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Digial Story Grading Rubric. 8-Panel Storyboard Template. 12 Ways to Improve Your Digital Storytelling. I recently was reading Sally Hogshead’s latest book, How the World Sees You, when I was shocked by one of her insights.

12 Ways to Improve Your Digital Storytelling

More specifically: an insight gleaned from her assessment tool meant to describe how I influence other people. I know I’m an analytical guy, and the assessment confirmed this. Four Steps to Narrow Your Research Topic. The Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling. The power of digital storytelling. iMovie Digital Story Basics. Changing people, perceptions, and lives: Jim Jorstad at TEDxUWLaCrosse. Create a digital story. Digital Storytelling: The Case of the Missing Bees. How to Use Adobe Spark for Digital Storytelling.