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John Lewis IT Degree Apprenticeship. Level 6 – IT Degree Apprenticeship Applications are now closed for our September 2016 intake. Are you a high achieving A’ Level (or equivalent) student, keen to follow a career in IT and predicted to achieve a minimum of 320 UCAS points in your A’ Levels (eg. A,B,B or equivalent not including General Studies)? If so, this exciting opportunity to join the John Lewis IT Degree Apprenticeship programme could be perfect for you. John Lewis is working with Queen Mary University London to deliver a IT Degree Apprenticeship.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to embark on a career within one of UK’s leading brands. The salary for the scheme is £16,000 per annum. Before applying for this scheme, please check this link to ensure that you are eligible based on your qualifications. If you would like to find out more about the programme before deciding whether to apply, take a look at the Realistic Job Preview below.

Entry level jobs search. Find apprenticeships & school leaver jobs. Success at School: Search Jobs and Courses. Search and apply for the latest work and study opportunities Work Experience at Jaguar Land Rover Work Experience | Nationwide Application deadline: 01/04/2017 Investment2020 Trainee Role Apprenticeship | Greater London Application deadline: 15/06/2016 Investment2020 Trainee... Other | Wales Application deadline: 12/06/2016 Investment2020 Trainee... Apprenticeship | Greater London Application deadline: 12/06/2016 School & college leaver...

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Companies offering Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships - GET IN. GO FAR. Guides & Resources - Download the Not Going to Uni Guides - NGTU. If you're looking for all of the information you need to make the next step the perfect one, then you've come to the right place! Our award-winning* guides take you through all of the different options available to you.

So put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and get reading! *It's only a matter of time. It seems that the main theme in education at the moment is snobbery, snobbery about academic study over vocational or technical study, snobbery about university over apprenticeships and snobbery about… It’s too late when the time has passed; you can’t go back and do things differently. Click here to download the guide A career for you in the changing landscape of healthcare No one can entirely predict the future, but when you are considering which career to go into, it is worth thinking about growth areas of employment. Not Going to Uni Results Day guide 2015 Find out all about college-based higher education in our HE in FE Guide. There is no easy answer to the question. What Apprenticeship? 2014-15 Edition. Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study.

As an apprentice you’ll: work alongside experienced staff gain job-specific skills earn a wage and get holiday pay study towards a related qualification (usually one day a week) Apprenticeships take 1 to 4 years to complete depending on their level. Levels of apprenticeship An apprenticeship has an equivalent education level and can be: Intermediate - equivalent to 5 GCSE passes Advanced - equivalent to 2 A level passes Higher - can lead to NVQ Level 4 and above, or a foundation degree Who can apply You can apply for an apprenticeship while you’re still at school. 16 or over living in England not in full-time education How to apply There are 3 steps to applying for an apprenticeship. Search for an apprenticeship.Sign in or create an account.Complete and submit your application. The National Careers Service has advice on writing applications and what to do at interviews.

If you’re unsuccessful If you need more experience. Higher Apprenticeships, Advanced Apprenticeships & Advice | AllAboutSchoolLeavers. Apprenticeships - Finance sector. As an apprentice at M&G, Oliver is also a member of the Investment 2020 Programme and he is currently studying the CISI’s IOC. Why did you choose a career in financial services? - I chose financial services because of the career prospects. There’s a ‘long ladder’ to climb with so many opportunities. I also find it inspiring to work in the heart of the City. What made you decide to do an apprenticeship? - After four years I will have the same level of qualifications as a graduate, but I will have a lot more value to offer, through the practical experience I will have gained, and the professional networks I will have built.

Tell us about your role as an apprentice… - I get in the office nice and early, and have breakfast while I check up on the Financial and Business news – it’s essential to know what’s going on. What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? How are you managing your IOC study? Would you recommend the apprenticeship to others?