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IIn the summer of 1970, a 34-year-old Welsh artist with a shock of prematurely white hair and a thick, moustache-less goatee was asked by the Times to draw political cartoons during the general election campaign. Idealistic and mistrustful of authority, Ralph Steadman saw little that was likeable or even distinguishable in the Conservative Party’s Edward Heath and Labour’s Harold Wilson. But he had four children to support from a recently ended marriage and needed a steady income, so he accepted the assignment – and got on with causing offence. Steadman’s first cartoon for the newspaper, featuring the diminutive Mr Weath and Mr Hilson, as he named them, along with the Liberal Party leader, Jeremy Thorpe, was titled Happiness Is a Small Politician. The then Times editor, William Rees-Mogg, worried that the drawings were inflammatory, but others on the paper liked Steadman’s strange, savage style. Dear Ralph . . . The yellow pill made Steadman feel weird and brave. “Ralph, we must flee!” NewStatesman - Russell Brand on revolution NewStatesman - Russell Brand on revolution
ABC Australia ABC Australia 'I'm Scottish': Gutted Lambie to quit Senate in latest citizenship shock Jacqui Lambie broke down in a radio interview this morning as she confirmed she will resign from the Senate because she holds British citizenship, telling listeners she always thought she was "Australian as they bloody come". How your MP will vote if Australia says Yes to same-sex marriage We've asked every federal politician what they intend to do if same-sex marriage gets to a vote in Parliament. On the numbers we've gathered, both houses would pass a bill to change the law. Check out what your local member will do. Wong says alternative same-sex marriage bill a 'licence to discriminate' It's Kristina Keneally vs John Alexander in the by-election battle for Bennelong Labor nominates the former New South Wales premier to run in the Bennelong by-election against John Alexander, in a contest that could upset the Federal Government's fragile majority and cause major headaches for Malcolm Turnbull.
1 hr ago | The Age The making of an unlikely radical Hated by progressives for his role in Gough Whitlam's dismissal and his ultra-conservative foreign policies when Liberal PM, Malcolm Fraser today believes Australia should cut all military ties to the US. Trending on the Topix Network 5 hrs ago | Sydney Morning Herald Australian banks profit from NZ After years of sub-par growth in New Zealand, signs of economic recovery in what has been dubbed the ''rock star economy'' bode well for Australia's big banks. 10 hrs ago | The Age Rowdy Australian sparks plane hijack fear A drunk passenger has caused the closure of Bali's airport when a Virgin Australia pilot reported a hijacking attempt. 14 hrs ago | Drunken passenger arrested in Bali after hijack scare on flight from Australia RACE PACKAGE PICKUP IS LOCATED AT BC PLACE STADIUM'S EAST ENTRANCE Individual race package pickup is at BC Place Stadium for three days only. 18 hrs ago | Search for MH370 'may last for years' Topix - Australia News Topix - Australia News
January, 2015 After the post I shared here on how to create flipped videos via the use of annotations and other interactivity features on YouTube, I received a couple of emails from fellow teachers asking about certain functionalities on YouTube. Instead of answering each one individually, I decided to create this post and include in it the major important things a teacher should be able to do on YouTube. Here is what you will get to learn from these tips:Know how to add subtitles and closed captions to your videosAdd and edit annotationsuse enhancement features to improve your videosHow to use YouTube video editor to combine, trim, add music and customize your clipsHow to search YouTube library for copyright-free music to add to your videosHow to swap the audio track on our videos Click on each title to access its corresponding resource page. 3- How to Add Annotations to Your Videos Annotations help you engage with viewers and make your videos more interactive. 5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do On YouTube 5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do On YouTube
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Boolean operators - Database Search Tips - LibGuides at MIT Libraries Boolean operators - Database Search Tips - LibGuides at MIT Libraries Use AND in a search to: narrow your results tell the database that ALL search terms must be present in the resulting records example: cloning AND humans AND ethics The purple triangle in the middle of the Venn diagram below represents the result set for this search. It is a small set using AND, the combination of all three search words. Be aware: In many, but not all, databases, the AND is implied. For example, Google automatically puts an AND in between your search terms.
Summer Reading 2017: The Ultimate Book List Summer is (almost) here! And that means summer reading is, too. We’ve compiled some of the biggest books hitting shelves in summer 2017, from new releases by blockbuster authors to exciting debut novels. Meet your go-to list for summer reading 2017! Publishers’ descriptions included below. 16th Seduction by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro Fifteen months ago, Detective Lindsay Boxer’s life was perfect — she had a beautiful child and a doting husband, Joe, who helped her catch a criminal who’d brazenly detonated a bomb in downtown San Francisco, killing 25 people. Release date: May 1 Into the Water by Paula Hawkins The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller and global phenomenon The Girl on the Train returns with Into the Water, her addictive new novel of psychological suspense. A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Left behind is a lonely 15-year-old girl. Beware a calm surface — you never know what lies beneath. Release date: May 2 1947. 1915. Summer Reading 2017: The Ultimate Book List
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Communication : Un nouveau concept pour réconcilier Image et Opinions L’avènement des médias sociaux n’en finit pas de chambouler les paradigmes qui ont longtemps structuré les schémas communicants des entreprises et des institutions. Aujourd’hui, l’image de celles-ci évolue en permanence à pas comptés sur le terrain mouvant des opinions au risque de voir sa cohérence écornée ou distordue par des publics toujours plus bavards et critiques. C’est précisément pour mieux appréhender cette tectonique de l’image et des opinions que l’agence Wellcom vient de lancer le 27 novembre dernier, une intéressante démarche stratégique baptisée Origami System. Loin d’être un énième concept brumeux de communicant en mal de théorie de laboratoire, l’approche d’Origami System est au contraire résolument pragmatique. Elle se présente sous la forme d’un outil de diagnostic, de construction et de pilotage de la communication d’une marque, d’une entreprise ou d’une institution. Origami ou comment articuler les différentes facettes d’une communication « Connais-toi toi-même » ! Communication : Un nouveau concept pour réconcilier Image et Opinions
Belle Beth Cooper du blog Buffer a réuni toutes les statistiques et les études à sa disposition sur Twitter, Facebook, l’emailing et les blogs. L’objectif : nous aider à trouver le meilleur moment pour communiquer sur chaque support. Bien des recherches sont contradictoires et il est parfois difficile de dégager de véritables règles. Cependant, nous pouvons trouver des modèles et les tester sur notre propre audience. Ainsi, il sera possible de déterminer, au cas par cas, ce qui fonctionne le mieux. Voici donc quelques pistes tirées de recherches à découvrir. Facebook, les meilleurs moments pour poster Les recherches menées par Belle Beth Cooper ont révélé plusieurs statistiques. Ceux qui ont légèrement fait varier le jour de leur publication ont vu leur taux d’engagement augmenter du mercredi au vendredi. Une autre étude relève que la participation est 32 % plus élevée le week-end. Cependant, le meilleur moment de la journée pour poster sur Facebook est discutable. Trouver le bon timing Les meilleures heures pour publier sur Facebook, Twitter, blog et emailing Les meilleures heures pour publier sur Facebook, Twitter, blog et emailing
The introduction of parking charges on a Poldark filming site where 31 men died nearly 100 years ago in a mining disaster has been defended by the National Trust. Opponents say "public feeling is high" about the ticket machine at Levant Mine in Cornwall. The machine was wrenched out of the ground on 4 February but will be replaced on Thursday. The National Trust said the fees fund conservation and maintain the site. More on the Poldark mine parking fees, and other Cornwall news 'Poldark location' Scenes from the first series of Poldark were filmed at Levant Mine, and the National Trust said there had been a 50% increase in visitor numbers to 100,000 people a year since the drama was first broadcast in March 2015. "Public feeling against this new policy is running very high locally and, to prevent a repeat of unsightly and costly vandalism, I once again appeal to the National Trust to reconsider their parking policy and agree to grant an exemption for this location." Image copyright Ian Cooke Poldark's Levant Mine parking fees 'insensitive' Poldark's Levant Mine parking fees 'insensitive'
Image copyright Calum Maclean/BBC Scenes that were shot on Skye last summer for the new Transformers movie can be glimpsed in a newly-released trailer for the film. Car parks at beauty spots such as the Quiraing were closed in August to allow for filming of Transformers: The Last Knight. The Skye scenes in the trailer feature moody landscapes and an ancient battle. Sir Anthony Hopkins, one of the stars, can be heard telling of the Transformers' "secret history". The trailer has been uploaded to social media sites such as Twitter and video sharing website YouTube. To be released in cinemas next month, it also stars Laura Haddock and Mark Wahlberg and is the latest in a series of movies about giant battling robots. On Skye, actors were seen wearing medieval garb and riding horses. Filming was done at the Quiraing and The Storr on the Trotternish Peninsula. Lealt Quarry is also thought to have been used by the film crew, and a helicopter was seen flying over that location with a camera attached. Transformers' Skye scenes no longer in disguise Transformers' Skye scenes no longer in disguise
*****Media valorisation: The Eco Impact of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Unless you were living under a reef in 2003, you probably watched the Disney Pixar box-office smash Finding Nemo at least three times. The film tells the tale of a clownfish named Marlin and his regal blue tang friend Dory as they travel all the way to Sydney Harbour to rescue Marlin’s son, Nemo, who had been stolen from his coral reef home to live out his numbered days in the care of a dentist’s deranged niece. It’s a touching, funny, and inspiring tale that taught a generation many life lessons. <a href=" src=" alt="Losing Nemo and Dory - Meet the Clownfish and Regal Blue Tang" border="0" /></a><br />Source: <a href=" Blog</a> Close Embed Image Clownfish Repercussions Marine fish harvesting techniques can be indiscriminate, cruel, and involve high mortality rates. Embed the article on your site
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When it comes to evaluating information that flows across social channels or pops up in a Google search, young and otherwise digital-savvy students can easily be duped, finds a new report from researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Education. The report, released this week by the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), shows a dismaying inability by students to reason about information they see on the Internet, the authors said. Students, for example, had a hard time distinguishing advertisements from news articles or identifying where information came from. "Many people assume that because young people are fluent in social media they are equally perceptive about what they find there," said Professor Sam Wineburg, the lead author of the report and founder of SHEG. The researchers began their work in January 2015, well before the most recent debates over fake news and its influence on the presidential election. “Many of the materials on web credibility were state-of-the-art in 1999. researchers find students have trouble judging the credibility of information online
Last year, Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero shocked the medical establishment when he announced that he would be able to transplant a human head onto a new body by 2017. He even gave a high-energy Tedx talk about the surgery. But the project was greeted with skepticism. The other big problem—besides the almost insurmountable technical details and the $10 to $100 million price tag—is that transplanting a head onto a new body could be a recipe for confusion and madness. Arthur Caplan, director of medical ethics at New York University’s Langone Medical Centre, who is a vocal Canavero critic, tells Christoper Hooten at The Independent that head transplant patients “would end up being overwhelmed with different pathways and chemistry than they are used to and they’d go crazy.” The VR system, Canavero believes, would help overcome some of those difficulties. Despite doubts and protests, the transplantation project has moved ahead rapidly. Head Transplant Patient Will Use VR - Real or Fake?
Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 is... | Oxford Dictionaries post-truth adjective Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. 16 November 2016, Oxford, UK: Today, Oxford Dictionaries announces post-truth as its 2016 international Word of the Year. The concept of post-truth has been in existence for the past decade, but Oxford Dictionaries has seen a spike in frequency this year in the context of the EU referendum in the United Kingdom and the presidential election in the United States. The compound word post-truth exemplifies an expansion in the meaning of the prefix post- that has become increasingly prominent in recent years. ‘It’s not surprising that our choice reflects a year dominated by highly-charged political and social discourse,’ says Casper Grathwohl, President of Oxford Dictionaries. The Word of the Year need not have been coined within the past twelve months. The Word of the Year shortlist adulting noun, informal alt-right noun
When television took over from print and radio as the dominant media in the second half of the 20th century, a hierarchy evolved in which the privileged few with TV camera access spoke to the masses. This top-down dissemination of news and opinion not only shaped information, but it also shaped the psychology of those people, and of anyone who has lived with one foot in the TV broadcast era, and the other in the new dynamic brought on by the Internet. That established top-down directive—and society’s conditioning to widely accept what is presented to them by experts—is what Neurohacker CEO Jordan Greenhall describes as the Blue Church: “The Blue Church is a kind of narrative/ideology control structure that is a natural result of mass media. Greenhall believes the switch from top-down broadcast television to the bottom-up nature of the Internet explains American politics in the past 30 or 40 years, and certainly in the past two years. Controlling the Masses Through Media No Longer Works
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Flashback: CNN Host Who Called Trump 'piece of sh*t' Encouraged Rape of Congressman » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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