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The Pixelator. Design Instruct: A Web Magazine for Designers and Digital Artists. Vigie du Web. 100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement If you haven’t taken a look at the (X)HTML/CSS templates that are available for free from a variety of sources, you may be surprised by the quality you can find.

100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates - Smashing Magazine

WordPress themes tend to get a lot of exposure and attention in the design community right now, but there is also a wide variety of high-quality (X)HTML/CSS templates that are free of charge. In this post, we’ll showcase 100 free high-quality templates. Hopefully some of them will save you some time in your design and development. While they are generally free for personal or commercial use, always remember to check the license first for any restrictions or guidelines. You may want to take a look at other collections as well (some are from Smashing Magazine, some are not): 100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates Package | Registration is necessary.

Consultant | Download Consultant Environmental Brand | Download Environmental Brand Internet Jobs | Download Internet Jobs Internet Music | Download Internet Music. Top 10 des pages d’erreur 404 les plus originales. ✖ Fermer Internaute, c'est la voix qui te parle: Abonne toi à la page Facebook où la famine s'abattra sur toute ta famille Je suis déjà fan, ne plus me montrer cette fenêtre L'actu en top Best-of du mois 10 clichés persistants sur le SIDA 10 signes indiquant le traquenard Partenaire 10 sketchs du Palmashow qui parlent d'amour 10 messages inquiétants planqués dans une chanson Accueil›Internet›Top 10 des pages d’erreur 404 les plus originales Les pages 404 s'affichent lorsqu'une page est supprimée ou lorsque vous entrez une mauvaise url dans votre navigateur.

Top 10 des pages d’erreur 404 les plus originales

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DeviantART: where ART meets application! Do You Love Brushes? If so, You’ll Love Brush Lovers! You could say that I have quite a bit of experience making Photoshop brushes.

Do You Love Brushes? If so, You’ll Love Brush Lovers!

On Colorburned, we love to provide high quality and free design resources for you guys to use in your every day projects. There are a lot of places out there that you can find design resources. The trick is finding them from trusted sources; on sites you know will provide them with the quality that you expect. Recently, our friends from Web Designer Depot launched a new project that offers free and premium brushes for your graphic design needs. Brush Lovers has a wide range of brushes, carefully crafted for use in your personal or commercial projects.

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