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What is a Protein’s Biological Value and Why is it Important? Human nutrition is vastly more complicated than the the simplified information provided to Americans through dietary guidelines, nutrition facts panels, and ingredient lists on products.

What is a Protein’s Biological Value and Why is it Important?

Scientific understanding is evolving as well. If once all fats were grouped as one, today we understand that we need to look at the building blocks of fats – fatty acids – to really understand the effects of fats on our metabolism. The same is true of protein, the darling macro-nutrient everyone is clamoring to consume more of, even though the average American diet already overloads us with more protein than the body actually needs. Proteins are composed of of 21 biological amino acids. 9 of these are “essential amino acids”, which means our bodies cannot produce them, and they must be derived from food sources. A complete protein is one that includes all 9 essential amino acids. The biological value of a protein: Let’s dive a bit deeper now. The Propane Protocol Infographic – Propane Fitness.

Rowing machine vs bike machine for cardio? : Fitness. Home gym: rowing machine or treadmill? : Fitness. My 6 year Journey from Blob to Bodybuilding! : Fitness. You only have 30 minutes a day to strength train. What do you do? : Fitness. 10 Best Emergency Radios Of 2018. Esky Portable Emergency Radio If you want to be prepared for the worst disasters, but you’re on an extreme budget, then the Esky Portable Emergency Radio is the best bang-for-your-buck option.

10 Best Emergency Radios Of 2018

Not only does it feature AM, FM, and Weather Band frequencies, but it also comes equipped with a 140-lumen LED flashlight, and has three different methods to charge it up: a hand crank, a solar panel, and a USB port. Best of all, it houses a 1,000mAh battery that gives you plenty of time between charges. Purchase: $20 Eton Hand Turbine Weather Radio Small, simple, and straightforward, the Eton Hand Turbine Weather Radio might just be the best option for anyone looking for big functionality in a pocketable compact format. Purchase: $27 Kozo NOAA Weather Radio Measuring up at about the same size as a large modern smartphone, Kozo’s NOAA Weather Radio is the perfect addition to your bug-out bag or a great stash in your survival shelter. Race Ready: 15 Best Running Socks. If running is your cardio of choice, a pair of socks just isn’t a pair of socks anymore because we’ve gone beyond just polyester and cotton options.

Race Ready: 15 Best Running Socks

Like they say, you have to train smart, so that involves getting socks that are specifically made for running. Even a stellar pair of running shoes will feel off if you’ve got a pair of cotton socks that used to be white pulled over your feet, especially if they’ve seen some hell in their lifetime. Routine for bulletproofing your ankles! Mobility + Strength : bodyweightfitness. How can i strengthen my ankles? : Fitness. Ankle mobility not improving : Fitness. Ask The Ripped Dude: Is There A Magical Macronutrient Ratio For Fat Loss? Q.

Ask The Ripped Dude: Is There A Magical Macronutrient Ratio For Fat Loss?

I'm Trying To Lose Some Fat, But Everywhere I Go To Look For Helpful Information, I Get Conflicting Views On The Proper Macronutrient Ratio. Is There A Right Answer? Great question! In reality, when you're trying to lose weight, there's no ironclad macronutrient law for mapping out your diet plan. No macro mix can save you if you eat way too many calories or way too few. Yet your macro mix is an important consideration. Then there's the fact that you have to continuously manipulate your ratios throughout any fat-loss plan. My body type is an ecto-mesomorph, which means it has a higher tolerance for carbs than most people. Endomorphs are adept at storing fuel, with muscle and fat concentrated in the lower body.

The endomorph is the hardest body type to have in terms of managing your weight and overall fitness, but to get a more balanced physique, you should focus on developing your shoulders and stripping away excess fat from your lower body. A low- to medium-intensity cardio plan will help you shift fat, as will a 1,750-calorie-a-day diet that’s high in fibre. My 9 month 'recomp' progress (Male 74 to 70 kg) : Fitness. 5 Exercises to Prevent an Ankle Injury.

Many people can probably recall a time when they've twisted, sprained, or even broke their ankle.

5 Exercises to Prevent an Ankle Injury

The ankles are the first joints in the body to make contact with the ground. If the muscles surrounding the joint are weak, other joints in the body will suffer. To reduce or prevent ankle injuries, try these five exercises at least three times per week, or before each workout. Gym Showdown: Free Weights Vs. Machines. If you want to get stronger, some kind of resistance training is the way to go.

Gym Showdown: Free Weights Vs. Machines

So when you walk into the gym, should you start loading plates onto a barbell or should you just walk up to the first easy-to-use machine you spot? Let's compare both approaches. The Contenders Most well-supplied gyms will have a hefty selection of both free weights and machines.