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British firm develops 'cheapest wireless tablet' British firm develops 'cheapest wireless tablet' A British technology company claims to have developed the world's least expensive computer tablet for wireless Internet access. At a cost of as little as $35 (£22) apiece, Datawind Ltd hopes to supply a market of billions of customers, many in underdeveloped countries. The student tablet released in October costs $35, but Datawind released an updated version of the Aakash computer tablet this month for the commercial market that costs $50. It comes with more features. Aakash is the Hindi word for "heaven." The Aakash tablets reached their first users last fall under an information technology program sponsored by the Indian government. The company provided 100,000 of the tablets, which were designed at its Montreal facility, to Indian students. Customers have been contacting Datawind with "in the range of about 30,000 orders every day," said Suneet Singh Tuli, Datawind's chief executive officer, during a telephone interview with AFP. "It is huge. "It is a totally different game," he said.
I'm sure somewhere in this massive, 18-page article, AnandTech might address it :-) [] Massive? That's their PREview. Omg, I know. I can't even imagine what the review will be like. I'm trying to figure out why you are looking to spend so much money on pieces that will give you little, if any performance increases. Under the assumption you are using After Effects, there is no advantage of having 64 GB over 32 GB, or maybe even 16 GB. If you really want to get a lot more bang for your buck, you should consider building two machines and using the second as a render box which AE (and most professional tools) support by sending jobs them. This way you can build 2 machines for 1/3 the price of the one you are wanting, and getting significant performance and productivity boosts - sure the raw specs of the the other two machines will be lower at 16 or 32 GB RAM and 2700k processors, but you won't even notice the difference. Do I Even Need to Care About Processors Anymore? Do I Even Need to Care About Processors Anymore?
How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+ Arrrrrgh, the really sad part is that you sent this to me and in all that searching for an alternative fb/g+ sharer, I didn't realize this could also do that. I'm having some trouble loading stuff up though. The home page is very slow, but loaded...but now that I've got it installed the Facebook and Twitter "login" pages don't seem to be loading at all. I'd love to add this to the article, but I can't really do that until I get it working...any advice? The FB/Twitter icons on the right side of the top toolbar should pop up authorization windows for each of the services and require you to login, once that is completed, you will have to click those buttons again & hit the "login" link one more time to get it to actually connect. Once you've connected, there will be checkbox/icons in the share box for whatever services you're signed into. Hopefully that helps... Yeah, what I'm saying is that when I click on the icons you mention, they *don't* pop up authorization windows. How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+
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Evidence Based Scheduling by Joel Spolsky Friday, October 26, 2007 Software developers don’t really like to make schedules. Most of the schedules you do see are halfhearted attempts. Hilarious! You want to be spending your time on things that get the most bang for the buck. Why won’t developers make schedules? Over the last year or so at Fog Creek we’ve been developing a system that’s so easy even our grouchiest developers are willing to go along with it. The steeper the curve, the more confident you are that the ship date is real. Here’s how you do it. 1) Break ‘er down When I see a schedule measured in days, or even weeks, I know it’s not going to work. This forces you to actually figure out what you are going to do. If you are sloppy, and pick big three-week tasks (e.g., “Implement Ajax photo editor”), then you haven’t thought about what you are going to do. Setting a 16-hour maximum forces you to design the damn feature. 2) Track elapsed time You can’t, really. So, keep timesheets. Summary Evidence Based Scheduling Evidence Based Scheduling
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Commands marked • are bash built-ins Many commands particularly the Core Utils are also available under alternate shells (C shell, Korn shell etc). More bash commands: Linux Command Directory from O'Reilly, GNU CoreUtils.SS64 bash discussion forumLinks to other Sites, books etc An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux
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Overview Throughout the year, scam artists pose as legitimate entities—such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), other government agencies, and financial institutions—in an attempt to defraud taxpayers. They employ sophisticated phishing campaigns to lure users to malicious sites or entice them to activate malware in infected email attachments. To protect sensitive data, credentials, and payment information, US-CERT and the IRS recommend taxpayers prepare for heightened risk this tax season and remain vigilant year-round. Remain alert Phishing attacks use email or malicious websites to solicit personal information by posing as a trustworthy organization. Spot common elements of the phishing lifecycle Understand how the IRS communicates electronically with taxpayers Take action to avoid becoming a victim Watch for any unexplainable charges to your financial accounts. Report suspicious phishing communications Additional Resources IRS and US-CERT Caution Users: Prepare for Heightened Phishing Risk This Tax Season IRS and US-CERT Caution Users: Prepare for Heightened Phishing Risk This Tax Season
Technical requirements More details can be found on Requirements for Supported Software Requirements for Joomla 3.x References ↑ PHP 5.3.1 is required for versions 3.0 through 3.2. Technical requirements
. 0. The Critical Engineer considers Engineering to be the most transformative language of our time, shaping the way we move, communicate and think. It is the work of the Critical Engineer to study and exploit this language, exposing its influence. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Source: The Critical Engineering Manifesto - Tactical Media Files The Critical Engineering Manifesto - Tactical Media Files
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With I.C.T in the U.K changing, I have been looking at other ways of offering Computer Science in my lessons. I have been programming bits here and there and I have been using Kodu with my students. I wanted to step things up a notch and get my students understanding functions. I also wanted to start introducing arrays and if statements into their vocabulary. I was fortunate enough to start learning about the Touch Develop platform. To see how each of the lessons map into the new national curriculum, you can follow the links on the image above. TouchDevelop is a programming environment that runs on your mobile devices. I have started developing a scheme of work which will allow students to break into it slowly. Here are a few Bonus Lessons to support different aspects of the new national curriculum. Like this: Like Loading... Touch Develop – Scheme Of Work | Ray Chambers Touch Develop – Scheme Of Work | Ray Chambers
The best real-time online HTML editor software kit with dynamic instant live visual preview and inline WYSIWYG editor using CKEditor and markup clean-up feature. Includes a HTML viewer, editor, compressor, beautifier and easy formatter. It's impossible to create invalid code with this free tool. The operation of this HTML5 editor with built-in HTML Cleaner is very intuitive and it's working in your browser without installing any additional program. Compose your text using the WYSIWYG editor on the left and adjust formatting in the source code editor on the right. Before you start composing the content for a live website I advise you to experiment with the features populating the work area with a demo text clicking the Quick Tour menu item. The visual editor works like a regular text composer program, just use the commands above the text area to adjust the content and in the meantime you'll notice the source editor changing with it. – The fresh page command starts a new document. Clean Online HTML Editor

oustic cryptanalysis Summary Many computers emit a high-pitched noise during operation, due to vibration in some of their electronic components. These acoustic emanations are more than a nuisance: they can convey information about the software running on the computer and, in particular, leak sensitive information about security-related computations. In a preliminary presentation, we have shown that different RSA keys induce different sound patterns, but it was not clear how to extract individual key bits. Here, we describe a new acoustic cryptanalysis key extraction attack, applicable to GnuPG's current implementation of RSA. Beyond acoustics, we demonstrate that a similar low-bandwidth attack can be performed by measuring the electric potential of a computer chassis. Paper A detailed account of the results and their context is given in the full version of our paper (8MB PDF). Context These results, were first published on 18 December 2013. Q1: What information is leaked? Q2: What is making the noise?
That One Privacy Site | Detailed VPN Comparison Chart Green = “Generally good”, Yellow = “Something of concern”, Red = “Something major of concern”, Blank = Undefined or for reader’s knowledge only. See what these fields mean here. You can download the VPN Comparison Chart in other formats below: Excel – xlsx | LibreOffice – ods | CSV – csv Color blind? I make every effort to keep the data on the VPN Comparison Chart up to date. If you are with a VPN company and you’d like to request an update to your information, feel free to contact me citing a proper source on the official website and I will be happy to update your data!
How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour “Only the paranoid survive.” — Andy Grove Andy Grove was a Hungarian refugee who escaped communism, studied engineering, and ultimately led the personal computer revolution as the CEO of Intel. He died earlier this year in Silicon Valley after a long fight with Parkinson’s disease. When one of the most powerful people in the world encourages us to be paranoid, maybe we should listen. And Grove isn’t the only powerful person urging caution. Even the director of the FBI — the same official who recently paid hackers a million dollars to unlock a shooter’s iPhone — is encouraging everyone to cover their webcams. But you obey the law. Well, law-abiding citizens do have reason to fear. “If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.” — Cardinal Richelieu in 1641 In this article, I will show you how you can protect yourself by leveraging state-of-the-art encryption. Common sense security for everyone Let’s get prepared.
Orthogonality and the DRY Principle Orthogonality and the DRY PrincipleA Conversation with Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, Part IIby Bill VennersMarch 10, 2003 << Page 3 of 3 Bill Venners: What does orthogonality mean and why is it good? Andy Hunt: The basic idea of orthogonality is that things that are not related conceptually should not be related in the system. Parts of the architecture that really have nothing to do with the other, such as the database and the UI, should not need to be changed together. A change to one should not cause a change to the other. Dave Thomas: For example, when one client changed the number of lines on the screen, they had to change the database schema too. Andy Hunt: This is what computer scientists call coupling, one thing is tied—or coupled—to another. Orthogonality is one of those creeping viral problems. Bill Venners: I thought the helicopter story was a great illustration. Dave Thomas: A helicopter has four main controls: foot pedals, collective pitch lever, cyclic, and throttle.
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Mise au point : norme XP P07-150, propriétés, dictionnaire, objets génériques pour le BIM
The Top 8 Free and Open Source Construction Management Software
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