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The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition) A list of sites where you can download royalty free sounds and music. The first list shows those sites that offer free downloads. The second list shows those sites that offer paid downloads. For custom music check out The Big List Of Musicians and Places To Find Musicians. In case you want to license a “pop song” for your trailer consider to read this interesting article called How to License a Song for your Indie Game Trailer (Hint: It’s very unlikely that you can afford it). ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (free to download) Newgrounds SampleSwap JewelBeat digccMixter 8bitcollective Incompetech Jamendo ROYALTY FREE SOUNDS (free to download) Freesound Project freeSFX Sound Librarian The Guide To Sound Effects – Make Your Own SFX ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (pay to download) Soundrangers SoundDogs JewelBeat Lucky Lion Studios Shockwave Sound Audio Network AudioJungle Premiumbeat ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (pay to download / from game engine marketplace) Unity – Asset Store The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition) The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition)
Top 20 Best Free Music and Sound Effect Resources For Games Top 20 Best Free Music and Sound Effect Resources For Games Music and sound effects are one of the most important aspects of any iOS game. Without solid music and creative sound effects, a game will fall flat. More and more today mobile gamers are playing their games with headphones on or with the volume turned up. This means your game needs to have a great soundtrack and an even better SFX track. You don’t need to pay a fortune to get great audio in your iOS game. As always, make sure to read the disclaimers on all the sites listed below to see exactly how the music and sound effects can be used. Click the images to visit each site. 1. This site offers a variety of automotive sounds. 2. This site is all about helping out indie game developers. 3. The Free Sound Project is pretty much what the title says. 4. Audacity isn’t a place to find music and sound effects, but rather it is a superb free, open source and cross-platform audio editor and sound recorder. 5. 6. 7. The Super Flash Bros website is similar to an online Theremin. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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Audio - Do-It-Yourself Circuits DIY-page Welcome to the Gyraf Audio DIY-page..... Please read this first!! The projects described on these pages are not commercial in any way. This means that we DO NOT sell PCB's, kits, or anything like that. Please DO NOT contact us regarding parts or info for the DIY-projects, as we don't sell anything related to these - they're kept strictly non-commercial. 20. Here's the link to the Prodigry-pro forums (AKA GroupDIY) - our meeting place and hangout for all things audio, electronic and DIY. Gyraf Do-It-Yourself Circuits This pages contain information about building your own professional audio equipment. Comments and corrections are more than welcome, but I can't promise to reply to all mail. Disclaimer: Notice that all information, schematics, layouts etc. are supplied "as is", and that we can in no way be held responsible for its acurateness, functionality or even safety. Basic safety rules: - NEVER work with live voltage switched on. DIY Forums and groups: Shown: Audio - Do-It-Yourself Circuits
Pages Last Updated March 2014 Welcome to ESP, the home of DIY audio articles, projects and shortform kits. Audio is a wonderful hobby, and with DIY there is a huge scope to get the very best performance for a lot less money than otherwise. DIY audio is fun and educational, and by building your own audio equipment, you get to learn electronics as well as build equipment that would cost a great deal more in the shops. IMPORTANT: Please see the disclaimer for information about these pages. Dates shown in RED indicate new or updated pages, typically within the last two months. View and/or Sign the ESP GuestbookPlease do not use the Guestbook to ask questions.Please Use English for your comments. The ESP logo is a registered trade mark of Elliott Sound Products. Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index) Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages (Main Index)
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Modular software music studio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Modular software music studio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This page has some issues List of software with modular capabilitiesEdit Free audio softwareEdit Other audio softwareEdit
What’s new in Kyma 7? | kyma What’s new in Kyma 7? | kyma Whether you’re creating a sound universe for a new game or film, performing live in front thousands of eager ears, or alone in your studio creating the future of music, what’s the one thing you want most when you’re first getting started on a project? Inspiration! Every aspect of Symbolic Sound’s new software release — Kyma 7 — was designed with inspiration in mind. In the new Multigrid, you can explore combinations of sources and effects with no interruption in the audio signal; in the Wave Editor Gallery, a single click automatically generates massive numbers of patches all based on your original sample; the new Parameter Assistant, Capytalk Reference, Inspiration tool, and web-based Questions and Answers make it easy to get up to speed quickly and get your questions answered when you need it. Derive even more inspiration from the Kyma Community Sound Library accessible from the Help menu in Kyma 7. New Features Inspiration for Sound Design Wave Editor Wave Editor Gallery Sons du jour - Home
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2016/04 [Atlantic] 'The Black Tapes,' 'Lore,' and the Rise of the Horror Podcast Paul Bae discovered the devastating power of stories 17 years ago in his boss’s office. Then a high-school teacher in Vancouver, the current comedian and podcast producer was summoned by his principal, whose answering machine hosted a stream of irate complaints regarding one of his lessons. “She called me in, shaking her head, and told me she got some calls from parents about how their kids couldn’t sleep alone in their rooms that weekend,” Bae says. During an annual Halloween tradition called the Hour of Horror, Bae told a class of ninth graders the tale of a toilet with a dark history: If a brave soul ventured to the third-floor restroom and entered the middle of three stalls at exactly 3 p.m., the lights would flicker as “the shadow of a girl on a noose would swing over the stall.” Unfortunately, Bae wasn’t able to finish the story. The first horror stories, passed on in the oral tradition, served as a public warning system against the very real things that went bump in the night. 2016/04 [Atlantic] 'The Black Tapes,' 'Lore,' and the Rise of the Horror Podcast
2016/08 [wired] Fiction Podcasts Are Finally a Thing! Thank You, Sci-Fi and Horror 2016/08 [wired] Fiction Podcasts Are Finally a Thing! Thank You, Sci-Fi and Horror Dan Powell vanished in January 2016. Before he did, though, the audio archivist sent his friend Mark a set of tapes, chronicling his attempts to organize a series of audio interviews that had been recorded at a creepy apartment building 20 years earlier. The podcast chronicles each approaching footstep, each rat scurrying by—and each realization that dawns as Dan learns more about the sinister song that affected the lives of the building’s eccentric residents back in the 1990s. If you want to see what he saw, though, you’ll have to imagine it yourself: Dan is the fictional protagonist of Archive 81, a found-footage horror podcast. The real Dan Powell is also an audio archivist, although he denies any haunted recordings or horror experiences. Instead, he spends his days reviewing different sound effects for Soundsnap, an online commercial sound library. A Lack of Fiction Although radio dramas once populated the airwaves, fiction has never dominated the podcast charts.
2016/07 [Dailydot] 'Archive 81' and the rise of ‘soft-horror’ podcasting | The Daily Dot Podcasts that draw inspiration from the soft horror of '90s television are swarming earbuds with creeping dread—and we love it. Shows like The X Files and Twin Peaks helped to popularize the unsettling—where teases toward the paranormal, across lengthy story arcs, proved just as popular as outright horror. Flash-forward to today and we’re becoming overwhelmed with great podcasts drawing on this genre. Shows like Limetown and The Black Tapes have helped carve a new niche in the podcast market since their releases last year, and well-produced, spine-tingling stories have emerged as among our favorites. Take a look at the iTunes charts lately—pods such as Lore, Myths and Legends, and The NoSleep Podcast are surging. And horror podcasting wherein mysteries are presented as deadpan, real-life accounts continue to shake us to the bone 78 years after Orson Welles's War of the Worlds radio broadcast. The use of analog media in this genre of podcasting serves as an homage to classic horror. 2016/07 [Dailydot] 'Archive 81' and the rise of ‘soft-horror’ podcasting | The Daily Dot
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Sennheiser's new earbuds let you record 3D audio on your iPhone News At a time when most headphone manufacturers are embracing the wireless earbuds, Sennheiser has decided to unveil one of the smartest pairs of wired earbuds ever created. Yes, you can listen to your tunes on the new AMBEO Smart Surround earphones and the music will sound great. But what sets the new buds apart from every other pair debuting at CES is these ones come with the ability to record 3D audio using only your iPhone. Sennheiser is showing off the new AMBEO Smart Surround earphones at CES, the world’s largest gathering of electronics and gadget makers that congregate in Las Vegas every year. Thanks to two microphones located on the top edges of the ear buds, wearers can record audio the way they actually hear it. What’s 3D Audio? “Today’s consumers are accustomed to capturing incredibly realistic video, producing 4K and 360° videos. With 3D audio, the direction of the sound changes as your head moves. Sennheiser says the earbuds will be available in the second half of 2017. Sennheiser's new earbuds let you record 3D audio on your iPhone
Welcome to the wonderful world of Ambisonics - a primer by John Leonard | A Sound Effect Ambisonics is a method of recording and reproducing audio in full 360 degree surround – and while it’s not exactly a new invention, recent developments in software encoding have made it a lot more interesting. And with demand for surround source material skyrocketing with the advent of 3D audio for film and immersive platforms such as virtual reality, Ambisonics is an increasingly useful option. But how does Ambisonics work in the real world, how do you get started – and how do you make the most it? Experienced Ambisonics recordist and sound designer John Leonard gives you the details in this special hands-on A Sound Effect primer: The current state of surround sound recording Before we dive into the world of Ambisonics, let’s look at the current state of the art in recording in surround. The Ambisonics difference The Soundfield Microphone Tetrahedral Array Lots of opportunities with Ambisonics: The early days of Ambisonics Ambisonics evolved Getting started with Ambisonics Please share this: 1.
Core Sound — TetraMic (Last updated 11/01/2016) November 1, 2016: We are currently shipping TetraMics roughly two weeks from receiving an order. Core Sound is pleased to offer its groundbreaking TetraMic, the first portable, single point, stereo & surround sound Ambisonic soundfield microphone to be available for under $1000 (TetraMic alone), or under $1350 fully configured for most multi-track recorders and audio interfaces. Based on the principles of Ambisonic recording developed by Michael Gerzon and Peter Craven during the 1970's, TetraMic allows you to place a single exceedingly accurate tetrahedral microphone in a sound field, record four channels of audio in "A" format, transform them using software into "B" format (W, X, Y and Z), and later interpret those four channels to essentially any single-point configuration of microphones: The apparent orientation can be rotated, tilted, tumbled or zoomed at will. The four channels of "B" format can also be interpreted into almost any playback format, including:
Do Olympus’s latest recorders maintain the high quality and intuitive control of their earlier models? Usually, having very little to say about a product in a review is a problem, a clear sign of indifference on the part of the reviewer — but that’s not the case here. This review is short because, as with previous Olympus digital recorders, the LS12 and LS14 have been kept deliberately simple, with the focus being almost entirely on the quality of recording and the ease of use. And even those points I’ve pushed myself to list as a ‘con’ (I have to find some, it’s my job!) are facilities that are available elsewhere in the Olympus range if that’s what you’re looking for. The Olympus LS14 bears a striking physical similarity to the company’s earlier compact recorders and, like all of those, it’s also very intuitive in use. La Mode Operation is centred around four different modes, each of which is activated by twisting a knob at the bottom right: Configuration Tres Bien? Verdict Alternatives Olympus LS12 & LS14

Have you Ever Considered Implementing Podcasts as a Part of in Your Teaching Methods? In 2004, Ben Hammersley was the first person to use the word podcasting in an article for the Guardian. He used it to describe the phenomenal boom in amateur radio, which happened thanks to Apple’s iPods. Today, the Cambridge English Dictionary defines podcast as “a radio programme that is stored in a digital form that you can download from the Internet and play on a computer or on an MP3 player.” Why should teachers implement podcasting in their methods? You can also provide revision material through podcasts, so your students will easily prepare for tests and exams. The only question is: how do you and your students create podcasts? Tools for Planning and Scripting A podcast without a plan will turn out messy. 1. First, you can come up with general ideas, which you’ll connect in a way that presents your big idea. 2. Once you have your mind map, you need to turn it into an actual script. 3. 4. 10 Great Tools for Creating High-Quality Educational Podcasts
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As is required of all women in their 30s, I am in a book club. At the first meeting of this group, one poor unsuspecting woman mentioned that she had listened to that month’s selection instead of reading it. That, the rest of the group decided together, is definitely cheating. Never mind that no one could exactly articulate how or why it was cheating; it just felt like it was, and others would agree. She never substituted the audiobook for the print version again (or, if she did, she never again admitted it). This question — whether or not listening to an audiobook is “cheating” — is one University of Virginia psychologist Daniel Willingham gets fairly often, especially ever since he published a book, in 2015, on the science of reading. His reasoning reveals some fascinating insights about the way the brain makes sense of language, whether written or spoken. According to the simple model of reading, then, you really can’t consider listening to a book to be easier than reading it. To Your Brain, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’ -- Science of Us
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