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Hello, Instagrammers! TIME is looking at the role of the cellphone in everyday life, and we want your phone pictures to help illustrate this project. Our goal is to feature your photos from around the world–and show as many countries as possible. To become a part of the project, include the hashtag #TIMEwireless when you post your picture to Instagram so that we and our partners may use it. (The photo you submit must be taken by you and you acknowledge that use of the photo will not violate anyone’s rights.) Please include a caption with your name and where in the world you’re located, and geotag the photo. Need suggestions for what to shoot? Self-portraitYour homeWhat you ate for breakfast this morningLandscape that shows where in the world you are We are accepting submissions now, so please send your pictures today. Wants Your Instagram Photos Wants Your Instagram Photos
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23 November '12, 06:07pm Follow Instagram saw a new record set during Thanksgiving 2012 in the US: 10 million photos shared at a rate of 226 per second during the peak at 12:40PM PST. For several hours on Thursday, its users posted more than 200 photos about the American holiday every second. In fact, the day broke all Instagram records, making it the busiest day for the mobile photo sharing service ever. The Facebook-owned company says it saw the number of shared photos more than double from the day before. The numbers are huge if you remember that Instagram typically sees over 5 million photos uploaded each day, and that Facebook averages about 300 million daily. Unsurprisingly, the two-year-old company is very happy about the news: We’re thrilled to see people use Instagram to share their holidays. The biggest changes are yet to come: Instagram is taking huge hints from Facebook in redesigning its profiles as my colleague Harrison Weber details details extensively here. Thanksgiving Breaks Instagram Records: Over 10 Million Photos Shared Thanksgiving Breaks Instagram Records: Over 10 Million Photos Shared
Instagram just launched video functionality. Glorious, 15-second, editable video functionality. Complete with image stabilization. So what does this mean for Vine? Instagram’s filters, longer video length, stability technology and already-ingrained user behavior will keep its video offering very similar to its photo offering. But to end my endless list of predictions, let’s go ahead and take a hard look at how these platforms are different: Creation Let’s start with length. Vine videos are approximately 6.5 seconds long, if we’re getting specific. Instagram video allows for 15 seconds of video, which could feel long for the Instagram video viewer, but roomy and quite comfortable for the creator. Editability? Well, both platforms let you shoot multiple, disjointed clips and string them together. Vine, on the other hand, doesn’t let you edit at all. Neither Vine nor Instagram will let you pull video from your camera roll. They also have front-facing camera functionality in common. Consumption Instagram Video Vs. Vine: What’s The Difference? Instagram Video Vs. Vine: What’s The Difference?
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Helping children learn mathematics
Esta es la mejor manera de enseñar matemáticas en el colegio Esta es la mejor manera de enseñar matemáticas en el colegio MADRID.- Más de una decena de colegios españoles públicos, concertados y privados de varias comunidades autónomas han decidido poner en práctica en sus aulas este curso escolar 2016-2017 el método matemático de Singapur, que ha situado a este país asiático a la cabeza de los informes internacionales de la OCDE. En el último Programa Internacional de Evaluación de los Alumnos (PISA 2012), Singapur quedó en la segunda posición en competencia matemática, con 573 puntos, 79 por encima de la media de los 34 países de la OCDE que participaron en esa educación (494) y 89 puntos por encima de España (484). La clave del éxito, según los expertos, está en la fórmula empleada. "En Singapur han puesto la comprensión de los conceptos, el razonamiento y la resolución de problemas como objetivos fundamentales del aprendizaje", según explica a Europa Press el profesor titular del área de Matemática Aplicada en el Departamento de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Alcalá, Pedro Ramos. Primero, manipular.
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Login - Kennesaw State University Navigation Welcome to KSU D2L Brightspace This portal provides access to the KSU D2L Brightspace Learning Management System. Use your KSU NetID to login. System Check: Please click here for a system check before you log in. Log In Forgot your password? <div class="d2l_1_13_508 d2l_1_14_73 d2l_1_15_624 d2l_1_16_307"><div class="d2l-container-icon d2l_1_17_904 d2l_1_18_259 d2l_1_17_904 d2l_1_19_950 d2l_1_20_926"><div class="d2l-textblock d2l-textblock-strong">Warning</div></div><div class="d2l-htmlblock d2l_1_21_98">Either your browser does not support <strong>JavaScript</strong> or it has been disabled through your browser&#39;s settings. Login - Kennesaw State University
Student Activism Is Making a Comeback Maybe the campus protests seemed rather isolated at first. Dissatisfaction with the administration. Outrage over bad decisions. For example: The protest at Florida State University last fall, when students didn’t like the idea of having the Republican state politician John Thrasher as their school’s president and launched a campaign—#SlashThrasher—against his candidacy. Or the protest at the University of Michigan in September, when, amid frustrations over their football team’s losses, students rallied at the home of the school’s president to demand that he fire the athletic director. There was the confederate-flag fiasco at Bryn Mawr, which resulted in a mass demonstration by hundreds of students who, all dressed in black, called for an end to racism on the Pennsylvania campus. Just as has been happening in communities at large, campus protests against racism and bigotry—along with related types of discrimination—have become commonplace. American Student Activism, Fall 2014 Student Activism Is Making a Comeback
180 Years of Market Drawdowns “We tend to be inadequate historians.” – Robert Frey A couple weeks ago I covered a little discussed topic involving the the use of historical market data. Namely that you have to take market returns that go back to the turn of the 20th century with a grain of salt because of the fact that costs were much higher in those days so no one was really receiving those gross returns on a net basis. The natural follow-up question to this line of thinking would be — so what does stock market data going back to the 1800s really tell us? A reader sent me a link to a video of a presentation given by former hedge fund manager and quant Robert Frey (whose firm was actually bought out by legendary hedge fund manager Jim Simons in the 90s) called 180 Years of Market Drawdowns. But there has been one constant going back all the way to the early 1800s — risk. Looks pretty good to me. Frey says in his talk that in stocks, “You’re usually in a drawdown state.” In a sense risk is easier to predict than returns. 180 Years of Market Drawdowns
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So far, lithium has been the hottest metal of 2016, beating out gold, with exponential demand expected over the coming years. Although the price trajectory of the metal has been subdued in recent months, the fundamentals behind the long-term trajectory suggest strong potential for long-term growth. Price doubling from 2014/2015 was first seen in China and is now being felt worldwide, with lithium hydroxide prices from $16-20 and carbonate prices from $12-14 thousand USD per ton. Automotive thrust There is no doubt as to the push that Tesla has given the current automotive transition to electric vehicles (EVs). However, since 2014, when Tesla first announced the Gigafactory with Panasonic, other manufacturers have begun to take notice and take action. Previous announcements of billion-dollar investments in battery factories by Volkswagen were largely brushed off by investors as deflections from their ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. Electrical grid connections Demand response: A wild ride Why lithium will see another price spike this fall Why lithium will see another price spike this fall
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拉著電車拉環站在東急東橫線的電車車門旁,總會看見清晨的陽光透過被擦拭的電車車窗撒下落在自己腳邊,襯托飄揚閃耀的乾燥塵埃。在斜對面的座位上坐著兩個晃著腳看書的小男孩,穿著小小的棕色皮鞋、白色的襪子被拉到膝蓋下,同樣都是深藍色的西裝短褲制服繞過脖子的圓帽子和緞帶跟紅通通的臉頰。揹著日式傳統書包(ランドセル)的兩個人都沒什麼對話,只是靜靜的看著同樣書名的書。待電車快到站了,小男孩們闔上書、規規矩矩的放進書包之後便拎著自己的便當袋下車。 這幾乎是所有日本人通勤通學都習以為常的日常景象。 事實上,日本的家長基本上都非常重視讓孩子一個人坐車,特別是私立的學校通常都不在自己居住的地方,有些孩子甚至要花一個半小時的時間去搭電車。 同時,很多孩子本身也很喜歡搭電車,日本電鐵設計的兒童悠遊卡跟成人電子車票的差別不只是兒童票價,只要用兒童票刷過收票口,相對於一般的嗶音,收票機就會發出悅耳的鳥叫聲。 當然,在這個年代連大人都不能把握自己在坐車時的絕對安全,在日本國內還是有部分家長不放心自己的孩子一個人坐車。 但即使如此,還是會偶爾聽到孩童因為一個人搭車受到驚嚇的經歷。 風險是必定存在的,就算如此,多數日本家長仍舊選擇讓孩子自己搭車的原因到底是什麼呢? 當我問她會不會擔心時,她苦笑回答我:「怎麼可能不擔心啊,每天都擔心死了,每天放學時間都在家裡暗想自己接送一定更安全。」 「但是看到孩子那樣努力想要獨立的姿態,就會覺得這一切都值得。」 《關聯閱讀》35度高溫下,仍要穿著全套西裝拜訪客戶──面對異文化的挑戰,你能怎麼做? 《作品推薦》不說對不起的價值──從日本的「謝罪」文化看歐巴馬的廣島參訪當中國「禁齋加深對中華傳統文化認同感」,我在日本與朋友一起禁食──我失敗了,卻學到更多 執行編輯:Vincent 核稿編輯:張翔一 Photo Credit:cowardlion/示意圖,非文中當事人) 日本小學生自己搭電車,家長不擔心嗎?|Yumi Wang/六疊半綜合研究室|Crossing 換日線 日本小學生自己搭電車,家長不擔心嗎?|Yumi Wang/六疊半綜合研究室|Crossing 換日線
51天徒步環寶島,陸生回鄉開這間全球最酷書店!他究竟在台灣學到了什麼?-陸生|廣州|文青|書店|環島|人情味|不打烊書店-風傳媒-一起去旅行 2013年,29歲的中國人劉二囍拋下建築師職位、自己開的咖啡店,隻身來到台灣念書,更成為第一位徒步環台的陸生。他在這塊土地上生活了51天,走過1200公里。回鄉後,在台灣的記憶決定在廣州開設這間「1200bookshop」,這間書店全天不打烊,加上獨具特色的裝潢,被評選為全球最酷書店之一。 人生光有趣味不行,要玩就玩出點名堂來! 眼前這位紮著小辮子,戴著帽子,身材清瘦,五官分明,甚至有點像漫畫人物的男子就是劉二囍,第一眼看去藝術細胞亂竄,可他卻是一枚典型的理工男! 2008年,劉二囍從華南理工大學最好的王牌專業——建築學專業畢業,隨後他進入一家國企設計院工作,成了一名建築師。 從事建築工作後,二囍便參與了廣州大劇院的項目,這座「世界最壯觀劇院」、「世界十大歌劇院之一」,可是由建築界「女魔頭」紮哈·哈迪德設計的;之後二囍也獨立負責過建築項目,投過標也中過標,建築師的「基本動作」算是完成了。 「該做的,該體驗的都試過了,再做就是重複。」 自由不是你想做什麼就做什麼,而是你不想做什麼就不做什麼。 5年前,二囍辭去羨煞旁人的設計院工作,但當時的他心裡清楚那是一份「客戶虐我千百遍,我待客戶如初戀」的工作。 文青不都喜歡咖啡店嗎? 隨著咖啡店越做越好,二囍的生活狀態也悠閒自若,完全過上文青的情調生活:養寵物、發呆看書、聽音樂、喝咖啡。 面對這麼安逸的日子,他再一次選擇折騰。 因為有本科建築專業的基礎,加上台灣那時開始對大陸招生,二囍就報考了並被台灣的東海大學錄取,於是一個人來到台灣開始遊學生活。 2013年8月20日,在台灣的他迎來自己29歲生日,他說得在20歲的尾巴瘋狂一次,隨即決定來一次徒步環島旅行。 環島徒步,是一場旅行,更是一場修行。 「旅行途中是會有很多變數的,但至少我帶著自己的目標,而不僅僅像其他遊客一樣體驗過就算了。」 在徒步旅行路上感觸到的很多美好,讓他惦念不忘,他開始琢磨:自己也可以去收留很多漂泊的人,給他們的心帶去溫暖。 2014年回來以後,二囍創辦了廣州第一家不打烊的書店,名字叫 1200bookshop。 年輕就是做自己喜歡做的事情,成熟就是做自己應該做的事情。 這家書店24小時營業不打烊,如他所說:白天是生意,晚上才是態度和溫情。 二囍回答:「只要有這些人在,不打烊書店就有存在下去的理由。」 這裡有80餘歲的老學霸,深夜在家無眠,不如到書店尋找年輕時的充實,連續幾個月都看得到他們的影子。 51天徒步環寶島,陸生回鄉開這間全球最酷書店!他究竟在台灣學到了什麼?-陸生|廣州|文青|書店|環島|人情味|不打烊書店-風傳媒-一起去旅行
收到紐約大學(New York University)錄取通知書那天,我欣喜若狂。它是我夢寐以求的大學,我的父母都為我感到高興。不過,他們此前並未鼓勵我進入這樣一所競爭激烈的學校。其實,他們做過的對我最有益的事情,是給我的完美主義傾向降溫——事實上,爸爸在我念小學那會兒曾答應我,如果我得到「C」,他就給我買禮物。 那是我小學三年級的時候。 我爸爸顯然不是刻板印象中的那種亞裔虎爸虎媽,他不會向我施壓,讓我為了取得最好的成績而不知疲倦地學習,我媽媽也不是。 在紐約大學,我起初念了醫學預科,夢想著成為一名麻醉師。 「你不必為了謀生累斷腰桿,」我爸爸在Skype上對我說道。 最終,我的確沒有再念醫學預科,並不是因為被父母勸阻,而是因為我意識到,自己並不喜歡相關科目。 我覺得,正是因為我父母不那麼強調分數,才讓我有了自行培養進取心的空間。 這並不是說嚴厲的虎爸虎媽式家教沒有效果。 然而,要取得這種學業上的優勢,必須付出高昂的代價。 我當初以為自己沒從爸爸那裡得到禮物,現在才意識到我錯了。 凱特·賈(Kate Chia)是紐約大學2015屆畢業生,現於邁阿密廣告學院學習廣告文案寫作。 翻譯:李瓊 本文內容版權歸紐約時報公司所有,任何單位及個人未經許可,不得擅自轉載或翻譯。 我的亞裔貓爸貓媽 - 紐約時報中文網 國際縱覽

A Survey of Graphic Novel Collection and Use in American Public Libraries | Schneider Article A Survey of Graphic Novel Collection and Use in American Public Libraries Edward Francis Schneider Assistant Professor University of South Florida, School of Information Tampa, Florida, United States of America Email: Received: 27 Dec. 2013 Accepted: 16 July 2014 2014 Schneider. Abstract Objective – The objective of this study was to survey American public libraries about their collection and use of graphic novels and compare their use to similar data collected about video games. Methods – Public libraries were identified and contacted electronically for participation through an open US government database of public library systems. Results – The results indicated that both graphic novels and video games have become a common part of library collections, and both media can have high levels of impact on circulation. Conclusion – Responses provided a clear indicator that graphic novels are a near-ubiquitous part of public libraries today. Introduction Literature Review : Free Newsletters offers two daily email newsletters to fit your areas of interest. They are offered as a free service to our members. Frequency: Daily Daily PowerWord It's been proven time and time again that the better your vocabulary, the better your productivity. Daily Quote Great quotes encapsulate great ideas. is always looking for success oriented businesses to help sponsor our newsletters. Become a Sponsor » Already a Sponsor? Log in to view your stats or to sponsor another ad
Motivational keynote speaker and humorist, corporate and executive coach-consultant.
Our Newsletter Learn about our Newsletter Our Personal Development Newsletter has been enjoyed by thousands for over five years. Each issue features popular author and speaker Chuck Gallozzi, and other carefully selected contributors. Subscribe using the form above, then immediately check your e-mail and click on the confirmation link inside the email we'll send. Unsolicited Testimonials (Initials are used where we did not request permission to use full name) "What a wonderful, inspiring newsletter! "I just wanted to say I really enjoy your newsletter. "Your newsletter is awesome!" "Thanks for the brilliant ideas. "I really enjoy your newsletter and keep track of all information therein" - Niloufer Perera "This is one of the very best, best-written, interesting and informative ezines I've seen. "Wow - what an article!.... Sometimes a father can't find just the right words to say, sometimes he doesn't know how. Thank you so much for such inspiration. What a great article! wow! Wow! Personal-Development.Com
Why Architecture Isn't Art (And Shouldn't Be) Why Architecture Isn't Art (And Shouldn't Be) In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about what architecture's ultimate purpose might be - with answers ranging from the creation of form to the correction of societal ills. But according to Lance Hosey, perhaps the least useful definition currently in circulation is that architecture is "art." In July, I wrote that when architects use the bodies of specific women such as Marilyn Monroe or Beyoncé as "inspiration" for buildings, they objectify both women and architecture. The message: Architecture is art, and where artists get their inspiration isn't up for debate, since it's personal to the artist. Huffington Post readers aren't alone in this view, of course. If architecture is art, what is "art," anyway? "Art as we have generally understood it," writes Larry Shiner in The Invention of Art (2003), "is a European invention barely two hundred years old." Schumacher exposes the most common conceit among architects.
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These Mesmerizing GIFs Illustrate the Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery
Graphenea abrirá una planta piloto en Guipúzcoa y una filial comercial en Boston
graphenea Archives - Foro de Emprendedores
graphenea Archives - Foro de Emprendedores
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