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Virtual Learning - Field Trips

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North America Virtual Field Trip. BORN TO BE WILD/NO PLACE TO HIDEPremieres Sun May 19 9/8c North America: Born to be Wild: Take an extraordinary journey through the wildest places in North America and meet the incredible array of wildlife that lives in our own backyard.

North America Virtual Field Trip

Wolves and whales, lions and bears, mustangs and mountain goats are our neighbors in this grand landscape. North America: No Place to Hide: A world of extreme storms and unpredictable blizzards, this land tests all those who set foot on it. Virtual Field Trips on Pinterest. Digital and Virtual Field Trips. What kinds of virtual field trips are available online?

Digital and Virtual Field Trips

What trips can I explore with my students? How can I integrate virtual field trips into my classroom? Although you'd love to take your class to Antarctica or Hawaii, it's not realistic. Instead, take your students on a virtual field trip. 4-H Virtual Farm. Ten of the best virtual field trips. (Virtual field trips are listed in alphabetical order.) 1.

Ten of the best virtual field trips

Arctic Adventure. NASA Quest > Archives. LIVE FROM THE POLES airs live on participating public television stations and NASA-TV (subject to shuttle missions and other agency events) at: 13:00 hours Eastern, Tuesday April 28, 1998 (please check local schedules!)

NASA Quest > Archives

Visit the following Web sites for more information: Live From the Poles National Science and Technology Week Live From Antarctica The Nine Planets Solar System Tour. Virtual Tour Of A Science Museum. We can't physically take our kids or students everywhere we would like to.

Virtual Tour Of A Science Museum

Until recently, that meant that the only way that most of us could learn about distant places was to read about them. Technology has helped remedy that with videos, live streaming and panoramic views from anywhere in the world. We are also able to visit some of the top museums now, no matter where we live. Many museums have created special sections on their website just for online visitor. The Natural Wonders of the World. Virtual Field Trip - African Safari. Expeditions Pioneer Program. Electronic Field Trips. This section defines electronic field trips and suggests some of the best of these scientific explorations.

Electronic Field Trips

Currently under way: Wright Flyer Online: The 1903 Wright Flyer was flown by the Wright brothers in the first-ever powered flight. A full-sized replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer is being tested in a wind tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center. Use wind tunnel data from this project to do a variety of activities. Virtual Field Trips. Electronic (Virtual) Field Trips List of Contents (click on topic name for more links) This resource is the brain child of Donna Hendry, a graduate of the School of Education at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Virtual Field Trips

Donna has already created a resource of her own (see link below) which is rich in links to websites whose creators have provided an exciting opportunity for learners of all ages to virtually experience our wondrous world. General Electronic (Virtual) Field Trips Resources (28) Virtual Field Trips Every Teacher Ought to Know About. Virtual field trips are becoming more and more popular.

Virtual Field Trips Every Teacher Ought to Know About

Due to budget cuts, many teachers lack the essentials like pens and paper. We are going to show you how to make lemonade out of those lemons. Here are THE BEST free online virtual field trips. 1. Virtual Field Trips for Schools. Introduction to Virtual Field Trips at Internet 4 Classrooms. OLogy for Kids. Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Learn more about the early years of rock and roll in the 1950s and 1960s and discover ways you can bring that history into your classroom, including lesson plans, listening guides, and exclusive content. is a teaching method where students learn and hone skills by working on a longer-term project in order to research and respond to complex challenges.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

The Education Department at the Rock and Roll Hall and Fame and Museum is proud to stream programming to bring the Museum into classrooms around the world virtually. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum's Digital Classroom provides teachers with classroom tools to explore the 1950s through thirteen key songs. Watch live streams recorded by Google Connected Classrooms that have been archived for your classroom use. Voice Your Choice is an educational program at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Discover and Create Your Own Field Trips. The Internet expands your classroom like the "Big Bang"—shattering the walls in a shower of information and new opportunities for your teacher's toolkit.

Discover and Create Your Own Field Trips

When the dust settles, one question remains: "How do you incorporate the abundance of resources that the Internet brings? " The answers are as plentiful as the stars in the cosmos. But one way you can use the Internet is to take your students on a virtual field trip. Introducing the Internet doesn't mean you must forget everything you already know. Originally, the idea of field trips was as controversial as the Internet is now. Well, so does a virtual field trip! Putting Costs in PerspectiveOn a traditional field trip, permission slips must be sent out and collected to cover liability problems that a trip can raise, such as accidents, injuries, etc. Virtual field trips are computer-generated environments that offer media-rich interactions with a particular location, such as laboratories, museums, parks, zoos, even other countries.

Framing a field trip with google earth. Cool Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom. Imagine taking your class on an "around the world" field trip or having your favorite children's author lead today's read-aloud. You can do both of these and more without leaving your classroom thanks to Skype. It's a great use of technology in the classroom! Skype is free communication software that allows you to make calls, instant message and video conference online. Here are just a few of the endless possibilities for using this ed tech tool in the classroom.

One amazing experience you can have with Skype in the classroom is a virtual author visit or other amazing guest speaker. Skype Author Visits & Guest Lectures. Virtual Tours and Fieldtrips. Virtual Fieldtrips, Virtual Tours Virtual Tours of Museums and Exhibits Tour The American Museum of Natural History You can find 360 degree tours of dioramas, pictures, and video. Tour an Ancient Roman Villa In this virtual tour, you can see the villa from all sides and enter the inside rooms. Tour The Collection at The National Gallery of Art You can perform a search by artist, title, or subject. Museo Galileo Institute and Museum of the History of Science The Online Catalogue of the museum presents the more than 1,200 objects on permanent exhibition through color images and detailed descriptions. Holocaust Museum Tour Find pictures, video, and art from the Holcaust Museum.

Tour The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Tour the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, learn about geology, and some strange things. Online Exhibitions from the Natural History Museum in London Explore art themes, botanical illustrations, and save images of your favorite exhibits. Walter McKenzie's Innovative Teaching - Virtual Field Trips. Field Trips, Colonial Williamsburg and Museums. Home. Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips. Catch up on Discovery Education's latest virtual field trip.

20 locations to tour virtually with Google Maps Street View. Take virtual field trips all over the world from the comfort of your classroom. Use Google Maps Street View to tour these places virtually. (Public domain image via Unsplash) Ever wish you could take your class to impressive landmarks around the country or world? Google Maps Street View makes many of those visits possible virtually — and for free. Street View is an immersive panoramic image experience through Google Maps. Accessing Street View is easy: You don’t have to see the world just from the street.

Here are 20 of them worth checking out — 10 from the United States and 10 from beyond. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 9/11 Memorial — See the names of those lost in the Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy in New York at the official memorial site. Get Outta Class with Virtual Field Trips. You look outside the classroom window and see yet another in a long string of gloomy days. Inside the classroom, restless students seem mired in malaise.

It must be time for a field trip! No money, you say, for buses or admission fees? No time for travel? eTeach: Why Use Virtual Field Trips? By Dr. Scott Mandel The students entered the computer lab and immediately moved into their cooperative learning groups. Virtual Field Trips - Benefits. Virtual Field Trips. Weili. Otago067256. School field trips turn to virtual, digital technology. Google helps students take virtual reality field trips. Virtual Fieldtrips. Virtual Field Trips. You searched for Top 7 Virtual Field Trips - Simplek12. How To Take A Virtual Field Trip. VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS.ppt - Google Slides.

Creating Virtual Field Trips with Thinglink. 20 locations to tour virtually with Google Maps Street View.