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How to drink water the right way Did you know that drinking excessive water can be dangerous? Drinking excessive water over a short period of time leads to many complications and in some extreme cases untimely death. Your body is programmed to handle water as and when it enters the body. The body receives water in two ways – Ø the water that you drink directly and Ø water from fruits and vegetables that you eat When the body is suddenly pumped with excess water, it is shocked and does not know what to do. * Blood runs in delicate tubes (blood vessels) throughout our body. * Kidneys flush out water and other impurities on a daily basis. * Blood consists of water and electrolytes. The electrolytes in the blood and the electrolytes in the cell are well balanced. When you drink too much water the blood becomes diluted and increases in volume. To maintain the balance of electrolytes present in the blood and the surrounding cells, the excess water will seep into the surrounding cells making them swell up. You may experience – How to drink water the right way
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Aerobic exercises target the heart and the lungs. It is an excellent form of cardio vascular exercises. It strengthens the heart muscles and improves lung capacity. It helps to lose weight, ease stress and helps to prevent many health conditions. What is aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise involves the continuous and repeated movement of large muscle groups. Aerobics is a very good form of cardio vascular exercise. Examples of aerobic exercises - Running, walking, swimming, rowing, jogging, cycling, skating, skiing, hiking, dancing Image Credit - freedigitalphotos Benefits of Aerobic Exercises Aerobic exercises along with a healthy diet helps to lose weight Increases stamina and fitness levels over a period of time Strengthens the heart and helps the heart to pump blood more efficiently Removes bad cholesterol from the arteries and boosts the levels of good cholesterol Helps to relieve stress and work off tension Strengthens muscles and improves flexibility Strengthens bones and joints References Aerobic Exercise for Health and Fitness Aerobic Exercise for Health and Fitness
What is Pilates? Health Benefits of Pilates What is Pilates? Health Benefits of Pilates Pilates is a system developed for physical fitness by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is built around the control of the body when exercising. The posture, breathing and movement of the body are very important while exercising. Pilates has many health benefits and an excellent form of physical exercise. An Introduction to Pilates Pilates is a system developed for physical fitness by Joseph Pilates. In the beginning chairs and tables were used for Pilates exercises. What is Pilates? Pilates is built around the control of the body when exercising. The focus of Pilates Pilates focuses on the core of the body. The posture, breathing and movement of the body are very important while exercising. Benefits of Pilates Pilates increases muscular strength and stabilizes the spine. These exercises help to develop long, strong muscles, a flat stomach and strong back. The breathing technique used in Pilates is unique and helps to refresh, relax and unwind. How does Pilates differ from other exercises? 3. References
Exercise in a Pill? The Search Continues Mike Powell/Getty Images Phys Ed Gretchen Reynolds on the science of fitness. Two newly published studies investigate the enticing possibility that we might one day be able to gain the benefits of exercise by downing a pill, rather than by actually sweating. But while some of the research holds out promise for an effective workout pill, there remains the question of whether such a move is wise. The more encouraging of the new studies, which appears this week in Nature Medicine, expands on a major study published last year in Nature. Unexpectedly, the treated mice also began using more oxygen throughout the day and expending about 5 percent more energy than untreated mice, even though they were not moving about more than the other animals. Intrigued, the Scripps scientists, in conjunction with researchers from the Pasteur Institute in France and other institutions, set out to see what their compound might be doing inside muscles to provide this ersatz exercise. Exercise in a Pill? The Search Continues
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fitness-crazed Photo SAN FRANCISCO — I’M no scientist, but I sure like reading about science. I’m always looking through newspapers for the latest research about and whether it’s still bad for you, or if maybe sugar is poison. So when I found myself 40, fat and weak, I paid special attention to science articles, in the hopes of getting strong. I hired personal trainers certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in a training methodology “founded on scientific, evidence-based research.” I learned about the science of muscle confusion — central to infomercial workouts like P90X, from I had fun doing these workouts. The program sounded like an unscientific joke. The book came in the mail and then I went to the gym and, per Mr. Now for the astonishing part: It worked. The answer, it turns out, is that there are no cutting-edge scientific studies. I don’t mean that exercise physiologists don’t conduct brilliant research. Even if the funding were there, Mr. You know, those. fitness-crazed
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Extreme Su Sporları | Kano | Yunus İzlemek | Jetski | Rafting | Su Kayağı | Rüzgar Sörfü Kano - Canoeing 07.10.2012 Huzurlu bir nehir gezisi... Göl ya da deniz kıyısını da tercih edebilirsiniz... 1 Kişilik Yunus İzlemek - Dolphin/Whale watch 06.10.2012 Bir tekneye atlayın ve yunusların balinaların dünyasını, rehberlerden onların geçmişlerini... 1 Kişilik Sörf - Surfing 06.10.2012 İşte çok hızlı gelişen sporlardan biri daha... İyi bir eğitim, pratik gerektirdiğini baştan belirtelim. 1 Kişilik Derin Deniz Balıkçılığı-Fishing Deep Sea06.10.2012 Ton balığını gerçek ortamında görmeye ne dersiniz? O derin maviye bakarken huzuru . 2 Kişilik Tatlı Su Balıkçılığı - Fishing Fresh Water 06.10.2012 Nehirler ve göllerin hareketli canlılarını yakından tanıyın… 1 Kişilik Yelkenli / Yat Kiralama - Sailing/ Yacht Charters 06.10.2012 Derin cennete dalın. Sizi rahatsız eden kimse olmayacak… Sadece mavi ve siz… 1 Kişilik Jetski 06.10.2012 Jetski eğlencedir! Extreme Su Sporları | Kano | Yunus İzlemek | Jetski | Rafting | Su Kayağı | Rüzgar Sörfü
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Drs. Oz & Roizen: Tips for Wise Workouts Drs. Oz & Roizen: Tips for Wise Workouts Q: What is the least amount of time I can work out and see health benefits? I have friends devoted to quick-fitness apps, like the 7 Minute Workout, but can you really stay fit in such little time? A: You can, but you should already be pretty darn fit before you can gain the benefits from the intense, short regimen. Caveats: Researchers admit you must go all-out for the quick-workout benefits, and most people will probably need at least 20 minutes of a less-intense circuit program to attain all of the benefits. If you’re getting back in the exercise saddle, we recommend you get fit first by walking, which prepares you to begin strength training, which then prepares you for cardio. After a month of that, get cross-training shoes and incorporate resistance training; has a few lessons. Next, add cardio—get your heart rate up, up, up! If you’re at peak fitness, you can try a killer circuit-training session like the 7 Minute Workout to maximize exercise time. A: You both are.
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Boston Scientific accused of using counterfeit ingredients - Crossroads Today Boston Scientific accused of using counterfeit ingredients - Crossroads Today By Jackie Wattles NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A class action lawsuit against Boston Scientific made public Thursday alleges the company used counterfeit material from China to manufacture toxic vaginal mesh implants. The suit filed in a West Virgina federal court is yet another in the mounting litigation that's been brought against makers of vaginal mesh implants. Patients have said the devices caused miscarriages and other severe medical issues. A few cases have been settled, and more than 70,000 civil lawsuits have been consolidated into an ongoing case playing out in federal court. The West Virgina suit goes beyond the claims made in those cases. If the allegations are substantiated, Boston Scientific could face criminal charges and even heftier payouts than it would in other civil cases. At issue is an ingredient called resin. Amber Mostyn, the lead attorney in the case, said the primary goal is to get an injunction to halt the sale of Boston Scientific's vaginal mesh implants.
HOUSTON, Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Mostyn Law, a Houston-based firm, has accused a leading U.S. medical company of running an international conspiracy that sold defective vaginal surgical mesh, made of counterfeit supplies it smuggled from China. The firm, headed by attorneys Amber and Steve Mostyn, sued Boston Scientific Corp. and three other companies under the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) on behalf of women who have suffered severe discomfort, bleeding, infections, painful intercourse, urinary problems and other complications from the plastic mesh implants. The class-action lawsuit says that after losing its U.S. supplier of the synthetic resin to produce the mesh, Boston Scientific bought unverified, substandard material from a known counterfeiter in China. The company took extraordinary measures to avoid being caught by U.S. and Chinese authorities, at times acting like a drug dealer to hide multiple overseas shipments, the suit says. The U.S. Mostyn Law: RICO case targets company over tainted vaginal implants Mostyn Law: RICO case targets company over tainted vaginal implants
Boston Sci Accused of Racketeering, Using Counterfeit Resin Boston Sci Accused of Racketeering, Using Counterfeit Resin Boston Scientific has been sued under the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) for allegedly orchestrating a conspiracy to sell misbranded transvaginal mesh made from counterfeit plastic smuggled from China. Qmed News A federal recent lawsuit filed in West Virginia observes that, despite the controversy surrounding transvaginal mesh, Boston Scientific still collects $120 million in revenue on average from the sale of the product, which is implanted in roughly 55,000 women each year. The polymer used to make all of Boston Scientific’s mesh, the polypropylene Marlex HGX-030-1, had been specified in the regulatory documents filed for Boston Scientific’s mesh products. Therefore, no other polymers could be used in its current mesh products. But in 2011, the company began to encounter difficulties obtaining the material from its supplier, Chevron and Phillips/Sumika in LaPorte, TX. She had been treated with the company’s Obtryx-Halourethral sling system.
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You don’t get better when you work out; you get better by recovering from a workout. Recovery is greatly enhanced by following a repeating pattern of challenge or stimulus, followed by hydration and recovery or rebuilding. When it comes to recovery, it is the hydration step in which foam rolling (also called self-myofascial release or SMR) can be of significant benefit. To understand how SMR enhances hydration, imagine that you are holding a sponge under water. In your body, better hydration in a muscle means there is more available water and nutrients that are important for muscular action and for healing. Hydration isn’t about how much water goes into your mouth, but how thoroughly you move your tissues so there are no “backwaters or swamps,” which are areas of stagnation without inflow or outflow. To summarize, exercise generates a muscular challenge and establishes a need for hydration. There are three distinct methods of manipulating the tissue with a foam roller: Crawling Baby Recover Faster and More Effectively With These Foam Roller Moves
10-Minute Sport Yoga We'll stand with our feet about hip width apart. In this case, we'll put our hands by their sides with the palms facing forward. On an inhale, we're going to sweep those arms up nice and high. And on an exhale, we're going to let them fall. And this time, we're going to Swan Dive. On an inhale, we're going to come to a flat back position. Again, keep it gentle, bending your knees. On an inhale, come to a flat back one last time. Now from here what I want you to do, with your feet hip width apart, is press your hips nice and high to the sky, lengthening out through the back. Right here we're in the Pillar position. We're going to walk the feet all the way up to the hands, bending the knees as you go, coming through. This time on an inhale, sweep your arms out. We're going to press it. Release the hands now. You're on the ball of the foot back there, front knee nice and bent, right? You're looking great at home. Let's release the hands. We do it again. Slightly forward. Stretch it out.
13 Essential Fitting Tips & Tricks In garment sewing, obtaining accurate measurements is critical in achieving the perfect fit. This collection of 13 techniques, tips, and tricks will help you create beautifully fitting clothes in no time. You'll learn the ABCs of fitting and have access to a printable measurement chart. Instant Fit Check Trace your shoulder slope onto the back of your cutting mat to keep it handy when adjusting new patterns. View Post How to Measure Up Use our printable measurement chart and instructions to guide you through the process of taking and recording accurate body measurements View Post
Good afternoon, lovely ones! Back in January, when we asked for content suggestions, we had several requests for tutorials on shoulder adjustments. In theory, picking a size based on your high bust should give you a proper fit through your shoulders, but that’s not always the case. Shoulders are one of the largest areas of variance on the human body. Women with the exact same measurements everywhere else can have a huge range of shoulder measurements, thanks to genetics and lifestyle. Personally, I make a Narrow Shoulder Adjustment on almost every dress and top I make. Gather Your Supplies A bodice pattern! Determining Ideal Shoulder Fit First up, who needs a Narrow Shoulder Adjustment? Pinch out the extra fabric, until your shoulder seam hits nicely at that pivot point, and pin it in place. Marking Our Pattern The very first thing you want to do, when making shoulder adjustments, is mark in your seam allowances along the shoulder seam, neckline, and upper armscye. And…that’s it! Related Tutorial: Narrow Shoulder Adjustment
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COME SEW LUTTERLOH WITH ME: Paper pattern fiting, this is a must watch video! I've always been fond of the products and information I've gotten from Palmer/Pletsch Melissa Watson has online this great video on Paper fitting. The Lutterloh patterns are prefect for a paper fit! If this link won't work for you go to youtube Put this in the search bar. Learn to Fit with Melissa Watson: McCall's M6989 Dress The other really great thing in this 30 minute video is she does a princess line large bust adjustment in the video, one of the more complex adjustment. You won't have the great Palmer/Pleitch adjustment lines However you can add them yourself easily. Enjoy 2016I just re-watched this paper fitting videoaren't we lucky we can paperfit our Lutterloh before we addthe seam allowances! Remember! WARNING!
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