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Tab Completion Tab Completion This is a basic sketch of a CSSOM Values API, where rather than returning strings for everything, we use proper JS objects. No more parsing of "5px" for you! Requirements Must faithfully and directly reflect the property grammar in an obvious way. Common Types of Property Changes As CSS grows and changes, we alter and extend existing properties in various ways. Breaking apart a complex property into a shorthand with sub-properties.Turning a property with a single value into a list-valued property that accepts a comma-separated list.Adding more terms to the grammar of an existing property, such as taking a property that accepts a <length> and making it <length> || keyword, so it goes from 1 value to 1 or 2 values. Proposal Sketch We define an additional accessor for style data, provisionally called .css. The value of each property is an array containing one or more CSSValue objects. For example, here's box-shadow: That is: el.css.boxShadow[0] = 5px; Issue: using a value list is kinda clumsy.
At An Event Apart in Atlanta GA 2014, Mat Marquis walked through the history of developing a responsive images solution for the Web and the solution coming to browsers soon. Here's my notes from his talk The Past, Present, and Future of Responsive Images: Responsive Web design is made up of three things: a flexible grid, media queries, and flexible images & media. But as developers we've also made responsive design synonymous with large web sites.One of the most common critiques against responsive Web design is that it creates large (file size) Web sites, thereby slowing Web pages down.The average Web page sizes are 1.6MB. Working Through Options Images and media can be made fluid by setting max-width to 100%. A Final Solution Other Techniques Compressive images allows you to compress images a lot at large sizes, then allow browsers to scale down to the right size.Users saving compressive images get blurry assets if they download the compressed size image. An Event Apart: The Future of Responsive Images An Event Apart: The Future of Responsive Images
On Monday, we published an article on Picturefill 2.01, a perfect polyfill for responsive images. Today’s article complements Tim Wright’s article and explains exactly how we can use the upcoming <picture> element and srcset, with simple fallbacks for legacy browsers. There is no reason to wait for responsive images2; we can actually have them very, very soon3. — Ed. “Everything I’ve said so far could be summarized as: make pages which are adaptable.… Designing adaptable pages is designing accessible pages. And perhaps the great promise of the web, far from fulfilled as yet, is accessibility, regardless of difficulties, to information.”– John Allsopp, A Dao of Web Design4 Images5 are some6 of the most7 important8 pieces9 of information10 on the web11, but over the web’s 25-year history, they haven’t been very adaptable at all. HTML authors began to really feel these limitations when high-resolution screens and responsive layouts hit the web like a one-two punch. That is about to change. Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide To <picture> And srcset Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide To <picture> And srcset
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Make your images work overtime for you Thinglink technology lets businesses and consumers embed audio, video and rich media links directly in images and share them across the web. Encourage your fans, friends, and consumers to engage with images by watching videos, listening to songs and sound clips, and exploring social media. There's a tag for that Want to encourage people to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter? Are you a coding pro? Bring in your images from anywhere Choosing what images to tag is not a problem with ThingLink. You can bring images from the web by copying their URL, import your 20 latest images from Flickr with our import tool, or upload them straight to our service from your hard drive. You are free to tag as many images as you wish, with Basic level users permitted 50 image uploads to begin with. More image uploads can be earned through our reward system; whenever a new user signs up from one of your images, we give you 10 added image uploads. ThingLink Reviews ThingLink Reviews
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Web Interface - Uploader · Web Interface - Uploader · Image Optimization Mode offers several optimization modes The mode you select should depend on your specific requirements - such as the type of image that you are compressing, and the target audience of your images. Lossy Our intelligent lossy optimization typically produces savings of at least 60% of the initial file weight; with savings of 80% to 90% occurring frequently. Lossless This mode will save as much file weight as possible without altering a single pixel, hence the name "lossless" - meaning no information is lost whatsoever. Expert Expert view is designed for users who are already familiar with image processing and optimization.
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author: mike foskett incept: 28th January 2010 last modified: 18th September 2012 A simple utility to convert an image into base 64 data URIs for embedding images. It's best practice to optimise images prior to conversion via a tool such as SmushIt, Image Optimizer or PunyPNG. Embedded images should be stored in cacheable files such as flat, not dynamic, HTML and style sheets. Note: The file size increases by approximately 30% which may be offset by serving as part of a compressed (gzip / deflate) file. Note: IEv8 has the lowest maximum data URI size of 32768 Bytes. Note: base 64 data URI embedded images do not work in IE less than version 8. /* All browsers (contains image references for IEv6 & 7 via the star hack perhaps) */ <link rel="stylesheet" href="page.css" type="text/css" media="all" /> /* All non-IE browsers and IE > v7 see this: */ <! All layout definitions should be in "page.css" including a reference to the image for IE 6 & 7. Image To Data URI Convertor - webSemantics Image To Data URI Convertor - webSemantics
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Free Vector 2016 Calendar | Free vector Graphics Free Vector 2016 Calendar | Free vector Graphics Aug 31 Aug 31 Aug 31 Aug 31 Aug 31 Aug 30 Aug 30 Aug 30 Aug 30 Aug 30 Aug 29 Aug 29
Come on and take this FREE Simple and practical icon – vector material right here and right now, and then you can get a lot of help on the following related information elements, such as design material, business figures, stickers, pens, reflection, icons, envelopes, computer, scissors, simple, cooperation, roll angle, briefcases, practical alarm, a ruler, a signal frame, memo pad, boss chair. Resolution ratio: 4000×5000 pixels File format: EPS Color theme: Colorful Author: PS of My Free Photoshop Download high-Resolution EPS file: File Size: 1.65 MB Download link Tips: Download page is Non-English language Page, and this download guider will be helpful. Simple and practical icon – vector material | My Free Photoshop World Simple and practical icon – vector material | My Free Photoshop World
Logo Design is one of the biggest graphic design area focused by designers from all over the world. Inspiring ideas from other logos can lead to new logo designs but making a new logo is always hard work. Here find commercial logo mockups for free download which are introduced in this topic containing more than 40 logo mockups. It is traditional in logo design to showcase multiple logo designs you have created before the client decides on single appropriate one he likes. Flat logo on a white background will look completely weird even though it is the real object we have designed. To avoid flat looks and give clients a better idea on how the real thing looks after it is used in posters, flyers or in a company, mockup is the perfect psd option to accomplish this. The logo templates for daily logo design we added earlier can be useful for building your customized version of logos. Free realistic logo mock-up An elegant mockup to display elegant logos on a paper background. Download Download 45 Free Logo PSD Mock-Ups 45 Free Logo PSD Mock-Ups
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From the average Joe, or Jane, to the top luxury brands, everybody with a share in the eCommerce pie today, has ensured that they are visible on the internet and the mobile. As eCommerce sales gain bigger space in the overall retail market, where eCommerce accounted for over $300 billion of total retail sales, in 2015, more and more retailers are moving over from information cataloguing to experience cataloguing. The experience catalogue, in turn, is driven by design as much as visuals. Image retouching and enhancement no longer serves the singular purpose of illustrating the product. Nearly everybody who has seen it has been wowed by the home page of Etsy, where a lot of small shop owners use photographs of their products, taken against muted colors, with their smartphones. A study by Gartner says, “By 2017, U.S. customers’ mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the U.S. to 50% of U.S. digital commerce revenue.” Visual Experience is Redefining Ecommerce Space - Are You Poised to Deal with the Change?
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TweetTweet The day is near when ecommerce portals will completely take over the conventional brick-and-mortar stores! You get everything from groceries to electronics on these virtual stores; in fact online purchasing has become a very 21st Century phenomena. They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In other words, Product images are not just a visually-tempting addition to the store; they are in fact a requisite to ensure success of your online store. How does image retouching and editing help your eCommerce store? We have noted some amazing solutions image editors and re-touchers offer to give an appealing look to your product images. Image Cropping and Re-sizing: Since customers select the product simply by looking at it, you need to give them that perfect view. Noise Reduction: Too grainy images can make the image look very blur or unclear; product image specialist eliminates extra luminance and color noise; so that you can have a clear and better view of the item. Image Retouching and Editing for eCommerce Portals

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Optimizing images for SEO If you are for instance a blogger or write articles for an online magazine or newspaper, you encounter this question on a probably daily basis: should I add an image to my article? The answer is “Yes”. Images make an article more vivid and can actually contribute to improving the SEO for your article. In this post, I’d like to explain the steps that should be taken to fully optimize an image for SEO. When optimizing an image you make sure it as small as it can be in terms of download size by using the right image compression. Use images Images, when added with a certain consideration, will help understand your article a lot. It’s a simple recommendation: use images to every article you write online. Finding the right image If you have the opportunity to add your own image, please do so. Your article needs an image that has the same subject as your article. You might have seen the images we are using for our posts (the ones with the titles). Just another way to go about adding images.
If you run an online store, image optimization is an art that you want to master. From attracting shoppers perusing Google images to reducing site load time - image optimization can be an important part of building a successful ecommerce website. Have you ever stayed up at night wondering: Why is it that when I do a Google image search, my product photos never show up? In this post I'm going to answer those questions and more. Bonus Guide: Get "How to Capture High Quality Product Photos With Your SmartPhone" - a free, step-by-step guide that shows you exactly which tools and apps you'll need. 1. It's really easy to blast through hundreds of product shots and keep the default file name your camera gives them. When it comes to SEO, it's important to use acceptable keywords to help your webpage rank on search engines. Let's use this image as an example: You could use the generic name that your camera gave to the image such as DCMIMAGE10.jpg. 2. 3. 4. Consider this: So What Do You Do? 5. 6. 7. 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips - Image SEO
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