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25 Free Sites for Reading Books Online Do you love to read but hate to walk or drive or rise from a prone position on your hammock? Well, if you have Internet access, you don’t have to! (Granted, if you only have a desktop computer, you’ll probably have to sit up.) With these 25 great sites, you have access to tens of thousands of books, plays, essays, poems and other written works in electronic form anytime for free! With the scanned documents, you can even enjoy the illustrations and the visual look and feel of the often historic works. The texts available are primarily older ones whose copyright protection has expired, and thus they’re now in the public domain, so don’t expect to find the latest Twilight book or anything like that. Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts: Collects several thousand texts, mostly from Project Gutenberg (see below). Several hundred titles, featuring iconic texts like the Bible, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations and Gray’s Anatomy. 25 Free Sites for Reading Books Online
The Online Books Page: Search Examples: Entering austen, jane in the Author field finds books by Jane Austen. Entering Baum in the Author field and and oz in the Title field finds L. Frank Baum's Oz books. If you have an old browser that does not understand forms, the old author search and title search are still available. Home -- Search -- New Listings -- Authors -- Titles -- Subjects -- Serials Books -- News -- Features -- Archives -- The Inside Story Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom ( OBP copyrights and licenses The Online Books Page: Search
13 libros de ciencia ficción que todo geek debería leer
Math 101: A reading list for lifelong learners Ready to level up your working knowledge of math? Here’s what to read now — and next. Math 101, with Jennifer Ouellette First, start with these 5 books… 1. Number: The Language of Science Tobias Dantzig Plume, 2007 “First published in 1930, this classic text traces the evolution of the concept of a number in clear, accessible prose. 2. “This bestselling book originally published in 1988 remains one of the best introductions to the basics of large numbers, statistics and probabilities with illustrations drawn from everyday life: sports, the stock market, the lottery and dubious medical claims, to name a few.” 3. “Pair Paulos with the just-released How Not to Be Wrong. 4. “Most of us take zero for granted, but there was a time when it simply didn’t exist, until some enterprising Babylonian soul inserted it as a placeholder in Eastern counting methods. 5. Then, read these 3 foundational texts… 1. 2. 3. Last, here’s one from the cutting edge… And 2 quirky, personal favorites. 1. 2. Math 101: A reading list for lifelong learners
8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year 8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year How much do you read? For most of my adult life I read maybe five books a year — if I was lucky. I’d read a couple on vacation and I’d always have a few slow burners hanging around the bedside table for months. And then last year I surprised myself by reading 50 books. This year I’m on pace for 100. I’m disappointed that I didn’t do it sooner. Why did I wait 20 years? Well, our world today is designed for shallow skimming rather than deep diving, so it took me some time to identify the specific changes that skyrocketed my reading rate. Here’s my advice for fitting more reading into your own life, based on the behaviors that I changed: What does this have to do with reading? Roald Dahl’s poem “Television” says it all: “So please, oh please, we beg, we pray / go throw your TV set away / and in its place, you can install / a lovely bookshelf on the wall.” Make a public commitment. Find a few trusted, curated lists. Change your mindset about quitting. Triple your churn rate. When do I read now? – Book holiday rentals online
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Materie addio! La scuola digitale riparte dalle competenze Storia dell'articolo Chiudi Questo articolo è stato pubblicato il 26 ottobre 2015 alle ore 13:45. Cinquecento ragazzi di nove scuole in tutta Italia, da Milano a Palermo, hanno iniziato quest’anno a fare scuola in maniera innovativa, sulla base delle competenze e non piùdelle singole materie. A rendere possibile, o meglio a facilitare, la realizzazione della didattica per competenze è una nuova piattaforma web, Curriculum mapping, studiata per aiutare i docenti a mettere in pratica questo nuovo sistema che prevede in pratica l’abbandono della vecchia struttura scolastica rigidamente divisa per discipline. Già oggi la normativa italiana si è adeguata alla regolamentazione europea che richiede una conformazione dei programmi alla costruzuione di competenze, andando oltre il semplice apprendimento finalizzato alla conoscenza per materie. Permalink Materie addio! La scuola digitale riparte dalle competenze
Didattica per competenze Didattica per competenze Impostare nella scuola un curricolo che si ponga come obiettivo il conseguimento di competenze (e non solo di conoscenze e abilità) da parte degli studenti, comporta una profonda revisione delle pratiche didattiche e della visione stessa dell’insegnamento e del modo di fare scuola. In questo testo vengono tracciati gli scenari europei e nazionali in cui la tematica delle competenze è inscritta; il tema della competenza viene analizzato e approfondito dal punto di vista didattico, pedagogico, culturale ed etico e vengono offerti ai docenti strumenti teorici e pratici per impostare il curricolo e la didattica quotidiana nella nuova prospettiva. scarica la guida in formato PDF cliccando sui seguenti link: Capitoli 1 e 2 | Capitolo 3 | Capitolo 4 | Capitolo 5 Esempi di curricoli per competenze per il primo ciclo Leggi la presentazione dei materiali in forma completa Scarica gli esempi di curricoli
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Alan Moore, where his childhood home in Northampton’s Boroughs once stood. Photo: Dominic Wells I recently spent six hours with Alan Moore. We went on a walking tour of his old Northampton neighbourhood, and stood where his childhood home once stood (pictured above). This is a longish feature. Watchmen is nearing the middle of its 12-issue run. “It’s about time people stopped debating whether comics are art,” Moore tells me combatively, “and just get on with making good art.” Watchmen will later be the only graphic novel placed on Time magazine’s list of 100 greatest novels, and will create a surge in intelligent comics, which itself will create a surge in comic-book movies, leading to today’s overpowering dominance of the big screen by men and women in spandex. In the issue of Watchmen just published when we speak in 1986, a nuclear scientist acquires superpowers and becomes “Doctor Manhattan”. Page from Watchmen. It gets weirder. And what of Melinda Gebbie? © 2012 John Angerson. “No.” If you read only one Alan Moore Jerusalem interview, make it this one | London, Hollywood If you read only one Alan Moore Jerusalem interview, make it this one | London, Hollywood
The Book of Five Rings (五輪書?, Go Rin no Sho) is a text on kenjutsu and the martial arts in general, written by the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi circa 1645. There have been various translations made over the years, and it enjoys an audience considerably broader than only that of martial artists: for instance, some business leaders find its discussion of conflict and taking the advantage to be relevant to their work. Musashi establishes a "no-nonsense" theme throughout the text. Musashi describes and advocates a two-sword fencing style (nitōjutsu): that is, wielding both katana and wakizashi, contrary to the more traditional method of wielding the katana two-handed. The five books[edit] Although it is difficult to grasp it from the book, Go Rin No Sho, these books are actually the teachings which Musashi preached to his students in his own dōjō. The term "Ichi School" is referred to in the book, Go Rin No Sho. The Book of Earth[1][edit] In The Book of Five Rings he writes on timing: The Book of Five Rings The Book of Five Rings
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65 Book Videos to Build Excitement for Summer Reading | Scholastic 65 Book Videos to Build Excitement for Summer Reading | Scholastic Books will fly off the shelf and straight into your students’ hands when they watch these quick video booktalks and book trailers. The videos listed below are in the form of video booktalks, similar to an in-class booktalk, and video book trailers, similar to a movie trailer but about a book. They are a fun, visual way for students to preview the books that may interest them. Grades PreK–K Pinkalicious by Elizabeth Kann Pink, pink, pink. More than anything, Pinkalicious loves pink, especially pink cupcakes. Book trailer for Pinkalicious Grades K–2 Move Over, Rover! Book trailer for Move Over, Rover! Grades 3–5 Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett What happens when there are too many coincidences, too many puzzle pieces that fit together? Booktalk for Chasing Vermeer Dinosaur Cove Attack of the Tyrannosaurus by Rex Stone Tom and Jamie can't believe their luck when they find a secret entrance to a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs. Book trailer for Dinosaur Cove Attack of the Tyrannosaurus
Book Trailers - NorthSouth Books Book Trailers - NorthSouth Books Edison: The mystery of the missing mouse treasure By Torben Kuhlmann The Backup bunny Written by Abigail rayner Illustrated by Greg stones Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos Written by Monica Brown Illustrated by John Parra A Time to Act: John F. Written by SHana Corey Illustrated by R. The Green Umbrella Written by Jackie AZúa Kramer illustrated by Maral Sassouni Armstrong by Torben Kuhlmann Surf’s Up Written by Kwame Alexander illustrated by Daniel Miyares Surf’s up! Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse Written and illustrated by TORBEN KUHLMANN A story of toil and triumph! These are dark times for a small mouse. moletown Two Parrots Retold and illustrated by RASHIN Inspired by a tale from RUMI An exciting new artist illustrates this classic tale. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly Retold and illustrated by RASHIN You’re a Rude Pig, Bertie by Claudia Boldt
Book Trailers Archives - KidLit TV -> “BEAR NEEDS HELP is laced with humor and… decipherable in more ways than one.” —Kirkus Reviews With one of… Read more »

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Early Newbery Possibilities | Jen J.'s Booksheets The Newbery Award is given by the Association for Library Service to Children to “the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children published by an American publisher in the United States in English during the preceding year.” – Newbery Medal Terms and Criteria Additional criteria notes: Children are defined as being up to and including the age of 14.Books must be published in the U.S. first; titles originally published elsewhere are not eligible.The author must be a U.S. citizen or resident. The Newbery committees as of late have been delightfully wide-ranging in their choices including everything from picture books to graphic novels to poetry to memoirs to non-fiction. So this year, I’m breaking up my lists a little differently. As of the end of March there were 71 titles with three or more starred reviews. ETA 5/10/17: Please see the note towards the bottom of this post for some additional links and commentary on The Secret Project and Undefeated.
Caldecott Medal The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. It is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. Hello Lighthouse, illustrated and written by Sophie Blackall, published by Little, Brown and Company, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc. Masterful ink and watercolor illustrations illuminate the story of a lighthouse and the family inside. Stunning images of the lighthouse in all kinds of weather alternate with views of intimate interior detail and circular motifs. “Children will delight in immersing themselves in the captivating discoveries each new look at Hello Lighthouse will bring,” said Caldecott Medal Committee Chair Mary Fellows. Alma and How She Got Her Name, illustrated and written by Juana Martinez-Neal, published by Candlewick Press. Thank you, Omu!
Coretta Scott King Book Award Recipients Author Award Winner Kadir Nelson, author and illustrator of “Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans” (Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers). “Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans” is an extensive volume focusing on American history as it intertwines with the lives of African Americans. The story is told from the viewpoint of an elderly woman who shares her life story while highlighting pivotal historical events including abolition, the Great Migration, World War II, and the Civil Rights movement. Illustrator Award Winner Shane W. Author Honor Eloise Greenfield, “The Great Migration: Journey to the North,” illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist and published by Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Patricia C. Illustrator Honor Kadir Nelson, author and illustrator of “Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans,” published by Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. G. Victoria Bond and T. Dr. E.B.
The Geisel Award is given annually to the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the most distinguished American book for beginning readers published in English in the United States during the preceding year. 2019 Medal Winner Fox the Tiger, written and illustrated by Corey R. Tabor, and published by Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers Tigers are the best, or so thinks Fox. With a big imagination (and a little bit of paint), he transforms into a growling, prowling tiger. Pencil, watercolor, and crayon illustrations capture the beguiling humor of this entertaining story. “Featuring Tabor’s hip art and quirky, surprising twists, ‘Fox the Tiger’ is an inviting tale of the power of transformation and friendship. 2019 Honor Books The Adventures of Otto: See Pip Flap, written and illustrated by David Milgrim, and published by Simon Spotlight, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division Pip wants to fly! Tiger vs. Geisel (Dr. Seuss) Award
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Book Creator nu med funktion för att e-posta med bild, text, video och ljud – IKTsidan
Book creator uppdaterad | iPad i Östersund
Book Creator nu med funktion för att e-posta med bild, text, video och ljud | IKTsidan
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