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Utilitaires. Download. Apparences. Pearltrees. iMacros pour Firefox. Command Reference. A high-level overview on the different versions of iMacros can be found here Note: With iMacros Version 8 we adapted our iMacros Edition names and license structure to better suit the needs of our growing numbers of enterprise customers.

Command Reference

Old: iMacros Scripting Edition => New: iMacros Enterprise Edition Old: iMacros PRO Edition => New: iMacros Standard Edition We will update the naming in the wiki over time. iMacros. View forum - iMacros for Firefox. Discussions and Tech Support related to the iMacros Firefox Add-on.Moderator: iMacros Moderators Forum rulesBefore asking a question or reporting an issue:1.

View forum - iMacros for Firefox

Please review the list of FAQ's.2. Use the Google search box (at the top of each forum page) to see if a similar problem or question has already been addressed. This will search the entire contents of the forums as well as the iMacros Wiki.3. Online Support Resources - Web Automation, Web Scraping, Web Testing. For Firefox. From iMacros This page documents features that are unique to iMacros for Firefox.

for Firefox

For the standard features of the iMacros series, please see the Form Filling, Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing chapters. Installation Download from iMacros @ Mozilla Addons.