lexcycle Stanza, BookGlutton, AZARDI, Aldiko, WordPlayer on Android and the Mozilla Firefox add-on OpenBerg Lector.
2016/08 [ADage] Gawker Killed Itself Never Mind Peter Thiel. Univision's announced acquisition of Gawker Media blogs Deadspin, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel and Kotaku last week -- a sale forced by Gawker Media's bankruptcy following a $140 million ruling against it in Hulk Hogan's invasion-of-privacy lawsuit -- is making plenty of media observers suddenly nostalgic about the Gawker Media flagship that nobody wanted. ("Desirable though the other properties are," Gawker Media founder Nick Denton wrote in a note to his staff, "we have not been able to find a single media company or investor willing also to take on") The New York Post's Lia Eustachewich, for instance, referred to Gawker on Friday as "Nick Denton's beloved gossip site" -- which is just surreal, because while it was still alive, Gawker made a UFC-worthy spectacle of bashing the Post. And Slate's editors pulled together a list of more than a dozen of their favorite Gawker stories over the years in a post titled "Gawker Is Dead. It was. But Nick is... complicated. 2016/08 [ADage] Gawker Killed Itself Never Mind Peter Thiel.
I think of this while watching Bell Labs workers bustle into the building. They’re flowing up mainly from the lower parking lot where they parked a fleet of silver, white and black sedans. Many are carrying briefcases and messenger bags containing laptops – these days you bring your own computer to work. I enter through gold-tinted glass doors on the west side of the building, and the early Eighties fantasia continues. The high-ceilinged concrete space is filled with display cases filled with artefacts filled with astonishing significance: the world’s first transistor (1947); the world’s first laser (1957); a replica of the world’s first satellite (1961). A plasma television displays in real time the current number of patents generated by the building’s occupants: 29,002 as of this morning. Most of us have never heard of Alcatel-Lucent but, essentially, it builds and maintains a huge chunk of the internet. Hofmann, still a competitive water polo player, has spent 13 years at Bell Labs. 2014/09 [telegraph] Douglas Coupland: 'I miss my pre-internet brain' 2014/09 [telegraph] Douglas Coupland: 'I miss my pre-internet brain'
2016/08 [Slate] Culture Gabfest on the death of Gawker. Illustration by Robert Neubecker. Listen to Culture Gabfest No. 414 with Dan Kois, Dana Stevens, and Jessica Winter with the audio player below. And join the lively conversation on the Culturefest Facebook page here: Go to to learn more about Slate Plus and join today. This week on Slate Plus, the critics answer a listener question and choose books that changed the way they look at the world. On this week’s Slate Culture Gabfest, the critics discuss the rise and fall of Gawker and the hole it will leave behind in the internet after 14 years. Links to some of the things we discussed this week: Culture Gabfest is brought to you by Boll and Branch. And by Audible. And by Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans. Dan: Matthew Perpetua’s survey mixes of every year of the ’80s on Fluxblog Jessica: You Will Know Me, by Megan Abbott A Slate Plus Special Feature: (Almost) every product recommended on every Slate podcast since the dawn of creation. Outro: “Casanova” by LeVert 2016/08 [Slate] Culture Gabfest on the death of Gawker.
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Trova le differenze: i giochi di Geronimo Stilton - Geronimo Stilton Trova le differenze Edizione straordinaria: «Inspiegabili furti al museo!!!» Durante la notte quattro astuti furfanti si sono introdotti nel museo e hanno rubato alcune opere di grande valore, rimpiazzandole con delle copie… quasi perfette. Ma non è tutto! La loro abilità li ha portati a modificare l’ordine degli oggetti e a confondere l’attenzione... Geronimo e Benjamin non ne vengono a capo, è un caso davvero difficile e hanno bisogno del tuo aiuto: come avranno agito i misteriosi “ratti da museo”? Accompagna Geronimo e Benjamin attraverso le sale del museo: la sala del faraone Akhenraten, quella degli Scarabei, quella dello Spazio, la collezione africana... un vero e proprio giro del mondo! Scoprite insieme che cosa è cambiato dopo il furto. Ognuna di queste immagini presenta cinque piccole differenze rispetto a prima... ma attenzione: il tempo corre e per tutta la durata del gioco hai a disposizione solamente tre aiuti. Trova le differenze: i giochi di Geronimo Stilton - Geronimo Stilton
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5 Things that UI Designers Should Avoid! Are you trying to better your UI designs, wondering what is may be missing bit in the design. It could that you are missing out on few details that are hampering your progress. Today, I plan to show you a direction which can at least tell you what not to do! With the help of these tips, you can be more careful towards your approach to User Interface Design. When it comes to User Interface design, your approach that totally depends upon the kind of business, organization or enterprise will enhance the development crisis. This is making an overall difference in the perspective of designs which is why it is important for graphic and web designers to understand the difference between what looks nice and what looks nice and works well too. Unlearn 5 Things About User Interface Design 1. While you are designing for a website, the typeface selected must depend on the kind of the brand or organization. 2. With Consistency I mean, the balance between colors and sizes. 3. 4. 5.
Website Ontwikkeling We denken samen na over de benodigdheden van uw website: door te brainstormen ontwikkelen we een unieke en betekenisvolle online presentatie van uw bedrijfswaarden. We denken mee! Geen loze opmerking maar een praktische waarde Waarom wilt u uw bestaande website aanpassen? Dit helpt ons om uw intenties en bedrijfswaarden te begrijpen. Ons technische team en de Project Manager uit uw eigen land, hier in India, zullen u bijstaan tijdens alle stages van het website ontwerp en het ontwikkelingsproces. Website Ontwikkelaar
Responsive Design Expert Omzetten bestaande site naar mobiel vriendelijke Vanaf 350€ Contact Us Google dat massa-mails stuurt naar webmasters van wie de websites en webshops niet responsive zijn. Een responsive design is tegenwoordig geen wens meer, maar een must-have. Dit wil zeggen dat ondernemingen zonder mobiel-vriendelijke websites een daling in hun online performance kunnen verwachten. Is de tijd dus gekomen voor mobiel-geoptimalizeerde websites? Jazeker! Voordelen van een responsive design: Men verbetert de kijkervaring van website-bezoekers via een tablet of mobiele telefoon – geen horizontale of verticale scrolling.Geen noodzaak tot het maken van een aparte mobiele websiteVergroot de reikweidte naar alle schermgroottesVerbetering van conversion en click through rates Waarom zou u een responsive web-design naar ons outsourcen? Maak uw website dan ook responsive, uw ranking op mobiele zoekmachines kan er onder lijden. Neem contact met ons op om uw website responsive te maken en de concurrentie voor te blijven.

Тупичок Гоблина (Goblin). Переводы кино. Студия полный Пэ. Божья Искра. Синий Фил.
The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources Creating content isn't always a walk in the park. (In fact, it can sometimes feel more like trying to swim against the current.) While other parts of business and marketing are becoming increasingly automated, content creation is still a very manual job. That being said, there are plenty of tools out there to make creating content much easier. Click here to download our full collection of content creation templates for blog posts, ebooks, infographics, and more. Below, you'll find a list of 36 fantastic tools and resources to help you research, write, edit, and design content more easily. Let's get started. 36 Free Tools & Resources to Make Content Creation Easier For Researchers 1) Google Drive Research Tool Google recently added a tool to Drive that allows you to conduct Google searches without ever leaving your Drive window. 2) Site:search This is a handy Google hack I use every day. 3) Google Webmaster Tools Doing SEO and keyword research? 4) Percentage Change Calculator 5) Atlas Source: Atlas
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15 recursos de Internet imprescindibles para cualquier profesor Internet es esa fuente de conocimiento donde se puede encontrar prácticamente todo. En lo relativo a educación, los recursos para educación en Internet se están volviendo imprescindibles al permitirnos el acceso a un mundo de posibilidades en unos pocos segundos, y de forma muy sencilla. Dentro de la inmensidad de Internet hay servicios buenos, malos o regulares; algunos más atractivos o enfocados para usar en el ámbito formativo, y otros más alejados de lo que aquí nos ocupa. Hoy vamos a hablar de 15 recursos de Internet imprescindibles para cualquier profesor, y que agradecerás tener siempre a mano. Socrative Una de las plataformas online educativas más reconocidas se llama Socrative: juegos y aplicaciones para que estudiantes de todo el mundo puedan “aprender jugando”, un modelo que cada vez tiene más adeptos. LearningApps Aunque con una interfaz que podríamos considerar obsoleta, la magia de LearningApps está en su interior. Better Lesson TeacherTube PlanBoardApp Wikispaces Google Earth
La Innovación educativa - What is the Flipped Classroom
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